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KARA?s Jiyoung and SISTAR’s Bora become ‘gag-girls’ on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

On the latest episode of KBS’s ‘Invincible Youth‘ KARA‘s Jiyoung and especially SISTAR‘s Bora made a shocking transformation in order to make comedian Im Ha Ryong laugh

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung prefers men who don’t eat carrots

KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung has interesting taste in men. The singer recently guest-featured to film the next episode of MBC‘s ‘Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert – K-POP Star Special‘, and the bubbly Jiyoung helped create a fun atmosphere on the set

Lee Min Ki, KARA’s Seungyeon & Jiyoung have a party with ‘Unionbay’

KARA‘s Seungyeon, Jiyoung, and actor Lee Min Ki are throwing a special party with clothing brand, ‘Unionbay‘! The three celebrities took part in a photoshoot with the theme, ‘Play Different‘

Kara Jiyoung and her dog

KARA member Jiyoung recently revealed a photoset of herself with a cute puppy ^.^

Kara’s Hara & Jiyoung on Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Magazine running a girl groups special lol?Following Miss A and Yuri, Kara’s Hara and Jiyoung will feature in September issue of the magazine too.

KARA’s Jiyoung see-through top draws controversy

KARA’s maknae Kang Jiyoung had gotten the attention of fans after she was photographed at the airport wearing casual fashion and having a make-up free face. But some netizens are claiming that her outfit was inappropriate for someone her age

Kara Jiyoung attends World Cup trophy tour

KARA’s Jiyoung attended an event in the Seoul Hilton Hotel where the trophy for the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was displayed for the public. Coca-Cola had sponsored the event for the trophy to visit each member country so that fans can view and take pictures with it

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung shows off the ‘Sexy bee’ nail art

Group Kara‘s maknae Kang Jiyoung shows off a new nail art concept. Kang Jiyoung tweeted a short message along with the photo above on the 24th, “The concept for this one was sexy bee”

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung says “Happy New Year” with cartoonized Kara

In the early morning hours of January 23rd, Kara member Kang Jiyoung sent out greetings on her Twitter account. The first tweet has a message in Japanese wishing for a happier new year. Each of the members of Kara are cartoonized beautifully in the picture posted with the message on it

Kara Kang Jiyoung’s pictures from the past prove ’100% natural beauty’

Kara‘s maknae Kang Jiyoung‘s graduation pictures and others from the past are drawing attention. On January 20th, some of the pictures of Miss A member Suzy, as well as Kara members Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung have been revealed

Kara Kang Jiyoung so cute “Jumping Jumping”

Kara member Kang Jiyoung showed off her energy. Kang Jiyoung tweeted on January 2nd, “Jumping Jumping!” revealing 3 pictures in a row. In the picture, Kang Jiyoung appears to be a walking along a road in a wooded area and she shows off her energy ‘jumping’ around

Miss A Suzi and KARA Kang JiYoung - Open Up a Make Up Shop!

Miss A, Suzi, Kang JiYoung, KARA, Makeover Miss A's Suzi and KARA's Kang JiYoung were on a reality TV show where they spend a day being a stranger's grandkids. They spent the day with their "grandmother" chatting away, eating sweet potatoes and keeping her company

KARA’s Jiyoung admits she seeks out negative comments online

KARA‘s youngest member Kang Jiyoung has confessed that she purposefully looks for negative comments online. While guesting on ‘Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert‘, Jiyoung revealed, “I’m the type of person who gets even more determined after hearing negative feedback

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung barefooted with a sock hanging, ‘when you wear Ugg…’

Kara member Kang Jiyoung revealed a picture of her foot with a sock hanging on the toes. Kang Jiyoung tweeted around 8am on December 30th, “Raise your hand if you can relate to a day wearing Ugg!” along with a picture

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung dubbed by the netizens as the, “The new goddess”

Group Kara‘s youngest member, Kang Jiyoung‘s untouched pictorial image is making waves on the web. The photo above was posted on an online community board on the 13th and it shoes Kang Jiyoung during a photoshoot

KARA Kang JiYoung's Past

Girl group Kara's member Kang JiYoung's high school and middle school graduation photos have surfaced online. Before Kang JiYoung's upcoming high school graduation, her graduation photos have been released with comments like "Baby fat from her face disappeared completely in 3 years!" The picture showed JiYoung wearing her school uniform, without any makeup on her face

KARA Kang JiYoung Officially A High School Graduate!

KARA's Kang JiYoung has officially graduated from high school in Seoul. Even with her busy schedule, she attended her graduation to say goodbye to her teachers and friends. She wanted to receive her diploma herself and wanted to be a normal high school student for one last time

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung graduates from high school

KARA‘s maknae Kang Jiyoung (18) has graduated from high school! Jiyoung who is now officially considered an ‘adult’ attended her Muhak Girls’ High School graduation ceremony on the 8th to spend her last day as a young high school student

KARA’s Jiyoung admits she doesn’t like her graduation photo

KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung admitted that she didn’t like her graduation photo. On February 13th, talk show “Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah and Jo Hyung Gi’s Good Morning” aired footage from Jiyoung’s high school graduation ceremony from the 8th

Senior pictures of IU, T-ara’s Jiyeon, KARA’s Kang Jiyoung, and SISTAR’s Dasom: “Beautiful!”

Who is the most beautiful idol star in high school senior pictures? In the episode of SBS TV’s Midnight’s TV Entertainment that aired on February 15, idol stars’ high school senior pictures were shown, attracting viewers’ attention