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John Park to Debut in February

John Park, debut, february, teaser The date for John Park's debut has been set. On February 2, a teaser was aired on Mnet's "M Count Down" informing the viewers of John Park's debut. Last April, John Park signed a contract with the agency of Lee Juk, Kim Dong Rul, Lee Sang Soon, Cho Won Suh, Cherry Filter, etc

John Park to release his first album in February

The wait is finally over for John Park fans, as the singer will finally be making his official debut! On February 2nd, Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ aired a one minute and fifteen second teaser for John Park’s debut, sparking a wave of excited chatter in its wake

John Park Release Teaser Video for his New Album

Home Archives Music Photos Stars Videos kpopstarz TV John Park Release Teaser Video for his New Album Print This Article Send This Aricle Tweet by KpopStarz ReporterUpdated: February 2, 2012 8:00 PM EST John Park announced the date of the release of his new album as February 22

Superstar K2 John Park Teaser Released

On February 2, Superstar K2's John Park teased his debut on Mnet "M! Countdown." The 75-second-long teaser video presented many different images of John Park, from retro superstar to a nonchalantly guitar playing John

John Park’s friend auditions for ‘Voice Korea’

‘Superstar K2‘ finalist John Park will soon be releasing his debut album after months of careful preparation. However, it’s not John Park who’s making headlines today, but his friend from the States, Sam Ku

John Park's friend Sam Goo knocks on the door of 'Voice Korea'

On the 10th broadcast of Mnet 'Voice Korea' Sam Goo sang Lyn's 'We loved' in a blind audition. Sam, who is also from Chicago has only been in Korea once. He commented "I've never seen any asian singing on TV

John Park’s friend Sam Ku delivers an impressive audition on ‘Voice Korea’

We recently reported that Sam Ku, the friend of ‘Superstar K2‘ finalist John Park, would be auditioning on Mnet‘s new audition show, ’Voice Korea‘. The episode with his audition has officially aired, and Sam performed a cover of Lyn‘s “We Were In Love“

John Park releases MV teaser for “Falling”

Fans have been waiting a long time for John Park‘s official debut, and he’s finally kicked off his promotions by unveiling a video teaser! On February 20th, John Park released a 30-second teaser for “Falling“, a song that expresses the feelings of a lover who wants to be close to the one who’s stolen his heart

John Park releases his 30-second teaser video, “He’s good at acting, as well!”

Singer John Park has recently released his teaser video. Park, who is releasing a mini album on February 22, released a 30-second teaser of the music video of his title song “Falling.” It was a short video, but he satisfied his fans’s expectations with his sentimental voice and good acting

John Park's Music Video Teaser Released

Posted: February 20, 2012 7:28 AM EST John Park, Music Video Teaser, Falling, debut Singer John Park's music video teaser was revealed. On February 20, thirty seconds of the music video for the title song "Falling" was released to fans

John Park Releases Teaser for "Falling"

After releasing an album teaser video earlier this month, John Park has now released the teaser for his title track "Falling." The song was composed by British composer, Andy Platts and was produced and penned by John Park

John Park: "I wanted to be a musician, not a celebrity"

John Park, who placed second in Mnet 'Super StarK 2' in 2010, debuted as a singer. There were rumors that John Park was scouted by a  big agency for a exclusive contract, but John Park threw away fame and money to fulfill his dreams of becoming a singer

John Park reveals MV for “Falling”

‘Superstar K2‘ finalist John Park has finally made his official debut with “Falling“! On February 22nd, the singer released this lovely mid-tempo ballad about falling in love with someone and wanting to be near them

John Park Releases MV for "Falling"

Following the release of his teaser yesterday, John Park has now released the full music video for his mini album title track "Falling." Thesong was composed by British composer, Andy Platts and was produced andpenned by John Park

John Park introduces new mini album with Youtube greeting

John Park has made leaps and bounds since his a capella days at Northwestern University: after placing as a semi-finalist on ‘American Idol’ then earning the runner-up spot on ‘Superstar K2′, the Korean American is embarking on his singing career with a new mini album! Officially released on February 22nd, the mini album will feature five new tracks

Big Bang VS John Park Battle For No.1

Big Bang, who came back after one year, and 'Super Star K2' John Park are battling for music chart number one. Big Bang unveiled one of the songs in the new album, 'Blue' on Feb 22nd. John Park also released the debut album 'Knock' on music sites, fired up the battle for number one

John Park reveals the inspiration for his album ‘Knock’ was loneliness

John Park has confessed that he felt left behind after his fellow contestants from ‘Superstar K2‘ began to promote new music. The singer and finalist of ‘Superstar K2′ just came out with a new album entitled ‘Knock‘, a release long overdue since many expected him be one of the first to debut

John Park competes with Big Bang for No. 1

John Park is currently attracting attention as he’s competing with Big Bang to top the online real-time charts. On February 22, all songs from his mini album Knock, including “Falling,” “Why Is That,” “This Isn’t What I Want,” “Good Day,” and “That Song,” ranked in the top 10 of the real-time chart of Naver Music

John Park Confesses "I Was a Big Fan of Lee Hyo Ri"

Singer John Park confessed he was a big fan of Lee Hyo Ri. John Park appeared on SBS Power FM 'Park So Hyun's Love Game', to a question 'Before you became a singer, who did you like as a fan?', he answered "I liked idol groups like HOT, Finkl, SES

John Park Battles Big Bang for Number One Spot

John Park’s debut mini-album “Knock” is topping the music charts. “Knock,” released on February 22, is composed of five songs, all of which ranked among the top ten on Daum and Naver’s real-time music charts