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Park Myungsoo and Jungyup release digital single + MV for "Had It Been A Dream"

Comedian Park Myungsoo and Brown Eyed Soul's Jungyup have revealed the single and music video for their collaboration track, "Had It Been A Dream." A remake of the originally released 1998 track by the singer Uncle, "Had It Been A Dream" features a slow beat, subtle brass accompaniment, and gentle strings instrumentals

Monday Kiz reveals "Our Myungsoo Has Changed" MV

In anticipation for their upcoming album "Healing Activity," trio Monday Kiz has prereleased a fun track and music video titled "Our Myungsoo Has Changed." Their bright and powerful voices are accompanied by a fun background of backup vocals and instrument choices ranging from bass guitar to cello

Monday Kiz releases “Our Myungsoo Has Changed” MV

The talented vocalists of Monday Kiz pre-released the track “Our Myungsoo Has Changed” off of their upcoming album, ‘Healing Activity’. “Our Myungsoo Has Changed” is a fun track that sings about a man named ‘Myungsoo’ who was once the butt of jokes and became an immensely successful person

Park Myungsoo to release new single "You're My Girl"

Comedian Park Myungsoo will be making a comeback as an artist by releasing the single "You're My Girl," his own composition. "You're My Girl" was composed by Park Myungsoo himself, an electric house genre track