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Kim Sa Rang says hello to the fans from India

Actress Kim Sa Rang checks in with the fans after a long while. Kim Sa Rang wrote on her mini homepage recently, “I’m in India. I can’t make any calls here but the camera works just fine”, and she revealed the photo above

Kim Sa Rang with dongsaeng Kim Dae Hye in India

Kim Sa Rang revealed a picture taken with younger brother Kim Dae Hye. Kim Sa Rang posted a picture taken together with younger brother and model Kim Dae Hye on her homepage on January 30th. Kim Sa Rang wrote, “It’s still India

Kim Sa Rang boasts superior beauty in a selca

Actress Kim Sa Rang revealed a selca showing off her superior beauty. Kim Sa Rang posted a picture on her mini homepage on December 15th, tagged, “Merry Christmas.” In the picture, Kim Sa Rang shows off her beautifully clear skin and her fine facial features as she looks at the camera

Kim Sa Rang, a goddess in pink descends for a fan meet

Kim Sa Rang‘s fan signing took place at the Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong, Korea.The fan signing with Kim Sa Rang was to mark the opening of the ‘Bequem Pop-up Store’. Bequem is a fashion company established by singer Chae Yeon as the CEO

Kim Sa Rang's innocent beauty captured in photo

Actress Kim Sa Rang showed off her innocent beauty. On the 6th he posted a photo on her minihome page. It is speculated to have been taken on the set of her commercial ad. Though her makeup and hair are yet to be finished, she still brags blinding beauty

Kim Sa Rang Shows Off Her Shapely Legs in Lecarf Photoshoot

Actress Kim Sa Rang's pictures from the latest Lecarf photoshoot are revealed. In the pictures, Kim Sa Rang looks like she's not wearing anything but her red Lecarf walking shoes. These new walking shoes are Lecarf's new products for the 2012 S/S season

Shin Se Kyung continues Kim Sa Rang’s legacy as the new glamorous model for ‘Light Up’

Actress Shin Se Kyung has been on the down low after completing her popular drama series, ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘ last year, but she’s back with a brand new endorsement deal for a diet cereal brand! For one year, the actress will be working with ‘Light Up‘ as their official advertisement model

Kim Sa-rang and JC Jieun are the new musician couple

Kim Sa-rang Star Today reported on July 5 that rocker Kim Sa-rang, 30, and JC Jieun, 30-year-old R&B singer, have been dating for six years now.According to the report, Kim and Jieun became closer because of their same age and passion for music

Kim Sa-rang represents Korea at Tory Burch Show

Actress Kim Sa-rang was in the United States on Sept. 11, taking in the latest collection at a Tory Burch show which took place at Lincoln Center in New York.Kim was a guest of honor at the 2012 Spring/Summer show, having been invited by the U

Chu Sa Rang and Chu Sung Hoon Pose Lovingly for The Celebrity Magazine

Korea’s favorite daughter and daddy couple Chu Sa Rang and Chu Sung Hoon recently posed for the lifestyle magazine “The Celebrity.” Professional mixed martial arts champion Chu Sung Hoon has received lots of love through his adoring daddy character everybody was surprised to see since he has always acted so tough, mainly from his image in the athlete world

[Spoiler] "Five Fingers" Joo Ji-hoon decides to take revenge of Cha Yeong-rang

Joo Ji-hoon expressed anger at Jo Min-ki and Chae Si-ra who fooled him. The twenty sixth episode of the SBS weekend drama "Five Fingers" showed Ji-ho (Joo Ji-hoon) learning that Yeong-rang (Chae Si-ra) was his real mother

Sexy Office Lady Battle: Shin Min Ah vs. Kim Sa Rang

Actresses Kim Sa Rang and Shin Min Ah are drawing a lot of attention for their sexy looks on TV commercials. Kim Sa Rang appeared with a white blouse and a hot-red skirt matched with glasses and high heels, showing off her sexy figure

miss A’s Suzy resembles actress Kim Sa Rang

Suzy miss A‘s Suzy uploaded the above photo of herself on her Twitter on December 12th with simple symbol,  “ ”. The photo showed Suzy facing the camera with her light smile while dressing in a winter jacket matched with black scarf

“Superman Returns”: Choo Sa Rang falls for Girls’ Generation’s members

 “Superman Returns” Choo Sa Rang met the members of the girl group SNSD (Girls” Generation).In the most recent episode of the KBS 2 TV entertainment program “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns,” which aired on March 30, 2014, Choo Sung Hoon”s daughter Choo Sa Rang met the members of the girl group SNSD and kissed one of the Girls” Generation members, Yoona

Jo Ha-rang "Thanks to those who write rubbish comments"

Actress Jo Ha-rang pointed out something to commentors. She posted on her Twitter, "I thank those who come into my columns and Twitter to write rubbish comments. You say I'm showing off because I write about myself on my space but what are you coming into 'my space' and criticizing me? Work harder and do your best if you're jealous

“Superman Returns”: Choo Sa Rang draws attention with her rock hairstyle

The KBS 2TV‘s reality show “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns” aired its latest episode on April 6, 2014.On this broadcast, the Choo Sung Hoon family visited the beautiful Jae Ju island.Upon arriving the island, the family came to a restaurant to eat black pork

“Superman Returns”: Choo Sa Rang shows her interest in Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

 The KBS 2TV‘s reality show “Happy Sunday – Superman Returns” aired its latest episode on March 30, 2014.On this episode, Choo Sung Hoon‘s adorable daughter Choo Sa Rang showed her love to Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona as she kissed Yoona in front of the camera

Girls’ Generation and Chu Sa Rang Have an Unforgettable Play Date

Chu Sa Rang has been charmed by Girls’ Generation! On the upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” Chu Sa Rang sends a video message to the idol group, showing her affection for the girls

miss A Suzy and Kim Sa Rang Look Alike Picture Gains Attention Online

miss A, Suzy, Kim Sa Rang miss A Suzy and Kim Sarang Look Alike Picture Gains Attention Online Recently, actress Kim Sa Rang and miss A Suzy have been gaining attention that they look alike. An online community board posted a picture with the title, 'Kim Sa Rang and Suzy Look Alike' online

Sunny Is a Huge Fan of Chu Sa Rang From “Superman Returns”

Girl’s Generation member Sunny revealed that she is a huge fan of Chu Sa Rang, who appears on KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns!” On February 28, she tweeted, “Sarang, this unnie, I mean auntie paid another 1,000 Won to watch you in High Definition right now