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[Spoiler] B2ST’s Kikwang has a tough time on ‘Running Man’

B2ST‘s Kikwang provided some unintentionally hilarious comedy on the latest episode of ‘Running Man’. As one of the preliminary missions leading up to the final mission, the team members in each team had to carry the sole female member of the other team (either Song Ji Hyo or guest Choi Ji Woo) around a relay race course

Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Kikwang and Simon D to also feature in ‘Running Man’ end of the year special

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa and Jonghyun, B2ST‘s Kikwang along with Supreme Team‘s Simon D have joined actress Choi Ji Woo for the end of the year special of ‘Running Man‘. On December 18th, FNC Entertainment stated, “Yonghwa and Jonghyun are filming the new year special for ‘Running Man’

CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Jonghyun, BEAST's Kikwang and Supreme Team's Simon D spotted filming for "Running Man"

After Choi Jiwoo was spotted filming in Busan for the show "Running Man" yesterday, it was revealed that more celebrities are confirmed to join the regular cast members for their year-end special

Simon D, Picture From Running Man With Lee KiKwang-Jung Yong Hwa-Lee Jong Hyun

simon d, jung yong hwa, running man, lee jong hyun, KIKwang simon d picture from running man Singer Simon D revealed a picture from "Running Man." Today, Simon D posted on his Twitter, "Who's coming out in Running Man today?" along with a picture

[Preview] SBS "Good Sunday - Running Man" - Jan. 8 Episode

▶Actors Ji Jin Hee, Kim Sung Soo, Joo Sang Ouk and Lee Chun Hee transform into “Running Man Killers.” On this week’s Running Man, actors Actors Ji Jin Hee, Kim Sung Soo, Joo Sang Ouk and Lee Chun Hee have paid us a visit

‘Running Man’ viewers once again take note of Yoo Jae Suk’s manners

Netizens are once again praising MC Yoo Jae Suk for his attentive manners. The above photos surfaced on an online community board on January 9th with the title, ‘Yoo Jae Suk’s explosive manners

Photos emerge from recording of ‘Running Man – Sherlock Holmes special’

Two days ago, we reported that singer Yoon Do Hyun and MC Kim Jae Dong would participate in the upcoming ‘Running Man – Sherlock Holmes special‘ from SBS. Photos have emerged online, showing MC Yoo Jae Suk wearing a green checkered coat a la Sherlock Holmes

T-ara’s Hyomin, Go Ara and Im Soo Hyang to guest on ‘Running Man’

The guests for an upcoming episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ have been revealed! A Korean portal site shared photos of the ‘Running Man’ cast together with their guests in Chungnam

Singer IU gives the ‘Running Man’ cast a surprise ‘morning call’

IU‘s morning call on ‘Running Man‘ has become a hot topic of conversation online. On the episode of SBS‘s ’Running Man‘ that aired on January 15th, IU woke up the other guests on the show by singing to them live, bright and early in the morning

Song Ji Hyo’s disheveled look worries the staff of ‘Running Man’?

A snapshot of Song Ji Hyo on ‘Running Man‘ was recently uploaded on an online forum, causing a stir among netizens as they curiously noted her un-celebrity-like appearance. With disheveled hair and swollen face, the actress appeared to have just woken up

MC Yoo Jae Suk is given a new nickname on ‘Running Man’

Yoo Jae Suk has developed a new nickname. Similarly to last week’s episode, Ji Jin Hee, Lee Chun Hee, Joo Sang Hyuk, and Kim Sung Soo starred on this week’s episode of Running Man that aired on January 15th

Uncle fans want Kim Sung Soo to be IU’s bodyguard on ‘Running Man’

On last week’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘, viewers saw Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook, Lee Chun Hee, and Kim Sung Soo appear as special guests on the show. This handsome crew had the seven hosts begging for mercy, as they tore off each and every one of their name tags in practically no time at all

[Preview] SBS "Good Sunday - Running Man" Jan. 29 Episode

▶Finally revealed, the “Sherlock Holmes Special.”◀ The Running Man receives a mysterious invitation. Following the invitation, they head to a massive cruise ship in the port city of Busan. They enjoy a bit of brunch to pass the time but Ji Suk Jin’s award trophy has disappeared? Detective Yoon Do Hyun and Detective Kim Jae Dong arrive to find out who the culprit is

Leessang Gary Kidnapped By 'Running Man' Members

leessang, Gary, kidnapped, running man, sbs, Europe Words have spread that Leessang member Gary has gotten kidnapped by 'Running Man' members as he arrived in Korea after his Europe trip.  On December 25, Gary has won a free trip to Europe as a prize

Running (Cooking, Sleeping, Chasing) with SNSD [English subs]

Continuing on from where the last episode left off, the fun-filled adventure with the girls carry on with a late night cooking contest, “kidnapping” and concludes with a Running man style chasing game

Running (Picnicking, Couple Shopping and Karaoke) with SNSD [English Subs]

On Sunday 2nd October, six members of SNSD appeared on Running Man… With the girls each paired with a Running Man and split into three teams, they must carry out and complete various tasks presented by the production crew, some of which are mentioned in the title above, to ultimately win the Couples Race

SNSD spotted filming Running Man!

Update: more fantaken pics added! Exciting news!! Pictures have been circulating the Internet with regards to SNSD filming an episode of Running Man! Check out the pictures and get hyped for the release of this episode!!! It’s going to be really awesome, especially since Jessica will be on it, and she doesn’t run

Running on a Paved Road – My Journey as a Sone

It’s really funny how fast things can change in a span of a year.  Just last July, I had never even heard of So Nyuh Shi Dae(소녀시대) and laughed at the idea of KPOP. The whole concept of boy and girl bands felt like a distant past for me, a reminder of my adolescent years, when Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girls were the most popular singers on the radio

Sunny and Yoona Confirmed to Appear On Running Man!

A few weeks ago we mentioned the rumor of a possible SNSD appearance on SBS’ Running Man. S♥NES will be pleased to know that on April 4th the rumor was confirmed when Sunny and Yoona showed up to film the episode! Details on what you can expect from the upcoming episode as well as photos from the set under the cut! Running Man’s PD, Jo HyoJin, said on April 5th regarding the SNSD members’ participation in the show, “If Park Yejin were to provide a family-like atmosphere, then SNSD made all the male members happy because they are idols

“WiMAX 2 Running at an Insane 330Mbps”

Touche Gizmodo, touche. DAYUM. CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) is a yearly annual trade show in Japan, similar to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Los Vegas. The 2010 exhibition is currently taking place as you’re reading this, and some very familiar faces were seen at the WiMax 2 display