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What did ZE:A’s Siwan put inside his traditional Korean socks?

ZE:A’s Siwan recently divulged the fact that he had been wearing heel inserts inside his traditional Korean socks on the set of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’. On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on January 31st, Siwan revealed, “I didn’t want to look shorter than everyone else around my age so I put some heel inserts inside my shoes

IU Reveals Her Physical Complex and Personal Taste for Underwear, Pajama, Socks

In the one-minute video titled “IU’s Slightly Personal Interview,” which is the second part of her short music film, “Spring of a Twenty Year Old,” IU discussed her preference for personal items such as her diary, pajama, underwear, and socks

ZE:A Si Wan's Unexpected Side, Slippers and Pink Socks

si wan, ze:a ZE:A Si Wan's Unexpected Side, Slippers and Pink Socks ZE:A Si Wan's unexpected photo caught the attention of internet users. On May 23, Si Wan posted on his Twitter "Ah... script

Wonder Girls’ So Hee: “My stylist told me to wear an odd pair of socks” #gna #dalshabet #apink #mib

Wonder Girls’ So Hee recently talked about the reason she wears an odd pair of socks. In the June 19 episode of MBC Music’s Show Champion, which will air live at 7:00 p.m., So Hee talks about her tattooed stockings and odd pair of socks

KARAs Goo Hara hosts a show with a frosty look, What happened to her?

KARA’s Goo Hara worried her fans as she hosted a show with a frosty look. On July 1, a post was uploaded on an online community board with the comment, “Goo Hara doesn’t look so good today

Lee Jong Seok explains why KARAs Goo Hara had stern look

Actor Lee Jong Seok recently explained the reason why Kara’s Goo Hara had stern look. On July 2, Lee posted a note on his me2day account, “Emceeing a live show is too difficult. Hara was trying to help me because I made a mistake during the live show

KARAs Goo Hara becomes bright again

KARA’s Goo Hara worried her fans after making a mistake while hosting a show. In the episode of SBS TV’s Inkigayo that aired on July 1, Goo made a mistake hesitating in speaking while she was introducing Sistar

How does KARAs Park Gyuri release her stress?

KARA’s Park Gyuri recently talked about how to release her stress. Park appeared in the July 9 episode of MBC’s Come to Play and said that she runs away from her house when she wants to be alone

KARAs Seung Yeon was hospitalized due to anemia

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon was hospitalized due to anemia and she left the hospital on July 11. A spokesperson for DSP Media says, “Han has been feeling better so she left the hospital this morning (July 11)

A-JAX hold a showcase in Japan, hosted by KARAs Park Gyuri

The seven-member boy group A-JAX successfully held a debut showcase in Japan. On July 12, DSP Media, A-JAX’s agency, reported that A-JAX, who debuted in Korea early in June, held a debut showcase in Japan at Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo on July 11 at 6:00 p

KARAs Park Gyuri denounces some of netizens, Im not that generous

KARA’s Park Gyuri recently denounced some of netizens who leave malicious comments online. On July 14, Park tweeted, “I cannot understand the people who post malicious comments just for fun even though they know that I’m going to read them

KARAs Goo Hara is happy to receive a bag

KARA’s Goo Hara recently took a picture with a bag that she received as a present. On July 22, Goo tweeted a picture with the comment, “I received this as a present.” In the picture, Goo is holding a bag that she received as a present

Idol couple, KARAs Goo Hara and B2STs Yong Jun Hyung on TV together

Official idol couple, Kara’s Goo Hara and B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyun recently appeared on TV together. B2ST appeared in July 29 episode of SBS’s Inkigayo and gave an interview prior to their comeback performance

B2STs Its Not Me includes love story between Jun Hyung and KARAs Hara?

The lyrics for B2ST’s song “It’s Not Me” are receiving a lot of attention. B2ST released their fifth EP Midnight Sun on July 22 and the lyrics for “It’s Not Me” drew a lot of attention from the public

KARAs comeback showcase will be broadcasted World wide through Youtube

Popular KPOP girl group Kara will have a commemorate showcase in Seoul on 22nd, officially making their comeback after one year. This showcase will be aired live via youtube, to World wide audience, it’s predicated to garner the attention of Hallyu fans

Karas Ji Young teaser and photo for Pandora revealed!

Kara has released a teaser photo of maknae, Ji Young. Ji Young looks incredibly matured in this photo with a bold coloured lipstick and a flimsy clothing for their album jacket photo. Korea’s most loved ‘Giant Baby’ looks really grown up and different than the Ji Young Netizens used to see before this

KARAs Goo Hara releases a sexy teaser video for Pandora

KARA’s Goo Hara recently released a teaser video for their return. On August 14, Goo released a teaser video for their new EP Pandora on Naver Music. The 19 seconds video drew a lot of attention by featuring Goo showing off her sexy charm

KARAs Nicole shows off her provocative look in the teaser of Pandora

A teaser video of KARA’s Nicole was recently released. On August 16, Nicole released a teaser video of KARA’s new EP, “Pandora,” on Naver Music. It’s a twenty-second video that shows Nicole’s sexy performance

KARAs Han Seung Yeon shows off her sexy look in a teaser video of Pandora

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon recently released a teaser video of “Pandora.” On August 17, Han released a teaser video of “Pandora,” the lead track of KARA’s new EP, on Naver Music

KARAs Goo Hara attracts attention with her distinctive makeup

A pictorial of KARA’s Goo Hara, wearing distinctive makeup, was recently released. Goo was selected as a model to be featured on the cover of the September issue of the beauty magazine Beauty+, and a special pictorial under the concept of Goo Hara’s Unusual Pictorial was released