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[Spoiler] “The Horse Healer” Kim So-eun still has a crush for Jo Seung-woo

"The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun cried again because of Jo Seung-woo.

MBC drama "The Horse Healer" showed Seo Eun-seo (Jo Bo-ah) telling Princess Sook-hwi (Kim So-eun) that Baek Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo) was still alive.

Sook-hwi said, "Why won't he show if he's live" as she felt relieved and worried about him.

She told Court Lady Gwak (Ahn Yeo-jin), "I didn't know love when I was 12. But i do now. The warm wind I've been waiting for is blowing but that's not me. I'm not the flower that will bloom in the wind".

She means the wind as Gwang-hyeon and the flower as Kang Ji-nyeong (Lee Yo-won).

She knew that Baek Gwang-hyeon and Kang Ji-nyeong liked each other and she told her that he was alive but was shocked to find out that she already knew

[Spoiler] “The Horse Healer” Kim So-eun hesitates to live in the palace

The hopes of freedom of Princess Sook-hwi (Kim So-eun) have come breaking down.

MBC 51st Anniversary Celebration drama "The Horse Healer" showed Princess Sook-hwi about to cry when Hyeon-jong (Han Sang-jin) told her to live in the palace.

The Princess spent 3 quiet years mourning unlike her bubbly self.

However, when she came out of mourning she shouted freedom and spent a happy time looking at colorful Hanboks.

However, her freedom didn't go very far. She was told by the Hyeon-jong to live in the palace now that mourning was over and she was on the verge of tears.

She tried not going into the palace but Hyeon-jong gave her orders to do so.

The Princess was disappointed and sighed. "I won't be able to budge in there"

Kim So Eun encourages the crew of The Horse Healer with a wink

Actress Kim So Eun recently encouraged the crew of MBC TV’s drama series The Horse Healer.

On November 20, Kim uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “The crew of The Horse Healer are working very hard in spite of the cold weather. I’m giving you a wink, so please cheer up!”

In the picture, Kim is dressing as Princess Sook Hwi and giving a wink. People are impressed by the picture because Kim took it in order to encourage the crew of the drama series.

People responded: “She’s so lovely.” “The weather is getting colder, but the audience rating of the series is getting increased, so cheer up!” “Go, Kim So Eun!”

Kim is currently playing the role of a ruthless princess named Sook Hwi, who is secretly in love with Baek Kwang Hyun (played by Jo Seung Woo), in the series The Horse Healer

[Spoiler] “The Horse Healer” Kim So-eun gives her wrist to Jo Seung-woo

"The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun became very supportive of Jo Seung-woo so that he would hold her wrist.

The fourteenth episode of the MBC drama "The Horse Healer" showed Princess Sook-hwi (Kim So-eun) being very supportive of Baek Gwang-hyeon's (Jo Seung-woo) exam.

She told her guard to find the secret to passing an exam. She had decided to believe the myth of commoners.

When her court lady said that was just a myth, the Princess said, "So what? If Baek becomes a physician he's going to check my pulse for me. Then I can let him hold my wrist all the time".

The guard brought the underwear of an examiner's wife. However, he couldn't tell the Princess what it was although she just said, "Hopefully you knew what you were doing"

[Spoiler] “The Horse Healer” Kim So-eun cooks for Jo Seung-woo

Reckless princess Sook-hwi cooked for Gwang-hyeon.

MBC 51st Anniversary special drama "The Horse Healer" showed princess Sook-hwi (Kim So-eun) cooking for her crush Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo).

She went to the kitchens herself and started cooking although all her servant were freaked out by the fact that she was there.

However, cooking for the first time, Princess Sook-hwi got everything all over her but still hummed while she cooked happily.

In the end, she got mad because it wouldn't turn out the way she wanted in to and decided she will make eggs until she got it right.

She also smiled like a fool at the thought of Gwang-hyeon when just a second ago she was pouting. "I wanted to try this. I wanted to cook and feed my husband"

Kim So Eun cooks for Jo Seung Woo on The Horse Healer

Princess Sook Hui (played by Kim So Eun) cooks for Kwang Hyun (played by Jo Seung Woo) in MBC TV’s drama series The Horse Healer.

Sook Hui, a ruthless princess deep in love, cooks for Kwang Hyun, who has been punished.

In some snapshots of the episode, Sook Hui is personally cooking for Kwang Hyun, who she is in love with. Wearing an apron and putting something on her face, she’s focusing on making food.

In the shooting, Kim So Eun practiced cooking during the break time. She also made some scrambled eggs and fried eggs and gave them to the crew.

Source: TV Report

Actress Kim So Eun plays with a white cat on the set of ‘The Horse Healer’

Most recently, several behind-the-scenes pictures of actress Kim So Eun playing with her on-screen pet ‘Dari’ on the filming set of ‘The Horse Healer‘ have been revealed to public.

In the drama, Kim So Eun plays the role of ‘Princess Suk Hwi’, the younger sister of Joseon’s 18th ‘King Hyun Jong’, who is haughty and ambitious but has a strong love of animals. Many fans stated that the actress looked like an actual princess in traditional clothing.

Kim So Eun is said to have taken care of the pet cat throughout filming. She was even able to perform perfectly with ‘Dari’ in difficult scenes.

After seeing the above photos, netizens commented, “Kim So Eun looks so lovely and cute playing with the cat~“, and “Kim So Eun’s hanbok is the best! She looks like a flower princess“ and more

“The Horse Healer” Kim So-eun in a Hanbok

"The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun has found fun in playing with her cat.

Kim So-eun takes on the role of Princess Sook-hwi on the MBC drama "The Horse Healer". She seems to have completely fallen in love with the cat that is her pet in the drama in which she is an animal lover.

Pictures show her having a fun time with the cat. She is looking and smiling at the cat with affection in her eyes and she looks lovely smiling in her costumes.

She looks like the princess she is supposed to be, dressed neatly in her Hanbok and looking elegant.

Kim So-eun is well known to love her actual pet cat Koon and she can be seen takin care of the cat in between breaks and creates actual team work with the cat.

“The Horse Healer” Kim So-eun is a Chosun Princess

MBC historical drama "The Horse Healer" Kim So-eun is a Chosun Princess.

She takes on the role of Princess Sook-hwi, younger sister to the 18th King Hyeon-jong. She is a beloved sister and daughter to Hyeon-jong and Hyo-jong, with a strong ambition. She meets Baek Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo) to treat her cat and feels attracted to him as he performs his medical talents.

Kim So-eun is coming back with this historical for the first time in a long time after "The Iron Empress" and she mentioned, "I am so happy to be doing this. If I was a princess of strong character in "The Iron Empress" I will show you what a fancy and confident princess is like this time".

Kim Jong Hak Productions is also looking forward to her performance as the princess

Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-eun join Horse Healer

Now that the leads of upcoming sageuk The Horse Healer have been confirmed, supporting actors are lining up to sign on the dotted line. Lee Sang-woo (Feast of the Gods, Thousand Day Promise), aka Best Oppa Ever, has now confirmed that he will play the the other leg of the Jo Seung-woo / Lee Yo-won love triangle. Oppa, why must you always play the guy who doesn’t get the girl and breaks my heaaaaaart?This will be Lee Sang-woo’s first sageuk, and he’ll be playing Lee Sung-ha, described as a beautiful and intelligent man