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Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, and Jung Il Woo to Take over "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" in the Sixth Episode

MBC's newest drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” drew in impressive ratings for its first two episodes last week even without its main leads. The drama wowed viewers with an intriguing plot and strong performances by its child actors, raising fans’ expectations

Ha Jung Woo to Act Out Fashion Designer Andre Kim for Autobiographical Film

The life of celebrity fashion designer Andre Kim is going to be made into a movie. (Andre Kim was the first male designer to design women’s clothes in the 1960’s) His son Kim Joong Do signed a contract with Fantazio Pictures giving them rights to make the film

Lee Hyori and Friends Attend Premiere for Uhm Jung Hwa's Film "Dancing Queen"

Uhm Jung Hwa’s friends went to watch the “Dancing Queen” VIP premiere show including: Lee Hyo Ri, Jung Jae Hyung, Hong Jin Kyung, Lee Young Ja, and Kim Wan Sun. Many other directors went to watch the premiere as well

Uhm Jung Hwa Opens Up About Her Fight with Cancer

During Super Star K2 the singer/actress Uhm Jung Hwa who was a judge at the time made headlines when it was found out that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. On the episode of “Win Win” that will be broadcast on January 10 she spoke about the incident

Uhm Tae Woong Vows to Marry Jung Ryeo Won

Actor Uhm Tae Woong and actress Jung Ryeo Won are garnering attention for their marriage vows. Uhm Tae Woong revealed his marriage vow on MBC “A Good Day.” The actor and actress consistently displayed a romantic mood during the program

Lee Min Jung’s Adorable Baby Photos Draw Attention

Earlier this morning, SBS’s “Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning Star Secret Corner” released baby photos of beautiful actress Lee Min Jung. As one of the most beautiful actress, Lee Min Jung’s every photo – especially past photos - stirs a lot of attention from male and female fans alike

Jung Ryeo Won Joins Hyori’s Charity Calendar Efforts

Just a few days ago, we reported on Gil’s purchase of a thousand copies of Hyori’s charity calendars. It appears Jung Ryeo Won has joined the charity efforts by purchasing the same calendar as well! On January 6, the star actress posted on her Twitter the following picture with the comment, “Finally, Hyobal unni+Soonshim’s 2012 calendar purchase shot! Everyone spend the year 2012 with Hyo+Soon!” “Unni is so pretty, whatever angle I take my picture from, I’m just…” she added

Hwang Jung Eum Explains Why She Left Sugar

Actress Hwang Jung Eum revealed why she withdrew from the girl group Sugar.On the episode of KBS 2's "Star Life Theater" that airs on January 9, Hwang Jung Eum honestly talked about her reason for leaving the girl group Sugar

Jung Hyun Dong Garners Attention for Humiliating Half Naked Picture

Comedian Jung Hyun Dong is garnering attention for his half naked picture. His loving wife revealed the picture on Twitter after the comedian fell asleep after drinking. Broadcasting writer, Han Yoo Ra, uploaded the picture on her Twitter with the caption: “Sleeping Mr

"Dream High" Kim Soo Hyun's New Drama Takes Wed-Thurs Night by the Storm + Jung Il Woo Feels Burdened

New MBC drama “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” starring “Dream High’s” Kim Soo Hyun, “Witch Yoo Hee’s” Han Ga In, “Baby-Faced Beauty’s” Kim Min Seo, and “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s” Jung Il Woo, drew in impressive ratings for its first two episodes

Lee Min Jung's Film "Wonder Radio" Opens at #2 on Box Office

The ever-so-beautiful Lee Min Jung’s film “Wonder Radio” started off as #2 on the Korean Box Office. According to the official film association that handles the box office numbers (KOFIC), “Wonderful Radio” had 43,235 viewers on its first day, it was right behind “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong Secretly Dating Oh Se Jung?

On October 10, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and revealed that he regularly keeps in touch with Oh Se Jung, the actress that he’s often pointed as his ideal woman. This came after Kim Kyu Jong said he was stunned by Oh Se Jung’s beauty when he first met her, raising speculation that the two might be secretly dating

Ayumi Denies that Tweet Was Criticizing Hwang Jung Eum

Ayumi (Former member of “Sugar”) recently wrote on her twitter regarding “Sugar” and Hwang Jung Eum’s statements. On January 9 Hwang Jung Eum had appeared on “Star Life Theater” and stated that she disliked being called and being associated with the name “Ayumi and the kids

Jung Yeop Serenades on "SNL Korea"

Soulful vocalist Jung Yeop will showcase a smooth, melodious, live concert on Saturday night. On January 14, Jung Yeop is set to appear as a musical guest and serenade to the female audience members on tvN’s "SNL Korea (Saturday Night Live Korea)" hosted by actor Kim Sung Soo

Uhm Jung Hwa Talks Battle Against Thyroid Cancer and Surgery

Uhm Jung Hwa shared the story of her cancer diagnosis on television. On January 10, the actress made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV's talk show "Win Win". She stated, "Every year I get a full check-up session and that is when I was discovered I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer

Hwang Jung Eum Wants to Return to “High Kick 3”

Following Shin Se Kyung’s surprise appearance on yesterday’s episode of “High Kick 3,” Hwang Jung Eum expressed her disappointment in not being called for her own cameo role. On January 12, Hwang Jung Eum posted on her personal home page, “Jung Eum wants to appear in ‘High Kick’ too~How come you didn’t call me! I’m upset! Heung!” The idol star-turned-actor played a major role in the 2009 hit sitcom, “High Kick through the Roof

Jung Ryeo Won Discusses Adversity Singer-Turned-Actresses Face

Jung Ryeo Won appeared on a recent recording of KBS “Happy Together 3” and discussed the adversity she had to face as a singer-turned-actress. “When I first started acting, I wasn’t allowed to put on as much makeup as the main actress

2AM’s Jinwoon Finds Jung Hyung Don’s Doppelganger in Japan

Did 2AM’s Jinwoon spot Jung Hyung Don in Japan? On January 12, Jinwoon tweeted, “The Japanese version of Jung Hyung Don. Laughed out loud! His name is Suwa-san. They look so much alike. Doni hyung I miss you

Comedian Jung Hyung Don Shows Off His IU Transformation

Comedian Jung Hyung Don is garnering attention for his IU transformation. The comedian created laughter by dressing like IU on MBC “Weekly Idol – Girl Idol Edition,” where he is currently an MC

Hwang Jung Eum Stuffs Her Face with Food in Evening Gown

Screen captures of Hwang Jung Eum stuffing her face while in her evening gown has been taken. On an episode of "Star Life Theater" on January 11, footage of Hwang Jung Eum getting ready for the 2011 MBC Drama Awards was released