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Uri Boong Do

I'm speechless...

Show some love to uri Ji Hyun Woo a.k.a Boong Do

In the picture, the one showed with red arrow, it is his twitter account (Star_Mr_G). If you officially adore him, please show some love by following him at!/Star_Mr_G btw, he wrote his twitter account in his QIHM script

Boong Do in hanbok

He still looks amazing in hanbok. Our smarty pants scholar ^^

Crispi Crunch releases "Men Boong Time" MV

Crispy Crunch is back! On September 3rd at midnight, the trendy duo released their 1st studio album "Chuckling Time" and have now revealed the exciting music video for it through their agency's YouTube channel

Crispi Crunch comes back with “Men Boong Time” (Mental Breakdown) on ‘Music Core’

After releasing their first studio album “Chuckling Time” on September 3rd and the music video for “Men Boong Time” (Mental Breakdown) on September 7th, hip-hop duo Crispi Crunch returned to the ‘Music Core’ stage tonight with their title track “Men Boong Time