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4Minute members reveal their ideal type of guys

4Minute was on SBS Powerful Choi Hwa-jung’s PowerTime on 29th June when they revealed their ideal male celebrities. HyunA’s comment that she likes “guys who are short” has garnered much interests on the show

The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Kim Yoo Jung “Actual ideal type is Yang Myung Lee Min Ho”

Kim Yoo Jung, who plays Yeon Woo on ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’, picked her ideal type in real life. On the January 22nd installment of MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’, Kim Yoo Jung of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’ revealed that her ideal type in life would be Yang Myung played by Lee Min Ho

We Got Married, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk reveals, “My ideal type is Choi Jung Won”

Super Junior member Eunhyuk picked actress Choi Jung Won as his ideal woman. On the December 10th episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, Kang So Ra visited her ‘husband’ Leeteuk at the rehearsal for Super Junior Concert

Jay Park Regrets Mentioning Min Hyo Rin as His Ideal Type

Jay Park revealed that after the media reported his ideal girl was Min Hyo Rin, things became awkward between the two. Jay Park stated, “In the past, there was a time when I said ‘Sunny’s’ Min Hyo Rin is pretty

Uhm Jung Hwa selects Big Bang’s T.O.P as her ideal type

The February 11th edition of KBS2‘s “Entertainment Relay” ‘Guerilla Date‘ segment featured an interview with veteran singer and actress Uhm Jung Hwa on who her ideal type was

Girl's Day Minah Responds to Lee Min Ho Choosing Her as Ideal Type

Girl's Day Minah responded to actor Lee Min Ho's confession that she is his ideal type. Minah appeared on February 14's episode of SBS's "Strong Heart." Previously on Strong Heart, Lee Min Ho of "The Moon That Embraces the Sun" picked Girl's Day Minah as his ideal type

Ahn Sung-ki: 'Kim Yu-na Chooses Me as Ideal Type of Man'

On the episode of KBS 2TV's "Win Win" that aired on Jan. 17, national film actor Ahn Sung-ki appeared and revealed interesting anecdotes, producing great laughter among the viewers. When MCs asked him, "Do you know Kim Yu-na chose you as an ideal type of man?" he said wittily, "Of course I do

f(x)’s Sulli says, “Ahn Sung Ki is my ideal type”

f(x)’s Sulli said her ideal type is actor Ahn Sung Ki. In the episode of SBS TV’s Midnight TV Entertainment that aired on February 22, Sulli appeared and gave an interview. The reporter asked, “What do you want people to say about you?” and she said, “I’m going to be 18 next year, so I wish people say that I’m grown up

Kim Won Jun chooses Lee Se Jun’s wife as his ideal type instead of Park So Hyun

Singer Kim Won Jun, who has been loved by many people as a virtual husband of actress Park So Hyun in MBC TV’s We Got Married, chose Lee Se Jun (of Yurisangja)’s wife as his ideal type instead of his former virtual wife Park

UEE selects Hyun Bin as her ideal type

After School‘s UEE‘s ideal type has become a hot topic. On a recent episode of ‘Guerilla Date‘, organized by KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, UEE revealed her ideal type to be none other than actor Hyun Bin, who’s currently serving in the military

Kim Yoo Jung Chooses BIGBANG’s TOP over Kim Soo Hyun as Her Ideal Type

Earlier today, MBC’s “Good Morning” took viewers behind the scenes of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung’s Domino Pizza CF shoot. When the interviewer asked the actress who her ideal type is, Kim Yoo Jung answered, “BIGBANG’s TOP is my ideal type

Greedy Kim Yoo Jung’s Ideal Type – Lee Min Ho → Kim Soo Hyun → Big Bang’s Top

The ideal type of young actress Kim Yoo Jung who is gaining popularity due to appearance in The Moon Embracing the Sun is becoming a topic. In the MBC’s A Good Day broadcast on the morning of February 27th, 2012, Kim Yoo Jung and actor Kim Soo Hyun appeared on the shooting scene as the models for the CF

Kim Soo Hyun Names British Actress as His Ideal Type

Rising star Kim Soo Hyun has finally named an ideal type. Asia Today reports that the young actor has picked British actress Kaya Scodelario as his ideal type in a recent interview. Kim Soo Hyun has answered the “ideal type” question before but has never named anyone

2AM Jinwoon Chooses Lee Min Jung over Kang So Ra as his Ideal Type

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon revealed his ideal type. He stated, “I really like Lee Min Jung. I feel like I might go crazy when I see her.” He continued, “Lee Min Jung came to our concert

Miss A’s Suzy reveals an ideal type for her first love

Miss A’s Suzy promotes the movie Introduction to Architecture (directed by Lee Yong Joo, presented by Myung Film Co.). On March 14, Suzy tweeted, “Yesterday, we had a press conference for Introduction to Architecture which will open on March 22

Lee Min Jung Picks Kim Soo Hyun as Her Ideal Type

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” Lee Min Jung picked Kim Soo Hyun as her ideal type. During the ideal type face-off between Jang Hyuk and Uhm Tae Woong, she chose Uhm Tae Woong; whereas during the Kim Soo Hyun versus Lee Min Ho round, she chose Kim Soo Hyun

Busker Busker reveals MV teaser for “Ideal Type”

Busker Busker released their official music video teaser for the track “Ideal Type” from their first album. Earlier today, Busker Busker released the track “Ideal Type” via digital download ahead of their first full album

Busker Busker performing well on the charts with “Ideal Type”

Superstar K3‘s runner up Busker Busker is performing well on the Korean music charts! On March 22nd they released their debut song “Ideal Type” and immediately upon release it achieved first place on Melon, Mnet, SoriBada and other major music charts

Busker Busker's "Ideal Type" Surpasses Big Bang, SHINee and 2AM on Online Music Charts

The runner-up for Mnet's "Superstar K3" Busker Busker released their new track, "Ideal Type" and is currently shaking up the online music portal charts.On March 22, Busker Busker revealed, "Ideal Type," which is a track that is included in their first official album

HaHa reveals Son Ye Jin as his ideal type, and that he dated Shin Se Kyung?

  Musician and entertainer HaHa has recently caught people’s attention for revealing his ideal type. HaHa appeared on the March 23rd broadcast of cable channel tvN‘s ‘Important Show- Unbelievable Interview‘ and participated in an ideal type World Cup