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SNSD to Appear on Two American TV Talk Shows Next Week

It’s been announced that SNSD will appear on two popular American TV talk shows next week. According to SM Entertainment, the girls will be on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS next Tuesday (1/31)

Lee Soo Geun to talk about his wife on ‘Win Win’

Earlier, it was reported that Entertainer Lee Soo Geun‘s wife Park Ji Yeon received a kidney transplant last November thanks to her father, and is currently spending time in recovery. An official representative informed Star News recently that ”She received the transplant last year, and still continues to receive treatment regularly

Let’s Talk About Love – Strong Heart Spoilers

Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and Sunny recently appeared on the popular SBS variety show Strong Heart and shared some surprising remarks about their love lives. *SPOILER WARNING* It all began when Hyoyeon touched on a story that she had talked about on a previous episode of the show (Episode 29)

Daniel Radcliffe & Kelly Ripa briefly talk about Girls’ Generation

As many of you know already, Girls’ Generation will guest on two major American talk shows, CBS‘s ‘The Late Show with David Letterman‘ tonight on January 31st and ABC‘s ‘Live! With Kelly‘ on February 1st

T-ara’s Jiyeon sheds tears during a talk show appearance

Group T-ara member Jiyeon couldn’t hold back her tears while talking about the difficulties of living as an idol. Jiyeon has recently finished the pre-recording of MBC’s “Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert’

Hyomin receives Newcomer Award, “Couldn’t even talk crying like a fool”

T-ara member Hyomin could not hide how happy she was for receiving the Newcomer Award. Hyomin tweeted on December 31st, “I received MBC Drama Daesang Newcomer Award. But crying like a fool, I couldn’t even talk really

Rumors of Lee Seung Gi’s solo talk show abound while SBS denies

The rumors of Lee Seung Gi‘s solo talk show rumors are spreading fast. NewsEN conducted a phone interview with SBS Production Headquarter Chief Producer Lee Chang Tae and he stated, “It is absolutely not true

KARA Members Talk To Each Other Through Twitter?

Kara, Gu Hara, Kang Jiyoung, Park Gyuri, twitter, conversation, airport Group KARA's members Gu Hara, Park Gyuri, and Kang Jiyoung's conversation on twitter has caught the attention of fans.  The three members talked to each other through their twitter accounts while waiting at the airport

Girls’ Generation to perform on top French talk show, ‘Le Grand Journal’

After making their US television debut last week through ‘Live! With Kelly‘ as well as the ‘David Letterman Show‘, the ladies of Girls’ Generation will be performing on French television

All of Big Bang to Appear on The Talk Show "Healing Camp"

Posted: February 11, 2012 7:12 PM EST Big Bang G-Dragon and Dae-Sung of Big Bang are going to appear on SBS talk show, Healing Camp. The two singers has finished shooting for the show, and all of Big Bang members participated towards the end

Michelle Lee snaps, “Don’t talk to me” on SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’

The latest episode of SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star‘ surprised viewers with its many unexpected situations. First and foremost, Michelle Lee, who is one of the strongest contestants on the show alongside Park Ji Min, did not secure a spot in the top ten

SNSD appears on a French talk show, “What beautiful girls!”

Girl group SNSD recently showed off their beautiful appearances in France. On February 10, SM Entertainment posted pictures of SNSD preparing to appear on Le Grand Journal on their official Facebook account

Jessica Talk About First Attempt at Acting

In a recent interview, Jessica talked about her first real attempt at acting.  Although she did do a musical before, this was the first time being in a full production drama with a supporting role. On the subject of new challenges, she said, “It is true that my appearance on ‘Wild Romance’ was decided in a rush

Big Bang Unveils “Daesung’s Talk” Video Interview

Just moments ago, Big Bang’s official YouTube channel released a 30-second video of “Daesung’s Talk.” In the brief video, Daesung says, “Well, first of all, what I want to say is, we’re doing good

Big Bang reveals “Daesung’s Talk” interview clip

Following in the footsteps of leader G-Dragon, Daesung has just unveiled his own interview clip through Big Bang‘s official YouTube! On February 18th, fans got to watch “Daesung’s Talk“, a small video that held reassurances from Daesung of how everyone is doing great

Big Bang reveals ?T.O.P.?s Talk? interview clip

Following in the footsteps of leader G-Dragon, and Daesung, T.O.P. has just unveiled his own interview clip through Big Bang‘s official YouTube! On February 19th, fans got to watch “T.O.P.’s Talk“, a small video where T

Big Bang Reveals “T.O.P’s Talk” Video Interview

We previously reported on the release of Big Bang's G-Dragon and Daesung's Talk videos. YG Entertainment just unleashed another talk video featuring member T.O.P. Keeping the same format as the one of previous talk videos, Big Bang's T

Big Bang reveals “Seungri’s Talk” interview

After releasing G-Dragon, Daesung, and T.O.P‘s “Talk” sessions, YG Entertainment has unveiled Seungri‘s mini interview clip! On February 20th, Seungri confessed that he was scared that Big Bang might not be able to make a comeback due to their rocky year in 2011

Big Bang Unleashes "Seungri's Talk" Video Interview

The “Seungri Talk Interview” was released on February 20. Big Bang’s Seungri stated “I was afraid. I thought ‘what if we can’t come out again.’ I had those thoughts, but those thoughts I think made us and me stronger

Girls Generation Appears on US Talk Show

Girls Generation appeared on the CBS talk show program "The Late Show With David Letterman" in the USA on January 31 (local time) and presented a live performance. According to their agency SM on February 1, Girls Generation appeared on the show and sang the title song of their album entitled "The Boys" that had been released in the USA last month after arranging the song into a band version