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KARA Hara"s 1st solo album "Alohara" tops Tower Records Japan"s reservation chart


It looks like fans are super ready for Hara”s solo debut with her first mini album “Alohara – Can You Feel It?“!


On July 6, the KARA member”s album topped Tower Records Japan”s reservation chart, ranking in above BTS, Dreams Come True, TEEN TOP, and AKB48. Hara herself personally worked on the concept, choreography, and music video for her upcoming solo debut, so fans can expect a lot of Hara in “Alohara”. . ... Read more

Kara"s Hara to release the 1st solo mini album "ALOHARA(Can You Feel It?)" on July 14th


Kara”s Hara will be making her solo debut this month.

On July 6th, DSP Media announced that Hara will be releasing her first mini album “ALOHARA(Can You Feel It?)” on July 14th.

A teaser image was also revealed showing Hara in revealing clothes while getting drenched in water. Looks like it will be a fresh concept that fits with this summer.. ... Read more

KARA’s Youngji has opened up about her idea; boyfriend

KARA’s Youngji has  opened up about her   idea; boyfriend

KARA’s Youngji recently participated in a photo shoot and interview with bnt International. The singer shows off four different concepts including a marine-inspired look, a more playful and curious approach, a lovely and feminine atmosphere, and a more sensual and alluring beauty. . ... Read more

KARA’s Youngji gets a not so ordinary kiss on "Star King"

KARA’s Youngji gets a not so ordinary kiss on

On the July 4th episode of SBS‘s Star King, KARA‘s Youngji participated on the challenge of getting a kiss from a pet pig.

The pet pig is owned by a guest who made an appearance on the show.. ... Read more

SECRET"s Sunhwa and T-ara"s Hyomin support KARA Hara"s nail book!


SECRET”s Sunhwa and T-ara”s Hyomin did their job as friends by supporting KARA Hara”s brand new nail book, “NAILHARA“.

All three idol stars took a photo together, and Sunhwa and Hyomin look happy to support Hara”s fashion book. Hara shared the above photo and the message, “Sunhwa unni and Hyomin unni love my book. Thank you!” “NAILHARA”, released on June 12, is a collaboration between Hara and professional nail artist Kim Soo Jung from Trend N.. ... Read more

Kara"s Youngji is a lovely girl for "International bnt"


Kara”s Youngji flaunts her various charms in the latest pictorial for “International bnt”.

From lovely and youthful to mature and elegant, Youngji managed to pull of all the concepts with the contribution of various kinds of outfits and backgrounds.. ... Read more

KARA"s Youngji is a stunner in pictorial with "International bnt" + reveals Big Bang inspired her to become an idol


KARA”s maknae Youngji showed four different sides of herself in her latest photoshoot with “International bnt“, and she easily pulls off every look!

For the shoot, she”s wearing Style Nanda, Le Shop, Lemite, Akiii Classic and Le Coq Sportif. Taking on four types of concepts, Youngji looks great in every single photo. Our favorite is her mature, sexy vibe in the black dress! . ... Read more

AOA"s Mina beats out KARA"s Hara for thinnest "ant waist"


The most recent episode of “Weekly Idol” featured AOA as guests, and MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn made the girls battle for the title of thinnest “ant waist” previously held by KARA“s Hara. . ... Read more

Kara"s Hara revealed to make her solo debut in July


Kara has officially ended their “Cupid” promotions, but fans be ready cause Hara will grant July with her solo debut.

According to DSP Media on June 23rd, Hara will be making her solo debut in the third week of July. Even though the date hasn”t been decided yet but she”s currently gearing up with all the preparations.. ... Read more

KARA"s Hara expected to make her anticipated solo debut in July!


KARA”s Hara had previously mentioned in a magazine interview that she would make her solo debut after KARA”s comeback, and it looks like she”s keeping her promise!

According to DSP Media, Hara will be making her solo debut in the third week of July, soon after KARA”s promotions and eight years since her group debut. The exact date hasn”t been decided on yet, but at least we know it”ll be towards the end of July, which is only about a month away! . ... Read more