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Hwang Jung Eum and Go Joon Hee show off their friendship

Best friends Go Joon Hee and Hwang Jung Eum go makeup free together. Actress Go Joon Hee posted a photo with a short message on the 16th on her mini homepage, “Cold”. Go Joon Hee and Hwang Jung Eum are seen with their faces close to each other, wearing very little or no makeup

Infinity Challenge, Jung Joon Ha selected ’2011 Infinity Man of the Year’

Jung Joon Ha has been selected as the ‘Infinity Man of the Year’. On the January 14th episode of MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’, ‘Infinity Sangsa’ new year’s special was presented saying good bye to 2011 and ringing in 2012

Yoon Doo Joon’s finger stamped memorandum to Jung Hyung Don, “When B2ST comes back..”

B2ST (BEAST) member Yoon Doo Joon wrote a memorandum for comedian Jung Hyun Don. Recently on the official Twitter account of MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’, a memorandum written by B2ST member Yoon Doo Joon was tweeted drawing the fans’ attention

Jung Joon Ha’s grandfather passes away, “It hurts to have to laugh on a day like this”

Jung Joon Ha‘s grandfather has passed away. In the morning ff December 21st Jung Joon Ha tweeted “TT” followed by “In heaven where there is no more pain…Grandfather, I love you

Infinity Challenge pokes fun at JTBC with Jung Joon Ha

‘Infinity Challenge’ poked fun at JTBC with their subtitles. On the December 10th episode of MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge’, part 2 of ‘Myung Soo is 12 years old’ was presented

Go Young Wook takes a snapshot of Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Joon Ha

Television personality Go Young Wook reveals a proof shot of attending the ‘Infinity Challenge’ Hanamana concert event. Go Young Wook tweeted on the 1st, “‘Infinity Challenge’ Hanamana concert begins!” and he revealed the comical photo above

Dana’s proof shot of small head is an insult to Jung Joon Ha?

A member of the group The Grace, Dana provided proof of her small head and insulted Jung Joon Ha at the same time. On November 15th, a tweet on cable channel Y-STAR’s ‘Shikshin Road’ Twitter account said, “We invite you to Shikshin Road today! The guests are bouncy charming girls, The Grace’s Dana & Sunday Shabang Shabang’ along with a picture

Lee Dong Wook & Jung Joon Ha, close enough friends to drink together in the wee hours

Entertainer Jung Joon Ha hung out with actor Lee Dong Wook. Jung Joon Ha tweeted in the early morning hours of February 8th, “Got a call from Lee Dong Wook nim saying he got a day off from filming so inhaling beer at this hour…with meat…You’ll~ blame me for sure! You’ll get up and look in the mirror…”, “This kid’s face is a li~ttle bigger than mine?” along with several pictures

Jung Yong Hwa Resembles Bae Yong Joon in Childhood Photo

A new childhood photo of CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa has surfaced the web and has been garnering the attention of netizens. On February 14, a post appeared on an online community site titled, "Jung Yong Hwa's New Past Photo

Lee Dong Wook among friends celebrating Jung Joon Ha’s girlfriend Nemo’s birthday

iCandy Comedian Jung Joon Ha shared a picture from the birthday party of his girlfriend whose nickname is Nemo. Jung Joon Ha tweeted around 11pm on February 28th, “(Jung) Hyung Don, (Lee) Juk, Bada, Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Jung Juri the 1st couple born on ‘Endless Dream’?

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and comedian Jung Juri have developed a romantic-like feel. The two were recently on MBC‘s ‘Our Sunday Night‘s new corner ‘Endless Dream’ and displayed their great variety show skills

Kim Won Joon, now appears as the man of Kang Hye Jung

Singer and actor Kim Won Joon has now become the man of Kang Hye Jung.   On March 22, the production crew of tvN’s new drama series Marriage Plot (written by Park Hyung Jin, directed by Lee Min Woo) said, “Kim is casted to play Park Soo Ho, who is the first love and ideal type of Kang Hye Jung

MBLAQ Lee Joon and Jung Joo Ri's Octopus Kiss

In the most recent episode of MBC "Our Sunday Night - Kkoom En Deul," celebrities headed down to a small town Haenam in Jeollanam-do to film a promotional music video for the town's specialty products, three-legged octopus and wild herbs

World-star BoA congratulates Jung Joon Ha on his marriage, “Be Happy!”

Singer BoA congratulated Jung Joon Ha on his marriage. On the afternoon of April 2, BoA wrote on her Twitter, “Congratulations oppa. Be Happy!” Previously on March 18, BoA showed how friendly she is with Jung by posting, “Happy Birthday oppa

MBLAQ's Lee Joon Had Secret Phone Calls with Jung Ryeo Won

MBLAQ's Lee Joon recently confessed that he once had secret phone calls with actress Jung Ryeo Won. On the latest episode of SBS "Strong Heart," Lee Joon revealed, "There was a time when [Jung] Ryeo Won started contacting me

'Go Show' MBLAQ's Lee Joon, Shocks Jung Hyung Don With 'Infinite Challenge'

mblaq, lee joon, go show 'Go Show' MBLAQ's Lee Joon, Shocks Jung Hyung Don With 'Infinite Challenge' MBLAQ’s Lee Joon shocked Jung Hyung Don with his reference to infinite challenge

'We Got Married' Couple Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi Run A Marathon

(Photo : ) Jung Yoo Migot what she wish for as on the December 21st episode of 'We Got Married'. She and her virtual hubby Jung Joon Young finally test their endurance for a marathon run. The Jung-Jung couple spend almost 10 weeks preparation to run in the marathon, although Jung Yoo Mi did get what she asked for they still didn't complete the whole course

Nichkhun, Eunhyuk, Jung Yong Hwa, Yoon Doo Joon, and Lee Joon to Appear on "Running Man" Special

SBS’ “Running Man” joins the festivities for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. According to reports in local news agencies, the popular Sunday variety program is set to air an all-star special featuring the hottest idols on the scene

D-Unit Poses Friendly With BoA and Jung Joon Ha

D-Unit, Jung Joon ha, BoA, Twitter Photos D-Unit uploaded photos on Tuesday that member Yoojin and Wooram each took with BoA and Jung Joon Ha on their Twitter. In the uploaded photo, Yoojin is posing victory with BoA and Wooram is smiling with her head next to Jung Joon Ha

Jung Joon Ha Uploads Friendly Photo with Song Seung Hun and Kwon Sang Woo

jung joonha, Twitter   Jung Joon Ha showed off his friendship with actor Kwon Sang Woo and Song Seung Hun.  On Thursday, he uploaded a photo on his Twitter saying "Got permission from Nimo