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2AM’s Jinwoon Finds Jung Hyung Don’s Doppelganger in Japan

Did 2AM’s Jinwoon spot Jung Hyung Don in Japan? On January 12, Jinwoon tweeted, “The Japanese version of Jung Hyung Don. Laughed out loud! His name is Suwa-san. They look so much alike. Doni hyung I miss you

Kang Sora attacks Jung Jinwoon on 2nd episode of ‘Dream High 2′

On the second episode of KBS’s Dream High that aired on January 31st, ‘HaeSung‘, played by Kang Sora punishes ‘YooJin‘, played by Jung Jinwoon. Dressed in a yellow tracksuit with red rubber gloves, HaeSung starts a fight with YooJin for circulating some embarrassing photos of HaeSung

2AM Jung Jinwoon’s gentlemanly behavior earns him praise from the netizens

Group 2AM‘s maknae, singer + actor Jung Jinwoon‘s gentlemanly manner is drawing the attention of the netizens. The photo above was posted on an online community and it shows Jung Jinwoon with his legs spread apart to match Kang So Ra‘s height during the filming of ‘Dream High 2′

‘Dream High 2′, Kang So Ra, Jung Jinwoon, Hyorin, & Jiyeon confirmed as leads

Dream High 2‘s lead actors have been confirmed. Following the very successful season 1 of ‘Dream High’, which helped discover mega stars Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Suzy, Ok Taek Yeon, Ham Eunjung, and IU, ‘Dream High’ is coming back with its second season and with a cast just as impressive

Jinwoon and JB are affectionate older brothers to No Jung Ee

2AM‘s Jinwoon and fellow ‘Dream High 2‘ co-star JB‘s adorable pictures have been drawing attention. These photos were taken on the set of trendy sequel and these two handsome boys are enjoyably playing with child actress No Jung Ee

"Dream High 2" Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon's "Button Kiss" Excites Viewers

**SPOILER ALERT** Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon plan to keep “Dream High Season 2” viewers brimming with excitement for their “button kiss.” The 11th episode, which aired on March 5, showed the scenario of the super idol team battle carrying out their third audition, “Propose Mission

[Spoiler 'Dream High 2'] Jung Jinwoon plants a kiss on…

  Jung Jinwoon & Kang Sora shared a ‘button kiss’ on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘. On the episode that aired March 5th, Jin Yoo Jin’s (Jung Jinwoon) button fell off his uniform, causing Shin Haesung (Kang Sora) to remark, “What are you, an elementary school student?”, sewing his button back in place

2AM’s Jinwoon is a fanboy of Lee Min Jung

On a recent recording of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, 2AM‘s Jinwoon revealed that he was an avid fan of actress Lee Min Jung! He revealed, “I’m a big fan of Lee Min Jung. Just looking at pictures of her endorsements makes my heart flutter

2AM Jinwoon Chooses Lee Min Jung over Kang So Ra as his Ideal Type

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon revealed his ideal type. He stated, “I really like Lee Min Jung. I feel like I might go crazy when I see her.” He continued, “Lee Min Jung came to our concert

2AM’s Jinwoon gives comedian Jung Kyung Mi a kiss?

Comedian Jung Kyung Mi revealed an “extra-friendly” picture she took with 2AM‘s Jinwoon. On March 26th, Jung Kyung Mi posted the above picture on Twitter, tweeting, “Last week during recording

Jung Hyung Don Reveals about 2AM Jinwoon’s House

Jung Hyung Don, 2AM, Jinwoon, SBS, Go Show, Go Hyun Jung Jung Hyung Don Reveals about 2AM Jinwoon’s House Jung Hyung Don explains about Jinwoon's house. SBS "Go Show" broadcast today revealed Jung Hyung Don describing 2AM's Jinwoon house drawing surprise of many

Who has the more luxurious house: Go Hyun Jung or 2AM’s Jinwoon

October 5th episode of SBS‘ ‘Go Show‘ revealed who had the more luxurious house between MC Go Hyun Jung and 2AM‘s Jinwoon. MC Jung Hyung Don stated, “Jinwoon’s house seems to be better than Go Hyun Jung’s house

'We Got Married' Jung Jinwoon, At Go Joon Hee Wearing a Short Skirt 'I Don't Like Short Skirts'

2AM, Jung Jinwoon, Go Joon Hee, MBC, We Got Married jung jinwoon go joon hee disagreement The virtual couple 2AM's Jung Jinwoon and actress Go Joon Hee came to a disagreement. In MBC "We Got Married" aired today, Jung Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee met for the first time and had time to get to know each other

2AM Jung Jinwoon to be new host for KBS 'Music Bank'

2AM, Jinwoon, KBS, Music Bank 2AM Jung Jinwoon to be new host for KBS 'Music Bank' 2AM Jung Jin-woon revealed his thoughts about becoming a new host for KBS 'Music Bank' Jung Jin-woon attended the briefing for the revamping of 'Music Bank' which took place on the 4th at KBS international conference room

Jo Jung Chi and Jung In reveal their thoughts on 2AM’s Jinwoon

Real-life couple Jo Jung Chi and Jung In revealed their true, and very different, thoughts on 2AM‘s Jinwoon. On the April 13th episode of ‘We Got Married 4‘, the two musicians started setting up their home in the ‘We Got Married’ village

2AM Jung Jinwoon's House in Chungdamdong Revealed!

jung jinwoon, 2am, we got married, go joon hee, mbc jung jinwoon house 2AM's Jung Jinwoon's house was revealed. In MBC "We Got Maried" season 4 aired yesterday, the virtual couple Jung Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee visited Jinwoon's house together

2AM Jung JinWoon, Couple Self-Camera With Park Se Young "Watch!"

2AM, Jung Jinwoon, Park Se Young, KBS, Music Bank 2am jung jinwoon picture with park se young Group 2AM's Jung Jinwoon revealed a couple self-camera photo taken with actress Park Se Young. Today, Jung Jinwoon posted on his Twitter, "First day as MC of 'Music Bank'! It could be a surprise performance

2AM Jung Jinwoon Bed Photo In A Magazine Revealed, Shows 'Subtle Sexiness'

jung jinwoon, 2am jung jinwoon campus 10 photo shoot Idol group 2AM's Jung Jinwoon showed off his sexiness on a bed. Jung Jinwoon recently filmed a photo shoot with the fashion magazine Campus 10

2AM Jung Jinwoon Releases Special Song for Rock Festival

2AM, Jung Jinwoon 2AM Jung Jinwoon Releases Special Song for Rock Festival 2AM member Jung Jinwoon released a special song for a rock festival. Today, Jinwoon released his song that he worked together on with indie musician, Star Love Fish

Jung Jinwoon-Go Joon Hee Good-looking Couple, 'Sexy'

2AM, Jung Jinwoon, Go Joon Hee jung jinwoon go joon hee couple photo shoot 2AM's member Jung Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee's couple photo shoot was revealed today. The virtual couple of MBC "We Got Married" season 4, Jung Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee, held a couple photo shoot