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Leessang’s Gil faces DUI, license revoked; what will happen to Infinity Challenge?

Leessang's member Gil is facing a controversy for driving under the influence of alcohol.

On April 23, Gil is caught driving drunk along the neighborhood of Mapo-gu, Seoul around midnight. It was reported that his alcohol level was 0.109% and his driver's license is revoked.

In relation to that, 'Infinity Challenge', wherein Gil is appearing, canceled recording due to the Sewol tragedy. However, while the program's staff and cast are mourning, this unfortunate news of one of its cast might cause trouble.

Most importantly, 'Infinity Challenge' is currently in preparation for their long-term project wherein members, including Gil, Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa, and Jung JunHa are participating for the '2014 Korea Speed ​​Festival (KSF)' to show their superior driving skills. But with his license revoked, he might not be able to participate anymore

M!Countdown Will Not Be Airing for the Second Week Running

Music program “M!Countdown,” along with Mnet’s main variety programs, will not be airing for the second week running.

On April 22, CJ E&M revealed that Mnet “Beatles’ Code 3D,” “Wide Entertainment News,” and “M!Countdown” will all not be airing, which means that April 24 will be missing its main Mnet variety programs.

Moreover, Onstyle’s “Get It Beauty,” to air on April 23, has been canceled, as well, in addition to all of tvN’s variety programs until April 24.

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Kim Hyun Joong On Love, Dating And Marriage, “I Don’t Think I Will Get Married”


Because of his passion and dedication for acting, Kim Hyun Joong thinks that he might not get married at all.

During his interview with news portal Newsen, he was asked to share his thoughts on marriage, to which he answered, "I don"t think I can get married."

He continued, "By the time I finish my army duties, I will be 35 years old. I used to think that it"s a must to get married, but over time, I changed my mind. I don"t think I can commit to the responsibilities of having a family because I love working too much. I think I would consider marriage only when I stop being an actor."

On dating, he admitted, "I would be lying if I said I didn"t date. In fact, I was secretly dating last year, but I"m currently single."

"At my age, I only want to date freely

Wonderful Days Episode 18 Review: Lee Seo Jin Asks Kim Hee Sun “Will You Marry Me If I Ask You to?”

In Wonderful Days, episode 18, Kang Dong Suk(played by Lee Seo Jin) asked Cha Hae Won(played by Kim Hee Sun) to marry him.

Dong Suk called Hae Won to his office and questioned her about Oh Chi Soo(played by Go In Bum). Then he asked, “Is it true that you regret that you have met me?” He continued, “Is it true that you still have feelings left for me? Will you marry me if I ask you to?” Hae Won was surprised by his sudden proposal.

15 Photos of Kim Soo Hyun That Will Make You Melt

Kim Soo Hyun"s popularity is soaring through the roof these days ever since his last drama, "Man From the Stars" literally shot through the stars in ratings. Why do you ask is Kim Soo Hyun so popular? Not only is he talented, likable, charming, and a great upcoming actor but he"s also extremely handsome. Here are 15 photos that I guarantee will make you melt. Enjoy Soo Hyun fans.

I"ll be 2 years old again, if it means you"ll teach me where my eyes, mouth, nose, and ears are. 

Don"t be so surprised that you"re so handsome. 

So handsome, I cannot. 

That hair, that look, that hotness. 

Oh hey cutie. 

Let me fix that tie for you!

There"s nothing hotter than a man who looks good in a suit

MBLAQ’s G.O Will Play A Role In His Third Musical ‘The Kingdom of the Winds’

MBLAQ"s G.O is said to be playing in the musical remake of "The Kingdom of the Winds" ("The Land of the Wind")!
According to Seoul Performing Arts Company on April 17 which they confirmed about the idol participation saying, "MBLAQ"s G.O will star in the musical "The Kingdom of the Winds", which will open on May 11."

The historical play "The Kingdom of the Winds" tells the story of the third king of Koguryeo, Daemushin (Muhyool). G.O. is set to play the role of his son Ho Dong and got to reunite with will "Gwanghwamun Sonata" co-star Go Young Bin. G.O had his acting career bloom as musical actor and debuted on "Gwanggwamun Sonata" and then "Seopyeonje". So pretty sure he would do great on this upcoming musical.

"The Kingdom of the Winds" is set to open its curtain on May 11-20 at CJ Towol Theater, Seoul. 

G.NA’s comeback track “Pretty Lingerie” will be feature with actors Otani Ryohei and Kim Min Gyo

G.NA has already started filming the music video for her comeback track “Pretty Lingerie” (“GN.A”s Secret“), and it looks like Japanese actor Otani Ryohei as well as actor and director Kim Min Gyo will be featured in the MV!

Cube Entertainment shared the above behind-the-scenes photos of G.NA with the starring actors on set, raising curiosity about what kind of roles they”ll have in the MV. Kim Min Gyo and G.NA previously worked together on the tvN comedy program “SNL Korea“, and from the still cuts, it seems he”ll be playing a less-than-polite character.

“Pretty Lingerie” is about what happens when a woman falls in love. Stay tuned for G.NA”s first comeback in a year on April 21!

Kim Hyun Joong reveals he dated in secret a year ago + remains firm on his stance that he will never go public with a relationship

Kim Hyun Joong remained firm on his decision that he will never go public with a relationship.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Kim Hyun Joong was asked about marriage given that he is in his late twenties. He shared that marriage might not be in the cards for him, "I don"t think I will be able to... I have to go to the military and if I do other things, I will be over 35 years old... In the past, I thought that I really have to [get married someday] but now I don"t have confidence. I love work so much so I don"t think I will be able to be faithful to my family. If a dilemma suddenly comes about in my drama, singing, and concerts one day, then I think I will do it."

He was also asked about his love life to which he honesty remarked, "If I say I don"t date, that would be a lie

CJ Enters Joint Venture With Japan – They Will Be Officially Entering VIXX Into The Japanese Market

CJ E&M will be the first Korean music group to establish a joint venture in Japan.

On April 15th CJ E&M announced, "We got in touch with Japan"s major music company Victor Entertainment, and have established a joint venture company called CJ Victor Entertainment."

CJ E&M and Victor co-invested in a 51:49 ratio, respectively to found CJ Victor. The new company will be CJ E&M"s global label that will take care of Korean and Japanese artists" global entry into the market. It will deal with all matters related to such artists, including their discovery and development, management, concerts, events, fan clubs, content distribution, publishing, and more.

Victor is a video and sound company that"s a subsidiary of JVC Kenwood. Their line of business stretches back 87 years, and they"re well known for their off-line music distribution and sales

IU, “I Confessed Last Year To Someone I Liked… I Will Not Say What The Result Was”

Singer IU revealed that she confessed to the guy she likes last year. (Photo : enews)

Singer IU revealed that she confessed to the guy she likes last year.

In MBC FM4U "FM Music Plaza" aired yesterday, IU came out as a temporary DJ. After reading the story of liking someone one way, IU said, "I don"t have much experience of one way love. I haven"t liked that many people first."

Then she said, "But the feeling of one way love was good. Whether they receive my feelings or not, the fact that I could like someone that much was something so happy to me."

When the guest asked, "Did you confess?" she said, "Yes, I did. When I like someone, I confess. That was last year." But she did not reveal who it was and what happened afterwards, arousing curiosity.

Photo Credit: eNEWS