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Jung Gyu Woon with Hong Soo Hyun & Jung Ryeo Won pose affectionately

Jung Gyu Woon revealed a picture taken with some of the cast members of ‘The History of the Salaryman’. Jung Gyu Woon tweeted on January 21st, “Got snowed in Incheon” along with a picture

Jung Gyu Woon sends word from the set of an ad shoot

Actor Jung Gyu Woon revealed a selca taken during the shooting of an ad. Jung Gyu Woon tweeted on December 26th, “Today I’m at an ad shoot. Hwaiting this week too. It’s really cold so watch out not to catch a cold”, along with a picture

Jung Jin Woon Photo’s in ‘Dream High 2’

dream high 2 KBS ‘Dream High 2’ recently released pictures of Jung Jin Woon who plays the role of Jin Yoo Jin. In the series after Lee Kang Chul (played by Kim Jung Tae), president of OZ entertainment took over Ki Rin performing arts high school, he restructures the school system

2AM Jung Jin Woon Treats 100 'Dream High 2' Staffs With Padding Jackets

The heart warming news of 2AM Jung Jin Woon treating 100 'Dream High 2' staffs with padding jackets is drawing attention online. Jung commented "I decided to treat the staffs with the jackets because they are working so hard in this freezing weather

Jung Jin Woon of 2AM captured at the shooting site of Dream High 2

Pictures of Jung Jin Woon of 2AM taken at the shooting site are attracting attention. On February 14, the production crew of KBS2 TV’s Dream High 2 revealed pictures of Jung Jin Woon at the shooting site

2AM’s Jung Jin Woon greets the fans, “Happy Valentines!”

2AM’s Jung Jin Woon revealed a picture with chocolate in his mouth to celebrate Valentine Day. On February 14, Jung uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Happy Valentines! Let’s watch Dream High together and eat chocolates!” In the picture, Jung is biting a big chocolate and smiling brightly

Jung Gyeo Woon Surprises "Salaryman Cho Han Ji" Cast and Crew With a Snack Truck

Actor Jung Gyeo Woon, who stars in SBS "Salaryman Cho Han Ji" as Choi Hang Woo, brought a snack truck full of dumplings, soondae (Korean sausage), and uh-mook (fish cakes) to the filming set of "Salaryman Cho Han Ji" in Pyeongchangdong, Seoul during the overnight filming

KPOP IDOLS 2AM Jung Jin-woon, Kang Sora, T-ara Jiyeon, Sistar Hyo-rin are casted in“Dream High 2”

On December 6, KBS ‘Dream High 2’ announced the cast for their new drama series. Key East and JYP entertainment collaborate once again to make another idol drama series with 2am Jung Jin-woon, Kang Sora, T-ara Jiyeon, and Sistar leader Hyo-rin as their main characters

Jung Jin Woon and JB forms another love line on Dream High 2?

On February 27, the production company of KBS 2TV’s Dream High 2 revealed pictures taken behind the scenes. Currently, the students of Kirin Arts High School are competing against each other for the Super Idol Audition

You Walking Toward Me – 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon (Dream High 2 MV)

2AM member Jung Jinwoon is releasing an specially made You Walking Toward Me MV for KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama series Dream High 2. The MV was actually shot during by the staff crews using the rest time, and included the scenes of Yoo Jin (Jung Jin Woon) which could not be included into the drama

Are 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon and T-ara’s Ji Yeon in love in Dream High 2?

There’s a love triangle between Kang Sora, 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, and T-ara’s Ji Yeon in Dream High 2. In the episode of KBS 2TV’s drama series Dream High 2 that aired on February 27, Lian (played by Ji Yeon) and Yu Jin (played by Jung Jin Woon) got closer to each other

Dream High 2: Jung Jin Woon and JB are spotted spending a quality time with a little lady

Dream High 2’s two heartthrobs, Jung Jin Woon and JB were recently spotted on the set spending a quality time with a little lady. What a lucky girl! On February 4, the production company of Dream High 2, released pictures of Jin Woon and JB spending a quality time with child actress Noh Jung Eui

Kang Sora chooses between JB & Jung Jin Woon in interview

In the March 3rd episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘, the crew visited the set of idol drama ‘Dream High 2‘ for exclusive behind-the-scene footage and interviews with the stars

‘Dream High 2′ Jung Jin Woon kisses Kang So Ra

Kang So Ra and Jung Jin Woon will make people’s hearts flutter through a TV series. The 11th episode of KBS’s series Dream High 2, which will air on March 5, will make the series more enjoyable by holding the third audition and giving students the ‘proposal mission

Fans of 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon treat ‘Dream High 2′ staff

Fans of 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, who plays the role of Jin Yoo Jin in the series Dream High 2, recently brought a food truck for the entire staff. The fans brought a food truck to the set for the series and received a hearty welcome from the actors and staff members

‘Dream High 2′ Jung Jin Woon sings a duet with Park Ji Yeon

2AM’s Jung Jin Woon will be upset about JB’s inmost thoughts towards Kang So Ra. The March 6 episode of KBS’s series Dream High 2 will hold the third audition to see students performing their ‘proposal mission

Jung Kyeo-woon for Cosmopolitan

It’s fineIt’s fineNothing better than a spazz who wishes he were coolJung Kyeo-woon’s been enjoying a late-ish career boon in the last two years after spending a long time playing forgettable side characters in unsuccessful to middling dramasBut in four shows (A Million Times I Love You, Dr

T-ara’s Ji Yeon and 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon look like a couple

T-ara’s Park Ji Yeon is getting a lot of attention for her ‘bad hands.’ A picture of Park using her ‘bad hands’ from KBS’s series Dream High 2 was recently released

2AM’s Jung Jin Woon takes good care of T-ara’s Jiyeon

T-ara’s Jiyeon said thank you to 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon for always being considerate of her. The episode of KBS 2TV’s Star Life Theater that aired on March 20 was on the boy group 2AM. For the episode, the crew visited the set of KBS 2TV’s Dream High 2

Jung Kyeo-woon soaks up the sun in Bali

Just hanging back… rolling around on the sand… ridin’ some waves… showing off his abs… (Hey, they’re not gonna show themselves off, you knowThe kind of guy who’d see this guy and shudder in disgust at the idea of wrinkling a cuff or putting a hair astrayShot in Bali, the spread comes from the May issue of men’s magazine L’Officiel HommesStill, while the man does wear a suit well, it turns out he also makes a pretty creditable beach bumNice to see you again (and your abs)