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SNSD's Tiffany in the Spotlight for Controversial Outfit

SNSD's Tiffany and Taeyeon have once again made the headlines because of  their shocking sexy fashion. On January 25, a topic titled, "Tiffany's sexy feather outfit excites Hong Kong's audience," was posted on a Chinese online community board

T-ara on Inkigayo in a white mesh outfit so sexy

Girl group T-ara drew had the eyes of the viewers glued to the TV in their sexy white stage outfits. MC’s Nicole and Goo Hara of Kara as well as IU presented the January 1st installment of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’

Sandara Park’s adorably bizarre outfit draws the eye

2NE1′s Sandara Park sends Christmas greetings to the fans in an out of this world outfit. Sandara Park posted on her me2day page on the 22nd, “Christmas is only 3 days away! The year before last year and last year I happily spent Christmas with the fans

Suzy’s daring see-through outfit has netizens questioning if appropriate

Girl group Miss A member Suzy (17 years old) is creating a buzz with her contradictory see-through outfit. On December 8th on various online community boards, netizens posted pictures of Suzy with a surprising outfit on

Gummy on her revealing outfit becoming an issue "I felt the power of 'I am a singer'"

Singer Gummy explained her revealing outfit. On the 5th broadcast of 'I am a singer' she talked about her outfit on January 29th broadcast of the show. Her manager on the show Kim Shin Young brought up on their walk to the stage "but it's an issue right now" and "seductive beauty is an issue" and "seductive charm, revealing, optical illusion, and etc, it's going crazy", to which Gummy laughed

Han Hyo Joo's Outfit in Japan Garners Attention

Recently, photos of actress Han Hyo Joo in Japan surfaced various online communities. Titled “Paparazzi Shots of Han Hyo Joo in Japan,” the photos captured Han Hyo Joo riding the subway unnoticed by those around her

Ji Jin Hee & Ku Hye Sun Love Line Starts with Sweetheart Outfit

Ji Jin Hee and Ku Hye Sun transform from global couple to university lecturers. On the episode 13 of SBS TV series Take Care of Us, Captain broadcast on February 15th, 2012, Kim Yoon Sung (Ji Jin Hee) and Han Da Jin (Koo Hye Sun) are invited as the guest speakers for aerospace aviation in university

Outfit of So Yi Hyun in My Shining Girl Lovable

The dressing style of actress So Yi Hyun from from head to toe is attracting popular attention. In the drama Glowing She (My Shining Girl) broadcast via cable TV channel KBS drama, So Yi Hyun is playing the role of entertainment writer Jun Ji Hyun, attracting audiecne with natural, refreshing and lively fashion

Hyori, Leans on JaeHyung in Revealing Outfit

Jung JaeHyung became Hyori's man. Hyori and JaeHyung recently had a photoshoot for 'Harper's Bazaar' with the title of 'Play with Us', showing a photoshoot no one else can handle. Hyori and JaeHyung is planned to be co-MCs of SBS 'You&I'

NS Yoon Ji Explains Her Controversial Outfit

  NS Yoon Ji has come out to explain her controversial outfit that she wore on Music Bank.  After performing her new title song 'Why I became a Witch,' NS Yoon Ji has caused a stir in the online community regarding her outfit

Lee Yuri's shining beauty in prisoner outfit

Actress Lee Yuri couldn't hide her amazing beauty despite the prisoner costume. In the new drama Yuri breaks out of the prison to take revenge on Yoon Ah Jung in the drama. Yuri has a dead face on in the drama in her prisoner costume

Miss A Suzy’s outfit is making online community stare

  On December 8, pictures of Miss A’s Suzy’s see-through outfit was uploaded on an internet community site. Many netizens are saying, “Suzy is suppose to be a junior in High School

NS Yoonji wears her provocative red leather stage outfit on Gag Concert

Posted: February 27, 2012 6:51 PM EST ns yoonji NS Yoonji made an appearance on KBS Gag Concert. On the 26th broadcast of KBS 'Gag Concert', NS Yoonji got on stage in her provocative outfit. Also gag man Jung Tae Ho from 'Thank You' corner of the show also appeared in the same outfit, just bigger

Shin Se Kyung fashions a sexy outfit revealing her cleavage

iCandy, Web Buzz The original ‘Bagel Girl’ Shin Se Kyung put her assets on full display. Awaiting its premier of March 19th, the SBS drama ‘Fashion King’s poster photoshoot video clip has been revealed on the drama’s official homepage

Girls Generation Yuri's Outfit on 'Fashion King' Sneak Peak!

On March 2nd, MBC TV's "Good Day" revealed an outfit that will be worn by SNSD's Yuri on an episode of "Fashion King". During the episode of "Good Day" Jung Yoon Ki was showing the audience some fashion items for Spring

G.NA Sports Sexy, Tight Leather Outfit

On March 16, G.NA showed off her sexy, tight leather outfit in a batch of photos on Twitter. She wrote, “A new challenge for the first time in a long time! Pulled my hair all back, smoky makeup, leather stud top, and a really unique pair of pants

IU smiles brightly in a simple outfit at an airport

IU appeared at an airport. A picture of IU at an airport was recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “IU at an airport to go to Japan.” IU is currently having a hectic schedule in both Korea and Japan

Kim Tae Hee shows off her glamor in an all-black leather outfit

Kim Tae Hee in an all black leather outfit is gaining attention. On March 29th, a photo of Kim Tae Hee was uploaded onto an online community bulletin with the comment, “Kim Tae Hee, she looks good even in a leather outfit

Kim Tae Hee Stuns in Leather Outfit

Actress Kim Tae Hee's hidden body has been revealed.  On March 29th on an online community board, a photo of the actress was posted with the title, "Kim Tae Hee looks good wearing leather." In the photo, Kim Tae Hee is wearing a leather outfit that accentuates her glamorous body

Kim Su Ro suggests an unconventional outfit for Lee Hyori

Actor Kim Su Ro had an unconventional answer when he saw Lee Hyori‘s indecision over what to wear on Twitter. On the morning of April 9th, Hyori posted, “I’m going to pick organic strawberries with Hae Bak and Joo Hee unnie today~ I will reveal them on ‘Golden 12‘~ ^^ What should I wear?” Kim Su Ro jokingly replied, “Hanbok!”, referring to the traditional Korean clothing usually only worn during special Holidays