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Joo Sang Wook with Sung Yuri, “In the wind at Geojedo”

Actor Joo Sang Wook revealed selcas that show off the tough spirit on the set of the drama ‘The Feast of the Gods’. Joo Sang Wook tweeted on January 29th, “Geojedo sea wind is huge~ The premier is close

Sung Yuri & Joo Sang Wook’s affectionate proof shot

Singer and actress Sung Yuri revealed a photo with Joo Sang Wook.Sung Yuri posted on her Facebook page, “Together with Jae Ha oppa. Who’s the tanned person in the back?” along with a picture

IU, Lee Chun Hee, and Joo Sang Wook captured filming ‘Running Man’

Singer IU and actors Lee Chung Hee and Joong Sang Wook have been confirmed to be filming SBS ‘Running Man’. The photos of the three stars are fast spreading through the online community boards and other SNS mediums

Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook & Lee Chung Hee’s Secret to Resist Cold Revealed

The secret method of Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook and Lee Chun Hee for filming in winter revealed. In order to escape the cold, the prefer item for Ji Jin Hee who is starring in SBS drama Take Care of Us, Captain is hot pack

[Spoiler] "Lights and Shadows" Nam Sang-mi hides true feelings for Ahn Jae-wook

Nam Sang-mi and Ahn Jae-wook reunited in 4 years. On the thirty-eighth episode of MBC drama "Lights and Shadows", Lee Jeong-hye (Nam Sang-mi) and Kang Gi-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) met at the welcoming party for one of Hong Kong's very well known movie makers

Joo Sang-wook holds fan meetings in Japan

Joo Sang-wook Actor Joo Sang-wook held two fan meetings on April 8 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo. The event, which drew 2,000 fans, kicked off with a video clip which stated, “Your Boyfriend is Here

[Spoiler] "Lights and Shadows" Nam Sang-mi signs a contract with Ahn Jae-wook

Nam Sang-mi is now a part of Shine Entertainment. On the episode of MBC drama "Lights and Shadows" aired on the 7th, Kang Ki-tae (Ahn Jae-wook) signed a contract with Lee Jeong-hye (Nam Sang-mi). Ki-tae chose her as his first star for his brand new business

Nam Sang Mi entertains a man for Ahn Jae Wook on Lights and Shadows

Nam Sang Mi entertained a man for Ahn Jae Wook. In the 49th episode of Lights and Shadows that aired on May 14, Jung Hye (played by Nam Sang Mi) entertained a man for Ki Tae (played by Ahn Jae Wook). Jung Hye attended a secret dinner party after hearing that Ki Tae was suffering political retaliation

[Spoiler] "Lights and Shadows" Mam Sang-mi seduces Ahn Jae-wook

Ahn Jae-wook and Nam Sang-mi are about to start a new relationship. On the fiftieth episode of the MBC drama "Lights and Shadows" Lee Jeong-hye (Nam Sang-mi) called out Kang Ki-tae (Ahn Jae-wook). They met in a bar and started talking calmly

[Spoiler] "Lights and Shadows" Nam Sang-mi worries about movie with Ahn Jae-wook

Lee Jeong-hye carefully mentioned that it would be difficult for her to appear in Kang Ki-tae's movie. The movie release date was set up but Jo Myeong-gook (Lee Jong-won) used the cheap method of cutting line into the movie theater that was supposed to release the movie

Actor Joo Sang Wook admits to watching SISTAR’s “Alone” over 600 times

Actor Joo Sang Wook has reportedly mastered the choreography for SISTAR‘s “Alone“. Joo Sang Wook guested on June 9th’s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ and made mugwort rice cakes with the G6 members

Actor Joo Sang Wook visits the G6 members on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

Actor Joo Sang Wook put his variety show skills on full display. Joo Sang Wook guest-featured on the June 9th episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ along with fellow actor Lin Kyo Jin. The two collected mugwort along with the G6 members Suzy, Kang Jiyoung, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and more, in order to create mugwort rice cakes

Joo Sang-wook Holds Two Fan Meetings in Nagoya, Japan

Actor Joo Sang-wook held a fan meet at Meitetsu Hall in Nagoya, Japan, on June 10, entertaining more than 1,800 fans through two sessions. Joo delighted his fans by making comments like, "I've heard Nagoya is famous for its beautiful women, and I see it is true

[Spoiler] "Lights and Shadows" Ahn Jae-wook shows never ending love for Nam Sang-mi

Kang Ki-tae showed his undying love for Lee Jeong-hye. Lee Jeong-hye decided to do the movie on the episode of the MBC drama "Lights and Shadows" on the 26th. Jeong-hye was bound to be paralyzed from the waist down from an accident caused by Jang Cheol-hwan

Joo Sang-wook and Jang Mi-ne's "90 Minutes" released on the 2nd of August

"90 Minutes" starring Joo Sang-wook and Jang Mi-ne is to be released on the 2nd of August. "90 Minutes" is about a commercial film director who has always craved success and passion, getting married to the daughter of a company CEO and is about to inherit all the wealth but a woman he spent a night with threatens him that she will release their sex tape

[Spoiler] "Lights and Shadows" Ahn Jae-wook and Nam Sang-mi "Happy ending"

Kang Ki-tae and Lee Jeong-hye overcame everything and gained a fruit. MBC drama "Lights and Shadows" showed Lee Jeong-hye (Nam Sang-mi) going through the movie despite her inconvenience. The director and staff went through a hard time too but Lee was the one who went through mental and physical difficulties

Actor Joo Sang Wook and actress Park Han Byul release the secrets of their stunning bodies

Actor Joo Sang Wook and actress Park Han Byul recently released the secrets of their stunning bodies respectively. MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News had an interview with Joo and Park for the episode that aired on August 5

Joo Sang Wook Of "Feast Of Gods" Models For Lingerie And Underwear Brand "Bodyguard"

Actor Joo Sang Wook has been chosen after actress Park Han Byul to model for the underwear brand Bodyguard. Bodyguard announced on August 24, “We have signed a contract with Joo Sang Wook for one year from here on in

"Qualifications of Men" Joo Sang Wook Channels His Comical Side In "Nylon" Pictorial

Soompi_News_Leaderboard_ATF Mobile_Soompi_Ldrbrd_ATF Soompi Search Main menu Skip to content Home News Gallery Videos Forums NEED A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE? Français Español “Qualifications of Men” Joo Sang Wook Channels His Comical Side In “Nylon” Pictorial by girlonthemoon August 28, 2012 <>1 of 5 A pictorial featuring actor Joo Sang Wook in fashion magazine “Nylon” has been publicized

Joo Sang-wook wearing pink sunglasses

Actor Joo Sang-wook is wearing pink sunglasses on set. Joo Sang-wook is being playful with a pair of pink sunglasses on the set for a men's photo collection. Joo is wearing a heart-shaped black pair of sunglasses and in another picture; he's wearing a pink one