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Kahi Congratulates Uee for New MC Role on KBS “Music Bank”

After School’s Kahi shared a selca with Uee. On January 5, Kahi tweeted the following photo with the caption, “Came to see Uee, while preparing in the building across! I knew this was going to happen

Kahi and Kim Jung Tae Perform Trouble Maker Dance for "Dream High 2"

Two new still cuts of KBS's upcoming drama, "Dream High 2," were revealed today featuring Girin Arts High School's two instructors, Kim Jung Tae and After School's Kahi.  The two were involved in Trouble Maker's steamy sexy dance

After School Kahi dances to 'Trouble Maker' on Dream High2

kahi, after school After School Kahi and actor Kim Jung Tae replicated the 'Trouble Maker' stage. Kahi and Kim Jung Tae who will be making their apperances on the 30th broadcast of KBS 'Dream High 2' are an internet sensation with the dance photos revealed online

After School Kahi posing with Kim Jung Tae "both so cute"

kahi, after school Girl group After School's leader Kahi's photo with Kim Jung Tae has caught the attention of the netizens. On the 30th, Kahi posted on her Twitter "With charming but taken senior actor Kim Jung Tae!"

After School’s Kahi & Kim Jung Tae cover “Troublemaker” on ‘Dream High 2′

‘Dream High 2‘ co-stars Kahi of After Schooland actor Kim Jung Tae covered Troublemaker‘s performance of “Troublemaker” on the most recent episode. The two give HyunA & Hyunseung a run for their money, as Kim Jung Tae gave the choreography his own hilarious spin, while Kahi showcased her veteran dance moves

After School Kahi Sure Magazine

After School Kahi on October issue of Sure Magazine. Credit: Afterschooldaze

Kahi throws a first pitch

After School’s Kahi threw a first pitch at a baseball game for Doosan Bears. Credit: Sportschosun (Korean)

Kahi – Come Back, You Bad Person MV & pics

After School’s Kahi made her solo debut with her first mini-album and title track Come Back, You Bad Person. Credits: Afterschooldaze & pledisartist@YT

Kahi demonic look on W Korea

After School Kahi on W Magazine. Credits: Wkorea (Korean)

Kahi and her cool red bike

A friend (DJ Koo) of After School Kahi uploaded some pics while they were hanging out.That’s a nice looking bike ^.^ Credits: Afterschooldaze

Kim Gun Mo frozen in a selca with Kahi. Nervous?

Singer Kim Gun Mo and After School‘s leader Kahi took an affectionate selca. Kahi tweeted on December 3rd, “Came back from Kim Gun Mo orabeoni’s performance. Definitely jjang jjang jjang! Really respect you

After School, Uee together with unnie Kahi at ‘Music Bank’

Singer Uee took a picture together with Kahi looking affectionate like the prettiest of sisters. Uee posted on her Me2Day on January 6th, “Everyone, today is my first day as MC on ‘Music Bank’

Kahi's Pre-Debut Pictures Spark Attention Once Again

Girl group After School leader, Kahi, is garnering attention for her pre-debut pictures. Pictures of Kahi’s back dancer days were shown on the recently aired episode of MBC “Section TV Entertainment News

After School’s Kahi & J.Y. Park put on a comical dance performance

Producer J.Y. Park and After School leader Kahi put on an eye-catching dance performance. On the February 7th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘, Yang Jin Man (played by J.Y. Park) sang J

JYP and Kahi Get Hot and Heavy on “Dream High 2”

On the February 7 episode of “Dream High 2,” Park Jin Young (JYP) and After School’s Kahi got hot and heavy in two separate scenes, dancing intimately with each other. In the first scene, Kahi teaches her students on how to dance with a less-skilled dance partner

After School's Kahi Joins Suicide Prevention Campaign

TV Report, Star News and other online media companies have joined hands for a suicide prevention campaign, “Beautiful Korea Living Together.” In an effort to create a hope filled society free of suicide, this campaign has worked with various celebrities such as Lee Hyori, Ha Ji Won, Tiger JK, JYJ’s Jaejoong, to spread the message of hope and love

After School leader Kahi becomes a college student

After School leader Kahi (31) is going back to school. According to her agency Pledis on the 29th, Kahi enrolled at SeoKyung University as a Film & Theater major. Not only did Kahi attend the matriculation ceremony, she also captured the fans’ attention after attending her new student orientation

After School’s Kahi Is Now a College Freshman

According to “Pledis” (After School’s entertainment agency) on February 29, After School’s Kahi just entered Seokyeong University. She is now a freshman and part of the class of 2012. Her major is “Film and Theater Studies

After School Kahi becomes a freshman of college

Kahi became a freshman of a university along with students 13 years younger than her. On the 27th, Kahi shined the entrance ceremony of Suh Kyung University. Kahi who is currently acting in 'Dream High2' as well as digesting a tight schedule as the leader of After School, showed up at both the entrance ceremony and freshman orientation as Suh Kyung Theatre major freshman

After School’s Park Kahi becomes a freshman at college

After School’s Park Kahi was admitted into the department of Theater and Film of a university in Seoul, as a freshman for this year. In doing so, Kahi becomes classmates with those, 13 years younger than her