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"Let"s Eat 2"s Kwon Yool poses for "CeCi" and explains why he chose this drama


Kwon Yool is cracking everybody up with his interesting and strange character in tvN“s “Let”s Eat 2“. Although he appears as the rigid and cool office worker, he is actually a cursing, bicycling fanatic who loves to be chummy with his buddies and enjoy the night life, creating an interesting dichotomy with two personalities. . ... Read more

Park Jin Young, Sunmi, Jo Kwon, Nichkhun to cameo in "Producer"

Park Jin Young, Sunmi, Jo Kwon, Nichkhun to cameo in

More stars will make their surprise appearances in KBS”s upcoming variety drama “Producer”.

According to the officials from KBS, Park Jin Young, Sunmi, 2AM”s Jo Kwon and 2PM”s Nichkhun revealed to present at the filming set on April 17th for their cameo appearances.. ... Read more

Sunmi, 2PM"s Nichkhun, 2AM"s Jo Kwon, J.Y. Park to cameo up coming drama "Producer"

Sunmi, 2PM

JYP Family J.Y. Park, Sunmi, 2PM”s Nichkhun, and 2AM”s Jo Kwon are set to make cameos on the upcoming KBS drama “Producer“!

The producer and singer as well as three idol stars are reported to have been on the set for the drama on April 17. After the news came out, many viewers have been anticipating the reunion of “Dream High” co-stars J.Y. Park and Kim Soo Hyun, who has a lead role in the series. . ... Read more

Kangin & 10cm"s Kwon Jung Yeol reveal reasons for not attending post military training

Kangin & 10cm

Super Junior Kangin and 10cm”s Kwon Jung Yeol are being questioned and under investigation for not attending their respective post-military training after discharge.

According to the news, the investigation started on April 9 and Kangin was expected to attend 72 hours of additional military training to maintain and refresh what he”s acquired from his military service but unfortunately failed to attend two sessions for two consecutive years. The same scenario for 10cm”s Kwon Jung Yeol.. ... Read more

Reps of 10cm reveal why Kwon Jung Yeol couldn"t attend reserve forces training

Reps of 10cm reveal why Kwon Jung Yeol couldn

Recent reports revealed that Super Junior”s Kangin and 10cm”s Kwon Jung Yeol were under investigation for not attending reserve forces training.

Since the report, a rep from SM Entertainment responded, confirming the reports to be true while stating that Kangin wasn”t able to attend due to personal issues and they will make sure that this doesn”t happen again. . ... Read more

Fans celebrate Block B U-Kwon"s birthday on Twitter!

Fans celebrate Block B U-Kwon

April 9 marks Block B U-Kwon”s birthday and fans from all over are celebrating! Currently the hashtag #SmilingKwonDay is trending worldwide on Twitter.

In addition to the hashtag, fans are tweeting their favorite U-Kwon moments to celebrate the idol”s special day. . ... Read more

Jo Kwon gets into a fight with "4 Things Show" staff member? + Min shakes that brass with Amber

Jo Kwon gets into a fight with

Jo Kwon nearly brought his bestie Min to tears after he a pulled a prank on her during the April 7 episode of “4 Things Show.”

During the episode, Jo Kwon surprised Min by pretending to get into a tiff of sorts with a production crew member. At the 0:50 mark in the video above, a staff member starts off, saying, “Why is Jo Kwon so quiet?” A moment later she adds, “Is it because you”re not the main character you”re not working as hard?” Min defends Jo Kwon saying, “Of course not, he even came out [to film].” . ... Read more

Jo Kwon is a master fortune teller when it comes to JYP

Jo Kwon is a master fortune teller when it comes to JYP

Apparently Jo Kwon is not only talented in singing but also fortune telling!

He was a guest on SBS Power FM“s “Choi Hwa Jung”s Power Time“, and was asked, “Did you look at a trainee and think, “oh, they”ll make it”?” He answered, “Everyone who I thought that about went on to debut, like Sohee or the miss A girls.”. ... Read more

Jo Kwon and BamBam complain the artists can"t have fun on outings because of J.Y. Park

Jo Kwon and BamBam complain the artists can

2AM”s Jo Kwon and GOT7″s BamBam appeared on MBC“s “Tutoring Across Generations” and laid out their complaints in relation to hanging out with the big man, JYP Entertainment“s J.Y. Park, on April 2. . ... Read more

Miss A"s Suzy, Lee Hi, Kwon Jin Ah to have special stages with the Top 3 contestants on "K-Pop Star 4"

Miss A

This week”s SBS”s “K-Pop Star 4″ will present the special collaboration stages between the star representatives from YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and Antenna Music and the Top 3 contestants. ... Read more