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"Running Man"s "hip-hop star special" to feature guests Jay Park, Eun Ji Won, Jessi, San E, & Verbal Jint!


With the rising popularity of hip-hop artists, it”s great to see more and more of them on variety shows, don”t you think?

The next episode of SBS” “Running Man” will be a “hip-hop star special” with top names, Jay Park, Jessi, Eun Ji Won, San E,and Verbal Jint! . ... Read more

“Running Man" has set to get a Hip Hop Special show with the participation of top stars. including Jay Park, Jessi, Eun Ji Won and more

“Running Man

Five artists have been confirmed to appear on the hip hop special of SBS variety program “Running Man.”

PD Im Hyung Taek revealed on June 15, “We are filming the hip hop guy girl special at a location in Seoul” and confirmed that “Eun Ji Won, Jay Park, San E, Verbal Jint, Jessi will appear.” . ... Read more

Running Man members pose with Henry, Kangnam and Park Junhyung

Running Man members pose with Henry, Kangnam and Park Junhyung

On May 06, Kim Jong Kook updated his SNS account with a selfie taken with Running Man members and guests while recording for the show.
In the photos, Jong Kook, Jae Suk, Suk Jin are posing happily with special guests Super Junior”s Henry, GOD”s Junhyung, MIB”s Kangnam in a boat during one mission. Everyone look excited with big smiles and V-signs. They seemed to have a very good time during the show.
The special episode with Henry, Amber, Kangnam, Nickhun and Junhyung will be broadcasted 2 weeks after.
Jenny@dkpopnews . ... Read more

Park Joon Hyung, Henry, Amber, Nichkhun & Kangnam on "Running Man"

Park Joon Hyung, Henry, Amber, Nichkhun & Kangnam on

Some of the most variety stars are finally gathering on “Running Man” and we have  god”s Park Joon Hyung, Henry, f(X)”s Amber, 2PM”s Nichkhun, and MIB”s Kangnam.

According to “Running Man” officials, the five anticipated guests are confirmed to appear on the program and in fact have participated in recording in Seoul. With the appearance of the five guests, the theme is apparently “foreign guests” as each of them came from different countries.. ... Read more

Nichkhun, Amber, Kangnam, Henry, and Park Joon Hyung film for an upcoming episode of "Running Man"

Nichkhun, Amber, Kangnam, Henry, and Park Joon Hyung film for an upcoming episode of

An upcoming episode of SBS” “Running Man” just got even more exciting!

On May 5, a representative from “Running Man” told Star News, “For today”s “Running Man” filming in an undisclosed area, Park Joong Hyung, Kangnam, Amber, Henry, and Nichkhun participated.”. ... Read more

Park Seo Joon and Son Hyun Joo to appear on "Running Man"

Park Seo Joon and Son Hyun Joo to appear on

Actors Park Seo Joon and Son Hyun Joo are busy promoting their upcoming movie, “The Chronicles of Evil.” Recently, they sat down for a press conference and now, they”re filming for variety program “Running Man“! . ... Read more

"Healer"s Ji Chang Wook recalls getting sick during his "Running Man" filming at an amusement park


During a recent interview, actor Ji Chang Wook talked about filming for SBS” “Running Man” and revealed that despite his strong and fearless role as Seo Jung Hoo in KBS” “Healer“, he is actually scared of amusement park rides! . ... Read more

"Running Man” Plans To Carry Out Special Broadcast "Old Friends" Starring Kim Won Joon, Miryo, Park Ji Yoon


Running Man” definitely will give fans a big gift. The producer of “Running Man” has revealed that the program is planning to carry out a special broadcast of the show titled “Running Man-Old Friends Specials,” which will star the famous artists including Kim Won Joon, Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper Miryo, and former announcer Park Ji Yoon.. ... Read more

Members of "Running Man" organized a unexpected party Park Soo Hong

Members of
 The popular SBS entertainment program “Running Man” members organized a unexpected party  the guest Park Soo Hong.On the latest episode of “Running Man” broadcasting on November 9,2014, all man distinguished themselves as Pink Girl with the aim of preventing the humanity’s extinction. ... Read more

John Park featured on 1theK"s Melon’s Playlist

John Park featured on 1theK

1theK“s episode of Melon’s Playlist featured John Park.

On his interview, John Park dropped names of his favorite songs and artists. One of those he mentioned was IU. He disclosed that he sees IU as a very cute girl with has more to offer as manifested with her emotions while singing her songs.
John Park sang IU”s “My Old Story.” When the song ended, he said “I don’t have that emotion. IU’s emotion was just suited for this song.”. ... Read more