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Korean Comedian Sends Kimchi Box to U.S. President Barack Obama

Park Sung Kwang, the comedian-turned-Kimchi-business-owner, has sent a specially designed Kimchi box to the U.S. President Barack Obama. On January 9, Park Sung Kwang sent out a press release with the following picture of the Kimchi box he sent to President Obama

Comedian Jung Hyung Don Shows Off His IU Transformation

Comedian Jung Hyung Don is garnering attention for his IU transformation. The comedian created laughter by dressing like IU on MBC “Weekly Idol – Girl Idol Edition,” where he is currently an MC

Comedian Choi Hyo Jong: “My income is now a 100 times greater than before?

Comedian Choi Hyo Jong has revealed that he’s in a state of wonder over his increase in popularity and subsequent raise in income. On January 14th, Choi Hyo Jong appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date’, where he attracted a large crowd of people, all aiming to catch a glimpse of him

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin also wants to join YG Entertainment

It looks like Jung Hyung Don inspired a gagman rush to YG Entertainment, as fellow comedian Kim Kyung Jin has also requested to join YG. A few days ago, Jung Hyung Don jokingly asked CEO Yang Hyun Suk if he would consider welcoming Jung to the label

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin: "I Want to Join YG Entertainment"

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin expressed his interest in joining YG Entertainment via twitter. He commented, "I want to go to YG. I'm a Gae-Soo, Gag-man (comedian) and Gasoo (singer) all at the same time, with three songs released! President Yang, please pay close attention to the group, 'One Hundred!'" He posted a picture of himself along with the comment

Jung Ryeo Won meets up with her favorite comedian, Choi Hyo Jong

Actress Jung Ryeo Won tweeted on the 19th, “Jung Ryeo Won hits the jackpot! Met up with comedian Hyo Jong so giddy” and she attached the photo above. Jung Ryeo Won is seen wearing a sexy see through top as she points to comedian Choi Hyo Jong with a surprised look on her face

‘Star King’ to hold ‘Gag King’ competition to discover the next big comedian

SBS‘s ’Star King‘, the program that’s discovered a number of talented people from all over the world, is now holding a ‘Gag King’ competition. This is a survival program based on the search to find the next big comedian

Comedian Kim Goora Gives Red Apple Allowance

The fact that Kim Goora gave Red Apple member Hyosuk allowance has shocked fans. It has been revealed that Kim Goora gave Hyosuk allowance and cheered him on in the MBC program 'The Quiz That Changes The World'

Comedian Jung Hyung-Don's Wife On A Korean Drama

Posted: February 11, 2012 7:02 PM EST Han Yu-Rah, the wife of korean famous comedian Jung Hyung-Don and currently a scripter, appeared on Korean drama, "Gun-bbang Teacher and Star Candy" from 2009

Comedian Couple’s Daughter Looks Strikingly Similar to Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

On February 16, comedian couple Lee Bong Won and Park Mi Sun appeared on SBS “Star Couple Show Ja Gi Ya” and shared a photo of their daughter that looks strikingly similar to Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Comedian Lee Soo-geun Denies Rumor About Value of His Wealth

Comedian Lee Soo-geun talked about the rumor regarding the value of his wealth on the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Win Win” that aired on Jan. 31. Lee, who appeared as a guest, not the MC, on the episode, denied a report that he had earned 30 billion won since his debut

Comedian Byun Ki Soo & his wife welcome their first child

Comedian Byun Ki Soo is now a father! Earlier today, the celebrity posted onto his me2day, saying, “My wife suddenly began having contractions so we came to the hospital and they say her water broke

Super Junior’s Shindong challenges comedian Shin Young to a showdown

On the March 6 episode of MBC’s music show, Show Champion, Super Junior’s Shindong and comedian Kim Shin Young, the two main emcees of the show, made an open declaration of their showdown. After watching the singing competition between WE and Soul Harmony, Shindong made an offer to Shin Young: “As emcees, we cannot just sit by and let things happen

Comedian Park Ji Sun reveals her mother’s reaction to Minho’s teaser image

Comedian Park Ji Sun‘s mother expressed affection for SHINee‘s Minho after seeing his teaser image. On March 10th, she tweeted, “My mom saw SHINee’s teaser image and she had an expression like time had stopped

Jung Hyung Don was hit by a fellow comedian senior?

Comedian Jung Hyung Don recently participated in an“shocking interview” and made a shocking confession. On March 9th, a segment titled, ‘Shocking Interview’, in tvN‘s ‘ENews‘, recently had the opportunity to interview the comedian

Comedian Park Mi Sun reveals her makeup-free face for the 1st time

  Comedian Park Mi Sun revealed her makeup-free face in comedic fashion to the public, for the first time since her debut in 25 years! Participants Lee Soo Yeon (22), who resembles actress Han Ga In, and Kim Sun Joo (32) were giving tips on SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ on how to put makeup on, but still give off the illusion of having plastic surgery

Comedian Kwak Hyun Hwa surprises with her voluptuous figure

Comedian Kwak Hyun Hwa revealed a new selca photo that she took wearing her summer bikini which surprised many of her fans. The comedian recently uploaded the above photo on her me2day account with the caption, “Getting ready to go tanning

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin reveals Yoo Jae Suk’s artistic ability

Comedian Kim Kyung Jin recently revealed MC Yoo Jae Suk‘s artistic ability. On March 17th, he tweeted, “This is the picture Yoo Jae Suk sunbae drew of me! I really want to watch Infinity Challenge again!! Strike, end soon! I hope to guest on Infinity Challenge again this year!” The hilarious photo shows the drawing Yoo Jae Suk made of the comedian

Comedian Lee Yun Suk amazes with his new body

Trainer Lee Seung Yoon has successful transformed comedian Lee Yun Suk from a national weakling into a buff man. On March 19th, Lee Seung Yoon uploaded a picture of the new Lee Yun Suk onto his personal twitter along with, “After ‘Health Girls’ I moved on to my second fitness challenge – ‘Qualification of Men – Six Pack’

Comedian Choi Hyo Jong takes a jab at sasaeng fans on ‘Gag Concert’

With the current controversy surrounding the issue of sasaeng fans, comedian Choi Hyo Jong made some hilarious jabs at the behavior of sasaeng fans on the latest episode of ‘Gag Concert’