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T-ara works with “Single Ladies” choreographer Jonte Moaning + CCM to take legal action against leak

Choreographer Jonte Moaning, best known for his work with Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies“, has been revealed to be working with T-ara for their comeback album! Moaning worked with miss A for their “Touch” choreography, and this time he’s teamed up with T-ara for their “Day by Day” comeback next month

Beyonce’s Choreographer Jonte Moaning Sends Love Call to Jo Kwon: "I Want to Work with You Somehow"

Beyonce’s choreographer Jonte Moaning praised 2AM’s Jo Kwon’s solo debut performance. Jonte Moaning has worked with a number of famous stars and is most famous for his choreography work on Beyonce’s mega-smash hit “Single Ladies

Choreographer Jonte Moaning praises Jo Kwon’s “Animal” performance

Although known as Beyonce‘s choreographer, Jonte Moaning is a familiar name to most K-Pop fans now, having worked with the latest comebacks of the Wonder Girls and T-ara. The famous choreographer’s now set his sights on 2AM’s Jo Kwon, who recently made his solo comeback with “Animal“

Jonte praises Jo Kwon's performance

Pop star Beyonce's choreographer Jonte Moaning praised Jo Kwon's performance for his song "Animal". "Jo Kwon is amazing! So proud you pulled it off with those shoes. I want to work with you somehow", gushed the famed "Single Ladies" choreographer on his Twitter