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KARA release tracklist and album preview

KARA release tracklist and album preview

KARA release the tracklist and highlight medley of their upcoming 7th mini album “In Love” for fans to get a hint of what they are showcasing this time.

The album includes a total of six tracks including their title track “Cupid” and others such as “Starlight” , “Just Then”, “I Luv Me”, “Peek-a-Boo”, and “Dreamlover”.. ... Read more

KARA continue to build up anticipation for their grand comeback with "Cupid" MV trailer!

KARA continue to build up anticipation for their grand comeback with

KARA are back today with another teaser! We”ve seen the individual clips and heard the album preview, and now following up today is the group comeback trailer! 

The trailer seems to be just a mash up of the individual teasers we”ve seen, but with some bonus scenes! We haven”t been given a peek yet at what the choreography or the stage outfits will look like, but we only have to wait a few more days until the release to find out!  . ... Read more

Sneak a peek at KARA"s mini-album "In Love" with new preview video

Sneak a peek at KARA

The signature sounds of KARA are back with their 7th mini-album “In Love” as can bee seen by new preview video!
All six tracks on the mini-album show the array of different colors the girls are much loved for, including a sweet sounding ballad “Dreamlover” that”s super easy on the ears. Everything else sounds much more energetic with cute retro vibes. . ... Read more

KARA to reveal upcoming title track "Cupid" at "Dream Concert"

KARA to reveal upcoming title track

KARA will be revealing their upcoming title track “Cupid” at the “2015 Dream Concert” on May 23 at Seoul”s Sang-am Seoul World Cup Stadium. 

DSP Entertainment announced on May 21, “KARA will be revealing “Cupid” for the first time at the “2015 Dream Concert”. It was originally planned for them to perform the song for the first time at their showcase on the 26th, but as they”ll be meeting a lot of fans before then, it”s been decided that they”ll perform at the concert.”

As previously mentioned, KARA will be returning with their 7th mini album “In Love” on the 26th. Are you excited for KARA”s comeback?. ... Read more

Hara is a sexy "Cupid" in the next teaser for KARA"s anticipated comeback!

Hara is a sexy

KARA”s Hara is here to enchant us for their comeback, and she definitely succeeds as she seductively blinks and looks into the camera.

Hara is also adorned with the sparkles like her fellow members, adding a bit of a fantasy-like quality to the teaser. How will all these teasers fit into the overall MV? We”ll have to wait and see next week! . ... Read more

Happy birthday to KARA"s Gyuri, Lovelyz" Yoo Ji Ae, and Girl"s Day"s Sojin!

Happy birthday to KARA

Whoa, lots of birthdays on May 21!  Happy birthday to KARA”s fearless leader Gyuri, Lovelyz” cutie Yoo Ji Ae, and Girl”s Day”s baby-faced leader Sojin!

Both DSP Media and Woollim Entertainment celebrated their artists” birthdays by posting a picture and message on SNS while fans of Girl”s Day”s Sojin did the same for her, showing the endless love in the world of K-Pop. . ... Read more

KARA"s Seungyeon blossoms in the next teaser for "Cupid"


KARA”s Seungyeon is up next to leave us enchanted as she coyly teases us for their new comeback!

Just like her other members, Seungyeon also looks ethereal with the sparkles added to her makeup. She surrounds herself in a bed of white flowers, but it”s Seungyeon who captivates our eyes, blooming brighter than the flowers. . ... Read more

KARA"s Gyuri is stunning in "Cupid" video teaser


DSP Media has revealed the latest video teaser for KARA”s upcoming song, “Cupid” Gyuri version.
KARA”s Gyuri is seen looking beautiful in the background filled with blue color. She captivates a lot of attention for her stunning beauty and gorgeous look. 
KARA will be back soon with 7th mini-album, “In Love” on May 26.
Watch the teaser below:

Jenny@dkpopnews . ... Read more

KARA"s Gyuri captivates with her stunning looks in individual MV teaser for "Cupid"


KARA”s Gyuri is here, looking beautiful as ever, to captivate our attention with a teaser for the upcoming release of their 7th mini-album, “In Love“!

Looking quite regal and elegant in her black dress and sparkly accessories, it”s no wonder fans refer to her as a “goddess”! Like in Youngji”s teaser, their title track “Cupid” can be heard in the clip, leaving us awaiting their new sound. . ... Read more

Kara"s Youngji flaunts her goddess beauty in "Cupid" teaser video


Kara”s maknae Youngji is the first member to release individual teaser video for “Cupid”.

In the video, Youngji is seen dancing in a giant perfume box with gift boxes surrounding around her. The pastel mint color and sparkling make-up help emphasize on Youngji”s cute and innocent charm.. ... Read more