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Yonghwa exudes tough charisma in additional photos from "High Cut" magazine

Yonghwa exudes tough charisma in additional photos from

Additional black&white photos of CNBLUE”s Yonghwa from a recent pictorial with “High Cut”s Vol. 144 have been released!

In these newly added photos, Yonghwa sheds his clean-cut look and goes for a more rugged and disheveled image, sporting casual pieces from plain white V-necks to leather jacket to match the concept. However, his sleeveless tops continue to steal all the attention, bringing emphasis to his toned upper body. . ... Read more

Yonghwa releases special MV "Star, You" to thank fans

Yonghwa releases special MV

Jung Yonghwa releases a special MV to commemorate the success of his “One Fine Day” solo promotions and to thank his fans.

The “Thank You” MV is titled “Star,You” which expresses his gratitude for BOICEs. The MV contains various short clips during his “One Fine Day” promotion and of course Yonghwa at the studio recording the special song.. ... Read more

Yonghwa releases special thank you MV to fans for "You are a Star"

Yonghwa releases special thank you MV to fans for

CNBLUE”s Yonghwa has released a special thank you music video for “You are a Star“, a track from his first solo album “One Fine Day“.

The MV and song is meant as a thank you to BOICE, who”ve stood by Yonghwa. The lyrics express someone who knows he can only shine with a special someone by his side. The special MV features behind-the-scenes clips of Yonghwa as well as footage from fan meetings.. ... Read more

Yonghwa leaves fans swooning with his toned arms in pictorial with "High Cut"

Yonghwa leaves fans swooning with his toned arms in pictorial with

CNBLUE”s Yonghwa just seems to be getting hotter with each new pictorial, as evidenced by his new black-and-white photo spread for “High Cut“s Vol. 144!

Yonghwa sheds his clean-cut look and goes for a more rugged and disheveled image, wearing an “Alexander Wang” sleeveless shirt and Michael Bastian” shorts, pairing it all together with “Vans” slip-ons. It was especially his sleeveless tops that drew all the attention as they emphasized his toned arm muscles and broad shoulders. . ... Read more

CNBLUE"s Yonghwa and Jonghyun share horror sasaeng fan stories


CNBLUE and AOA raised their glasses in cheers during an interview with “Ilgan Sports“, answering questions with the utmost honesty that comes when you have a few adult beverages. . ... Read more

Yonghwa to appear on "Weekly Idol"

Yonghwa to appear on

There are lot to expect on Yonghwa”s appearance at “Weekly Idol” today.

From the preview photos, Yonghwa is going to show his various charms you might have never seen before. He”s going to rap, do some aegyo, and even parodies some scenes from hit drama “Kill Me Heal Me”.. ... Read more

CNBLUE"s Yonghwa recalls a time he encountered actor Kang Dong Won


Despite being known as the leader of flower boy band CNBLUE, Yonghwa revealed that he too once felt ashamed about his looks due to a celebrity much more handsome than he was.

During a recent broadcast of SBS Radio“s “Park So Hyun”s Love Game“, idol Yonghwa recalled the time he saw actor Kang Dong Won close up. Yonghwa said, “I once went to shop for clothes, and there was this guy with unrealistic proportions. I looked closely to see who it was, and I realized it was Kang Dong Won. When I saw Kang Dong Won up close and personal, I felt as though I wasn”t attractive.” . ... Read more

Yonghwa releases promo video for "One Fine Day Concert"

Yonghwa releases promo video for

Yonghwa excites fans even more by releasing the promotional video for his nearing 1st solo concert “One Fine Day”.

In the video is Yonghwa inviting you to come and watch his concert while promising to give you special stages. Be mindful of his concert schedule dates below:. ... Read more

CNBLUE"s Yonghwa thinks he would be a nuisance in a relationship


On the February 10 airing of SBS PowerFM“s “Kim Chang Ryul”s Old School,” CNBLUE”s Yonghwa revealed that he would prefer not to date because it would become a nuisance for his partner.. ... Read more

AOA"s Seolhyun in talks to star in "Orange Marmalade" likely starring CNBLUE"s Yonghwa


AOA”s Seolhyun is currently in talks to star in the upcoming KBS2TV drama “Orange Marmalade“!

Her agency FNC Entertainment stated on February 10, “It”s true that Seolhyun received an offer to star in “Orange Marmalade”. We”re currently in negotiation, so nothing is confirmed.” There are also reports that Seolhyun might be playing the female lead alongside likely male lead Yeo Jin Goo.. ... Read more