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[Viewership: 03.05.15] "Unkind Women" Ratings Down Slightly

[Viewership: 03.05.15]

KBS′ Unkind Women switched places with MBC′s Kill Me, Heal Me, stepping into the first place with 11.5 percent. It was a 0.3 plummet plummet from its previous episode!. ... Read more

[Spoiler] "Kill Me, Heal Me" ratings: Ji Seong has multiple personalities because of Hwang Jeong-eum


Kill Me, Heal Me” ratings dropped even though the reason for Ji Seong“s multi personality was revealed.

According to Nielsen Korea, MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” recorded 9.8%. This is 1.7% lower than the previous episode. . ... Read more

[Viewership: 03.04.15] "Unkind Women" Ranked Highest-rated Drama; "Hyde, Jekyll, I" Fuels More Unexceptable Ratings

[Viewership: 03.04.15]

The situation for Hyde, Jekyll, Me” ratings become even more disastrous!

Pushing MBC′s “Kill Me, Heal Me” out of its comfort zone, Unkind Women ranked first in ratings with 11.8 percent with its third episode.. ... Read more

[Viewership: 03.04.2015] "Unkind Women" Coverage Gives "Kill Me, Heal Me" Edge Over in Ratings Battle

[Viewership: 03.04.2015]

KBS2’s drama “Unkind Women” coverage gives MBC’s “Kill Me, Heal Me” edge over in ratings battle!

Viewership ratings research company Nielsen Korea revealed the results for Wednesday’s episodes which aired on March 4. According to them, “Unkind Women” received 11.8 percent ratings for their third episode beating out “Kill Me, Heal Me” which received 11.5 percent. 0.3 percent was the small difference that determined the winner.. ... Read more

KBS' Reality Shows "Happy Sunday" Hangs On To Ratings Lead for 25 Straight Weeks

KBS' Reality Shows

KBS’ Sunday evening variety corner “Happy Sunday,” which consists of “Superman Returns” and “1 Night 2 Days,” has dominated viewer ratings for 25 straight weeks.. ... Read more

KBS2TV’s "Invisible Man" Stopped Airing Due To Low Ratings


After two months of sluggish ratings and poor popularity, KBS2TV has decided to cancel its variety show “Invisible Man” led by MC Kang Ho Dong.

According to a representative of KBS, “The cancellation of ‘Invisible Man’ was recently decided after negotiations. Due to schedule-related issues with a new show, we had no choice but to take ‘Invisible Man’ off the air.” The last episode will air in the beginning of April.. ... Read more

[Viewership: 02.28-03.02.15] KBS' "Blood" Ratings Drop To A Record Low

[Viewership: 02.28-03.02.15] KBS'

Things continue to look a little pale for KBS′ Blood as the fairly new drama reached its lowest rating.

On March 2, Blood aired its fifth episode, which recorded a rating of 4.1 percent. The episode receieved its lowest ratings since beginning on February 16. Its previous record was 4.7 percent on episode 2.. ... Read more

Lee Soo Hyuk Undergo Extreme Measures to Gain Weight For Roles

Lee Soo Hyuk Undergo Extreme Measures to Gain Weight For Roles

Debuting as a super model, Lee Soo Hyuk challenges himself over acting arena and ignite fame with his excellent performances!

In a time when model-turned-actors is the trend, Lee Soo Hyuk is also growing as a confident actor with a strong presence. After completing his most recent drama, tvN′s Valid Love, as Kim Jun, Lee Soo Hyuk met with Elle, sharing about what happened after the drama′s end.. ... Read more

[Viewership: 02.26.15] "Kill Me Heal Me" Ratings Down Slightly, "Unkind Women" Enjoy Ratings Upswing

[Viewership: 02.26.15]

The previous difference of 1.4 percent between MBC′s Kill Me, Heal Me and KBS′ Unkind Women has gotten smaller.

With the second episode of KBS′ Unkind Women, the gap betwen the two top dramas has become 0.6 percent. Unkind Women recorded 9.8 percent, increasing 0.7 percent overnight. Kill Me, Heal Me saw a drop of 0.1 percent.. ... Read more

'Kill Me, Heal Me' Heals Trauma And Rules In The Ratings

'Kill Me, Heal Me' Heals Trauma And Rules In The Ratings


“Kill Me, Heal Me” continues to rule the ratings and given the effort the actors have put into realizing their roles, that success should come as no surprise.

Ji Sung has done a well-crafted job of playing a man with several distinct personalities, each with its own mannerisms and affectations. From motorcycle-riding, guyliner-wearing bad guy to squealing fan girl, each personality is distinct and multidimensional. And in the latest episodes Ji Sung deftly combines characteristics of each personality, blending them into a single personality as he heals his fractured soul. . ... Read more