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Yeon Jung-hoon back on cable with an emperor complex

Yeon Jung-hoon hit it big with cable in last year’s sensation, Vampire Prosecutor, and now he’s heading back (though on a different station) for another drama, tentatively titled For the Emperor

Kim Yoo Jung – Tender Yeon Woo Turns Strong Girl

A photo of Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Min Ho who were playing the role of young Yeon Woo and Prince Yang Myung in MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun was released, and is very striking

TEEN TOP and Jung Yeon Joo looking sharp for ‘Arena’

Idol group TEEN TOP has teamed up with actress Jung Yeon Joo for a shoot with Arena magazine. While TEEN TOP looked dashing in their crisp suits and tuxedos, Jung Yeon Joo stole the show with her powerful androgynous charm

TEEN TOP and Jung Yeon Joo in an exotic photo

A picture of TEEN TOP and actress Jung Yeon Joo for a fashion magazine is currently attracting people’s attention. TEEN TOP and Jung have recently shot pictures for the March issue of Arena, a men’s fashion magazine, in Jeju Island

Jung Yeon Joo & Teen Top Unconventional Pictorial Photos

Jung Yeon Joo who is starring in KBS2 TV series Dream High 2, recently shot pictorials together with pop boy group Teen Top. The pictorial photos for the March 2012 edition of men’s magazine Arena were shot at Jeju Island

Yeon Jung-hoon smolders for Can Love Become Money

Hot damn, Yeon Jung-hoon is looking sharp for his new drama, Can Love Become Money, which was formerly titled For the Emperor. The tux, the slicked-back hair, the cool attitude — he’s practically channeling James Bond

Jung Yeon Joo Pictorial that Reminiscent of Yu Aoi

Actress Jung Yeon Joo graces the cover of March edition of sensible girl magazine Wanna Girls. Jung Yeon Joo who is starring in KBS2 drama Dream High 2 perfectly portrayed the clean image of girl. Jung Yeon Joo in the pictorial photo that was made public is reminiscent of Japanese actress Yu Aoi, displaying an innocent expression

Are 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon and T-ara’s Ji Yeon in love in Dream High 2?

There’s a love triangle between Kang Sora, 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, and T-ara’s Ji Yeon in Dream High 2. In the episode of KBS 2TV’s drama series Dream High 2 that aired on February 27, Lian (played by Ji Yeon) and Yu Jin (played by Jung Jin Woon) got closer to each other

"The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s" Yeon Woos (Han Ga In & Kim Yoo Jung) Dump Kim Soo Hyun for BIGBANG?!

Over the weekend, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” Han Ga In, along with several other celebrities, were spotted at the “2012 BIG SHOW BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR” in Seoul. On March 3, a photo titled “Han Ga In at the BIGBANG Concert” was uploaded to various online communities

‘Dream High 2′ Jung Jin Woon sings a duet with Park Ji Yeon

2AM’s Jung Jin Woon will be upset about JB’s inmost thoughts towards Kang So Ra. The March 6 episode of KBS’s series Dream High 2 will hold the third audition to see students performing their ‘proposal mission

T-ara’s Ji Yeon and 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon look like a couple

T-ara’s Park Ji Yeon is getting a lot of attention for her ‘bad hands.’ A picture of Park using her ‘bad hands’ from KBS’s series Dream High 2 was recently released

Oh Jung-yeon refutes divorce rumors

Oh Jung-yeon Newscaster Oh Jung-yeon used her Twitter account on April 1 to shoot down speculations about her and basketball player husband Seo Jang-hoon’s alleged divorce. “There is no suit [for divorce] and there won’t be any

Couple Yeon Jung-hoon & Han Ga-in Plan To Have Child Next Year

After having been married for seven years, the star couple Yeonb Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in will finally be bringing a beautiful child into the world. Yeon was a guest on the cable show "Show King", where he made the surprise announcement saying, "My wife Han Ga-in wanted to be in a notable project before becoming a mom

Kim Tae Hee’s Beauty Overshadows Oh Jung Yeon, Honey Lee

kim tae hee, lee ki woo, oh jung yeon, honey, lee, strong heart Kim taehee On the June 19 episode of SBS "Strong Heart," actor Lee Ki Woo talked about Kim Tae Hee's college years. He said, "I was in a ski club at that time and during the winter, ski clubs from every college gathered together

Actor Yeon Jung Hoon shares he doesn’t like the nickname “Han Ga In’s husband”

Actor Yeon Jung Hoon shared that he does not like being called by his nickname “Han Ga In‘s husband”. He revealed his thoughts which talked about his nickname after he married actress Han Ga In on the September 12th episode of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ In the interview, he was questioned, “How do you feel when you are referred to as Han Ga In’s husband?” He answered, “Honestly, I am not pleased when I am referred to as someone related to my father or my wife

Yeon Jung-hoon says he wants a child next year

Despite being a professional actor, Yeon Jeong-hoon couldn't hide his surprise when he was asked the question on everyone's lips, "Why don't you and your wife have a baby yet?"The 33-year-old was asked the fatal question by co-s tar Lee Won-jong from the current crime thriller "Vampire Prosecutor" while on the SBS show "Night of TV Entertainment"

Actor Yeon Jung Hoon Does Not Like Being Called "Han Ga In's Husband"

Recently in an interview actor Yeon Jung Hoon expressed his dislike for being labelled as “Han Ga In‘s Husband.”  September 12 during an interview on SBS “Night TV Celebrity,” to the question “how does it feel to be called Han Ga In’s husband?” Yeon Jung Hoon answered, “it doesn’t feel all that good” with a bitter expression on his face

Jung Si Yeon Finishes Japan Girl Group Activities and Returns to Korea

jung si yeon, japan Jung Si Yeon Finishes Japan Girl Group Activities and Returns to Korea Actress Jung Si Yeon has finished her Japan activities and has returned to Korea. Jung Si Yeon was part of Japanese girl group called sdn48 and ranked number 1 on the Oricon charts

Wonderful Days Episode 17 Review: Choi Hwa Jung Tells Oh Hyun Kyung That She is Ok Taec Yeon’s Mother

In Wonderful Days, episode 17, Ha Young Choon(played by Choi Hwa Jung) told Kang Ki Soo(played by Oh Hyun Kyung) that she was Kang Dong Hee(played by Ok Taec Yeon)’s mother. As Dong Hee took his kids away from home, Young Choon took a chance to tell Jang So Shim(played by Yoon Yeo Jung) that she was Dong Hee’s biological mother

Actress Han Ga In: “I prefer sons while Yeon Jung Hoon prefers daughters.”

Singapore media Razor TV recently conducted an exclusive interview with actress Han Ga In. During the interview, the actress opened up about her future family plans. Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon got married in April 2005