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2AM’s Jinwoon Finds Jung Hyung Don’s Doppelganger in Japan

Did 2AM’s Jinwoon spot Jung Hyung Don in Japan? On January 12, Jinwoon tweeted, “The Japanese version of Jung Hyung Don. Laughed out loud! His name is Suwa-san. They look so much alike. Doni hyung I miss you

Comedian Jung Hyung Don Shows Off His IU Transformation

Comedian Jung Hyung Don is garnering attention for his IU transformation. The comedian created laughter by dressing like IU on MBC “Weekly Idol – Girl Idol Edition,” where he is currently an MC

IU reveals she begged Jung Jae Hyung for a song

Singer IU revealed that she had to beg composer Jung Jae Hyung for a song she wanted to include in her second album. IU recently guested on KBS JOY’s ‘Lee Sora’s Second Propose‘, where she thanked the composers from her second album

Lee Hyori & Jung Jae Hyung to host a new SBS music program

Singer Lee Hyori has been appointed as an MC on a new music program on SBS TV along with Jung Jae Hyung. On January 16, a staff from Lee Hyo Ri’s agency said, “Lee Hyori has received an offer to be an MC on a new SBS music program

Lee Min Jung Gets Rejected by Yoon Hyung Bin?

Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin and actress Lee Min Jung squeezed in together for a picture. On January 16, Yoon Hyung Bin updated his Twitter saying, “I’m sorry, I got your girlfriend. I’ll be sure to leave a little space between us

Psy taunts Jung Hyung Don’s wish to join YG Entertainment

Psy taunted comedian Jung Hyung Don with a photo recently through his me2day. On January 28th, Psy shared this photo with the post, “YG fam. Group shot. Are you seeing this, Don (Hyung Don)?” This was a response to a comment Jung Hyung Don had made recently about his wish to join YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun Suk would welcome Jung Hyung Don into YG Entertainment

On a recent recording of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, comedian Jung Hyung Don had jokingly asked if YG Entertainment recruited gagmen in hopes of joining the label. The episode featured a segment where Jung Hyung Don called up YG Entertainment officials to tell them news of G-Dragon winning yet another poll held amongst idols

Psy "YG fam group photo" Join the YG fam Jung Hyung Don

yg, psy Singer Psy sent a love call to Jung Hyung Don. On the 28th Psy posted on me2day 'YG Fam Group photo. Are you watching? Don", along with a photo of the YG family after concert. This was a response to 27th broadcast of MBCeveryone 'Weekly Idol' where Jung Hyung Don asked "is YG casting comedians by any change? I don't have an associated company yet"

“Wore sneakers Yoo Jae Suk bought for 3 years”, says fashion terrorist Jung Hyung Don

Jung Hyung Don‘s unchanging fashion style was revealed. Jung Hyung Don revealed on the December 1st episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3 – Fashion Special’, that he’s “Really never interested in fashion”

YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk invites Jung Hyung Don for a meal

YG Entertainment‘s founder and CEO, Mr. Yang Hyun Suk has invited television presenter Jung Hyung Don (Infinity Challenge) for a meal. This is an interesting development because just few days ago Jung Hyun Don had made big news when he asked YG half jokingly if they accepted comedians into their agency

YG Entertainment would welcome Jung Hyung Don of ‘Infinity Challenge’

YG Entertainment‘s founder and CEO, Yang Hyun Suk showed positive attitude on recruiting comedian Jung Hyung Don of ‘Infinity Challenge’. Jung Hyung Don had contacted YG Entertainment during the filming of his MBC Everyone TV show, ‘Weekly Idol’ to present G-Dragon with an award

Yoon Doo Joon’s finger stamped memorandum to Jung Hyung Don, “When B2ST comes back..”

B2ST (BEAST) member Yoon Doo Joon wrote a memorandum for comedian Jung Hyun Don. Recently on the official Twitter account of MBC Every1′s ‘Weekly Idol’, a memorandum written by B2ST member Yoon Doo Joon was tweeted drawing the fans’ attention

Jung Hyung Don’s comic makeup brings the studio to a halt due to laughter

Comedian Jung Hyung Don‘s latest comic makeup reminds the viewers why he is referred as the ‘Mad Presence’. Jung Hyung Don is the main MC of the MBC Everyone show ‘Weekly Idol’, which surveys idols themselves on the topics that deal with idols

Comedian Jung Hyung-Don's Wife On A Korean Drama

Posted: February 11, 2012 7:02 PM EST Han Yu-Rah, the wife of korean famous comedian Jung Hyung-Don and currently a scripter, appeared on Korean drama, "Gun-bbang Teacher and Star Candy" from 2009

Lee Hyo Ri And Jung Jae Hyung BAZAAR Photo Shoot!

Lee Hyo Ri and Jung Jae Hyng will be featured on the March issue of "Harper's Bazaar." Their photo shoot had a theme of "Play with Us" and it showed an energetic collaboration of Lee Hyo Ri and Jung Jae Hyung

Lee Hyori Looks Playful with Jung Jae Hyung for Harper's Bazaar

Lee Hyori looks cute and charming for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. The singer recently did a shoot for the magazine with musician Jung Jae Hyung. The shoot titled “Play With Us” aptly describes the photos

“The Besties” Lee Hyo Ri and Jung Jae Hyung shoot Harper’s Bazaar pictorials together

Recently, some pictorials of the “best buddies” singer Lee Hyo Ri and Jung Jae Hyung are released, rising as a hot issue. On February 20, the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar released some jolly pictorials of “trendy character” Lee Hyo Ri and her best friend, Jung Jae Hyung, under the title of “Play with Us

A dance battle between Jay Park and Jung Hyung Don: Who’s the winner?

Singer Jay Park is making a guest appearance on MBC Every1′s Weekly Idol. In “Rewrite Your Profile,” one of the segments of Weekly Idol, Park shows off his powerful dance along with a girl group’s dance

BoA and Jung Jae Hyung appear as guests on Running Man

Snapshots of BoA and Jung Jae Hyun who appeared as guests on SBS’s Running Man have been revealed. On the afternoon of March 8, a post titled ‘BoA, Gary, Kwang Soo, and Jung Jae Hyung captured on Running Man!’ was uploaded

Jung Hyung Don was hit by a fellow comedian senior?

Comedian Jung Hyung Don recently participated in an“shocking interview” and made a shocking confession. On March 9th, a segment titled, ‘Shocking Interview’, in tvN‘s ‘ENews‘, recently had the opportunity to interview the comedian