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Actor ‘Kim Namgil Festival 2012’ to Be Held in June in Japan

The Japanese production and distribution company SPO announced recently through its home page that the “Kim Namgil Festival 2012 – Countdown to Military Discharge” will be held for three weeks from June 2 until June 22 at Cinemart Roppongi.

The sponsoring company said actor Kim Namgil, who has been very popular in Japan through the hit dramas “Queen Seondeok” and “Bad Guy” and the movie “Miindo” (painting of beautiful woman), will be discharged from military service this June. While a great many fans are waiting for his discharge from the army, the sponsoring company prepared this event and said actor Kim Namgil’s hit works including “No Regret, 2006,” “Modern Boy,” “Miindo,” “Before the Storm,” and “Gang Cheoljung: Public Enemy 1-1” will be played during the festival

“Kim Nam Gil Festival 2012″ in Japan in June

Japanese production and distributor SPO announced on its homepage recently that the "Kim Nam Gil Festival 2012" will be held in Cinemart for three weeks from the 2nd of June to the 22nd.

The host revealed that Kim Nam-gil will be discharged from National Service this coming July. While numerous fans wait for him, "No Regret", "Modern Boy", "Portrait of a Beauty", "The Day Before", "Public Enemy Returns", "Public Enemy" and more will be screened thoroughly during the whole festival.

Fans are interested as "Modern Boy" and "The Day Before" are about to be screened for the first time in Japan.