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T-ara Roly Poly in Copacabana MV & pics

T-ara has released a remix version of Roly Poly.Music video and pics below: Credit: LOENENT@YT & Tarakorean

Uie Birdy Buddy drama pics

After School Uie’s Birdy Buddy drama teaser photos.The golf-themed drama is premiering on August 15 on TvN. Credit: Yeinjee

2NE1 – HATE YOU MV & concept pics

2NE1′s news digital single HATE YOU music video and pics.Directed by graphic artist Mari Kim, the MV is fully animated. Credit: 2NE1@YT

After School Bang! Japan concept pics

After School Japanese Bang! album concept photos.

Girl’s Day – Hug Me Once MV & concept pics

Girl’s Day music video and concept photos for Hug Me Once from their first mini-album, Everyday. Credits: girlsday5@YT, image as tagged

Girls’ Generation LG Cyon Cooky pics

Pictures of Girls’ Generation for LG Cyon Cooky. Visit our friend’s blog for bigger wallpapers and HD pics.

T-ara Roly Poly MV and more pics

T-ara has released the music video (I’ve replaced the original 12 minute MV with the shorter 2nd version).Also with more concept pics, this time in color. Credits: wookino@YT, Tarakorean

Tara Cry Cry MV & pics

T-ara’s Cry Cry music video and concept photos.The first (original) MV is 15 minutes long; there’s a second MV below, a ballad version that’s just over 3 minutes (without the drama). Credit: LOENENT@YT & Tarakorean

SNSD Hoot HD pics

Girls’ Generation’s Hoot HD pics.Different from their first concept photos with the spy theme.Click image (open in new window) to see full size pic (800px). Credits: Yurui (Korean)

SNSD Japanese Gee pics

SNSD’s new Japanese single Gee is out!Check out the concept pics!! Credits: Yeinjee

Girls’ Generation The Boys teaser pics

Girls’ Generation has released a solo photo of each member for their comeback album, The Boys. , which is going to be released officially on October 5th. The official release date has been postponed until mid-October (updated)

KARA – Step MV & concept pics

KARA is back with their 3rd album, Step.Music video and concept pics below: Credit: Dspkara@YT & Yeinjee

After School Bekah graduation pics

Pledis has released a few candid graduation photos of Bekah and the After School members.As announced last week, Bekah will be graduating from the group in July.

SNSD Vita500 June pics

SNSD’s Vita500 endorsement pics. Credit: Snsdpics

KARA Go Go Summer Japanese concept pics

KARA will release their 4th Japanese single, Go Go Summer, on June 29.The song is used as a commercial theme for LG mobile phones.

SNSD 1st full Japanese album concept pics

SNSD is releasing their first full length Japanese album on June 1: Credit: Snsdpics

f(x) Luna Legally Blonde musical promo pics

f(x)’s Luna is taking part in Legally Blonde musical.She looks good in blonde.

Yoona Innisfree pics

HD pics of SNSD’s Yoona, released by Innisfree.Click picture for full size.

Kahi – Come Back, You Bad Person MV & pics

After School’s Kahi made her solo debut with her first mini-album and title track Come Back, You Bad Person. Credits: Afterschooldaze & pledisartist@YT

Top model Hye Park, “Can’t take pics with Lee Hyori”

Some pictures of singer Lee Hyori together with model Hye Park have been revealed. Hye Park posted on her mini homepage on January 16th, “Really pretty..I..Can’t take pictures next to unnie” along with pictures