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Top Stars in Their Hanbok Attire for the Lunar New Year

In Korea, the Lunar New Year is celebrated for three days. People usually travel back to their hometowns to spend time with their families and eat, drink, play games and practice the ever-so-popular ritual of "saebae" or bowing

Jae Ha Full Of Charisma in King Ceremonial Attire

This scene was in ep 9 last night but we only got about 5 second glimpse of Jae Ha in this attire.

JYJ Yoochun's Clean Cut Attire At Fan Signing Event

JYJ, yoochun, ottogi noddle, twitter JYJ’s Yoochun was spotted at a fan signing event. Ottogi noodle twitter on June 7 shared several photos of Yoochun at the fan signing event. Yoochun is the current model for Ottogi noodle

miss A's Suzy Heads Off to Jeju Island in Comfy Attire

On June 11, miss A’s Suzy was spotted at Gimpo Airport, waiting for her flight to Jeju Island to film a scene in her latest drama “Big.” She instantly attracted attention for her casual airport fashion

[Ceci] Celebs Stun in Colorful Attire, ft. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Lee Hyori, and More

Style Scoop: Color Me Happy! Out with the monotonous hues, and in with the bright colors! The warmer weather has brought a change to celeb fashion. Korea’s hottest celebrities looked absolutely confident rocking their colorful outfits! Check them out by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of this article! Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Yoon Eun Hye is the fairest woman in male attire

Yoon Eun Hye was recently selected as the most popular female star in male attire. The November 25 episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News ranked female stars, who have appeared on TV series disguised themselves as men

Rain’s label apologizes for breaking military attire regulations + military disciplinary committee to possibly make changes to celebrity soldiers’ days off

Rain‘s label spoke out on Rain’s alleged overuse of vacation days and special treatment during his military service. To recap, Rain was given 71 days away from base. This number includes the 17 days of time off as a form of reward for his services in the military including those that he earned from going on various military related performances and promotional events, and 10 overnight leaves, and 44 duty-related outings

Actor Kim Hye Sung’s label explains the actor’s casual attire during past military outing

Several photos of Kim Hye Sung, Jung Kyung Ho, and other celebrities wearing casual clothes while they were serving their military duty were recently shared on various online communities, causing a big controversy

Trying on traditional Korean attire

[2] Hanbok: Where to go for traditional Korean attire Brad Moore, the drummer of Busker Busker, got married last month. The spotlight thrown on him was not only due to the popularity of the band whose songs reached everywhere in the nation during the first half of the year, but the foreign couple’s love of traditional Korean garments

Crayon Pop's New Fashion Suggestion: Pastel-Toned Attire with Folk Play-Style Headpieces

(Photo : OSEN) Girl group Crayon Pop recently filmed a photoshoot with a peculiar theme involving pastel toned attire, makeup, and Korean folk play-style headpiece. Crayon Pop"s photoshoot for Women"s Central magazine was planned by Chrome Entertainment and designer Ji Chun Hee, who designed actress Lee Bo Young"s wedding dress

Japan Media Spotlights KARA's Fan Meeting, 'Focus on Attire'

KARA, Fan Meeting, Japan Girl group KARA recently held their Japan fan meeting and gained much attention from Japanese media. Many of the Japan media released many articles and news on KARA's fan meeting in Yokohama that was held on June 23

Girls' Generation Reveals Chic Attire at 'Hair Couture' Asia Launching Fan Sign Event

Girls Generation, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Tiffany Girls' Generation Reveals Chic Attire at 'Hair Couture' Asia Launching Fan Sign Event Girls' Generation Reveals Chic Attire at 'Hair Couture' Asia Launching Fan Sign Event Girls' Generation Reveals Chic Attire at 'Hair Couture' Asia Launching Fan Sign Event Girls' Generation Reveals Chic Attire at 'Hair Couture' Asia Launching Fan Sign Event Girl group Girls' Generation members Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon and Tiffany attended the 'Hair Couture Asia Launching Fan Sign Event' today at the Seoul Myungdong Olive Young

Lee Yeon Hee Sports 90s Makeup and Attire for “Miss Korea” in New Preview Stills

Actress Lee Yeon Hee grasps the 90s style through her new look for the upcoming MBC drama “Miss Korea.” On December 16, the drama released images of the actress being approached by Lee Sun Kyun’s character