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WG Sohee is love sick in nurse costume

Wonder Girls’ Sohee recently posted a picture of her in nurse costume on WG’s Twitter.Sohee will be starring in JYP label mate SanE’s Love Sick music video.The pic is probably a teaser for the MV

How much did it cost to create Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Moon-Sun’ costume?

It looks like MBC spared no expense for their hit drama, ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘, as seen by the production costs for Kim Soo Hyun‘s regal outfit. On February 4th, MBC’s Director of Art Bong Hyeon Sook revealed, “Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘gonryongpo’ costume was created by hand

Yoon Seung Ah Wore Only One Costume in 9 Episodes Sets Alternative Record

The only set of costume for actress Yoon Seung Ah in MBC drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun has set a unique record. The adult actress for the role of Seol, who is the escort warrior of Heo Yeon Woo (Han Ga In) in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Yoon Seung Ah, started to appear in the drama from episode 6, and up until episode 14, her same consistent outfit has become a buzz

Miss A’s Suzy presents herself in a revealing “bandage costume”

Miss A’s Suzy knocked male fans’ hats off by showing off her sexy images through a revealing “bandage costume.” Miss A sensationally comes out with “Touch” on February 23 via’s music show M

Miss A now dancing in a see-through costume

Girl group Miss A has taken off their “bandage” costumes and showed up in see-through dresses. On February 24, Miss A gave passionate performances of “Over You” and “Touch” on KBS 2’s Music Bank

Miss A’s bandage costume is hot now!

Miss A have become a hot issue on both TV and internet. Releasing their fourth project album Touch on February 20, Miss A gave a comeback performance on all TV music programs and announced that the goddesses of performance have come back with their alluring charisma

2NE1’s Sandara Park at CL’s birthday party in a special costume

Recently, 2NE1’s Sandara Park is seen saying hello at CL’s birthday party. On February 26, Park uploaded a picture on Me2day with the comment “I fell asleep in the dorm and ended up appearing at CL’s birthday party in a track suit looking like a tapeline Muay Thai Warrior! It’s already been five years since I celebrated Chae Lyn (a

Brave Girls’ Yejin in a skull-patterned see-through costume

Girl group Brave Girls which is gaining popularity with its latest song “Nowadays You” is once again becoming an issue for wearing see-through suits during the performance on March 1 in M Countdown

miss A’s Min once wore a ghost costume to a formal Halloween party

miss A member Min talked about how her Halloween costume had frightened everyone in her path. On the March 6th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Min remarked, “Last Halloween, I was invited by Brian Joo oppa to a party

Fan made Lee Min Ho admiral Choi costume for "Faith"

These fan made pictures were so good that SBS had to come out and say that they were not official releases.Whoever made these has some real talent right?

4Minute’s Ga Yoon shows a perfect fit in a retro costume

Recently, 4Minute’s Ga Yoon has made a surprise appearance in Light and Shadow. On May 8, some pictures of Ga Yoon preparing for shooting were posted on the official website of MBC’s drama series Light and Shadow (written by Choi Wan Gyu, directed by Lee Joo Hwan and Lee Sang Yeop)

Korean invasion at the Met Costume Gala

When Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning posed for the cameras at the 2012 Met Costume Gala on May 7, she probably had no idea how much attention she'd be getting. When a picture of Fanning was uploaded online on May 10, Hallyu fans went wild for the picture, which managed to capture not just Fanning but three other Korean actors behind her

[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong’s “Doctor Jin” Photos Released: Shows Full Good Looks While Wearing Historical Costume!

As the broadcast of Dr. Jin on May 26th draws closer, Kim Jaejoong is preparing for his first historic drama. Jaejoong will use his charming visuals and strong acting skills as he meets the audience as Kim Kyung Tak, a young man from the Joseon Era

Jaejoong’s ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ costume causes him discomfort

As Jaejoong of JYJ prepares for his drama role in ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘, it seems that his topknot is proving to be quite the formidable opponent. On May 16th, Jaejoong tweeted the above photo with a caption that read, “The topknot is tight

[Soompi Shop] T-ara Star Collection Card Box + Chance to Win "Tango Costume" and "Bo Peep Bo Peep Costume" Worn by T-ara

T-ara fans, I hope you are paying attention because the T-ara item that we will soon have on the Soompi Shop is crazy! The Soompi Shop will sell “T-ara Star Collection Card Boxes” that comes with a free T-ara poster

Han Ga In looks cute in a rabbit costume

Actress Han Ga In is getting a lot of attention by wearing a rabbit costume. On June 27, an online community posted pictures with the caption, “Han Ga In transforms into a lovely rabbit in a rabbit costume

"Faith" Lee Min-ho holding a police shield with warrior costume

Lee Min-ho from the new SBS drama "Faith" is holding a police shield. Taking on the role of Choi Woo, King Gong-min's guardian warrior, Lee Min-ho doesn't fear death and is indifferent to everything but keeps his words and is loyal

Costume designer seeks a perfect fit

Jo Sang-gyeong poses at a hanbok couture house in Cheongdam-dong in southern Seoul, where she works when not designing memorable costumes for movies. Jo, 39, who has worked on more than 40 local films, developed an interest in hanbok during "The Concubine"

Superman costume of INFINITE’s L looks fashionable ?

Netizens has revealed a photo of INFINITE‘s L in an unexpected outfit. It shows off, in their variety show, ’INFINITE’s Ranking King‘, the idol group member was forced to wear his hilarious costume

Sohee's Body "I Was Worried About The Tight Costume, But I'm Glad It Came Out Well"

Wonder Girls, Sohee, MBC, Entertainment Relay Sohee's Body "I Was Worried About The Tight Costume, But I'm Glad It Came Out Well" Girl group Wonder Girls member, Sohee, slightly boasted about her body and made people laugh