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New Year Special Idol Sageuk Comedy "Crown Princess Project" to Feature 12 Female Idols

A Lunar New Year special variety program featuring an idol sageuk (historic) comedy is currently in the works. KBS has revealed that the program will be called, "The Crown Princess Project - Restoring The Royal Family" and will air as a Lunar New Year special

JYJ releases teaser for new Private Project, ‘Come On Over’

JYJ is putting their new official YouTube channel to full use, as they’ve just released a video teaser of their upcoming ‘Private Project‘ titled ‘Come On Over‘! Split into three member sections – ‘YUCHUN [sic] Tender Smile’, ‘JUNSU Exciting Smile’, and ‘JAEJOONG Stunning Smile’ – the video shows an abundance of new behind-the-scenes clips of the boys participating in their favorite recreational activities

2PM’s Nichkhun to make acting debut in upcoming Thai movie project

For the first time, 2PM’s Nichkhun will be acting in a Thai film production! JYP Entertainment revealed, “Nichkhun will be participating in Thailand’s major filmmaker GTH’s 7 year anniversary movie project

SKsubs’s Release Of PROJECT 9!

Though a bunch of our staffers are on hiatus, SKE’s subbing team (SKsubs) have been working diligently and it’s now the time to present our latest subbing project that we’ve been dying to reveal–PROJECT 9! APRIL FOOLS! Just kidding, It’s actuallySME’s SKE’s early release of ‘Black Friday‘! Hopefully, our readers were able to enjoy ‘PROJECT 9′

Lee Seung Gi's New Narration Project "The Romantic"

Lee Seung Gi will be taking on a narration project for tvN's "The Romantic." "The Romantic" will be produced by a team of staff members who were also part of "1N2D." Lee Seung Gi will be helping out with the narration due to his loyalty

Kim Ah Joong to return, netizens curious about the next project

Actress Kim Ah Joong‘s return to the silver screen is carefully being predicted. Kim Ah Joong, who has changed management companies, made announcement of official activities drawing attention. The possibility that Kim Ah Joong might come back to the silver screen in the movie ‘My P

Boa in her trainee period, “3,000,000,000KRW project”

A video clip of singer Boa‘s trainee period has been revealed. On the January 31st installment of SBS TV’s ‘Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning’, some of the video clips of Boa who is garnering much love and attention as a judge of SBS TV’s ‘K-Pop Star’ had been shown

Teddy Riley’s Next Project SHINee After SNSD and EXO

teddy riley, SHINee Teddy Riley plans another project to produce for another SM Entertainment artist, SHINee. He is best known for his work with Michael Jackson, became known to K-Pop fans working with SNSD hit song “The Boys” and “What is Love” for EXO

Wondergirls appear on Korean rendition of 'Project Runway'

wondergirls Wondergirls will appear as the first 'client' of 'Project Runway Korea 4'. On the 4th broadcast of Onstyle 'Project Runway 4' Wondergirls is making a surprise appearance, to give the participants the mission of designing their stage outfits

Wonder Girls hand a special mission to ‘Project Runway Korea 4′ contestants

allkpop previously reported that the ‘Project Runway Korea 4′ would feature the Wonder Girls as one of its special guests. It’s been revealed that the Wonder Girls will appear on the show’s upcoming second episode to deliver a mission

JYJ Releases Teaser Private Project “Come on Over”

JYJ uploaded a new teaser video on their official YouTube channel about their upcoming private project. During the short video, JYJ members are shown joking and having a good time, however not much information is given out about the new project

Sean's Ten Dollar Project

  Sean revealed a 'Ten Dollar Project' and once again proved to be an angel.  On the 14th, Sean posted a picture on his twitter along with the comments, "Miracle of Ten Dolalrs. We are trying to open a rehabilitation center for disabled children

2PM’s Junho visits Ethiopia for ‘Global Share Project’

2PM‘s Junho recently traveled to Ethiopia to do some charity work. On February 15th, Humanitarian Organization World Vision reported that they have launched ‘Global Share Project‘ in collaboration with EBS

Lee Hyori donates $107,000 from Eco Project 2012 calendar

Back in December, Lee Hyori released a 2012 calendar with her dog Soonshim to promote animal adoption. The calendars sold for around $10 a piece and it was reported that all the proceeds would be donated to helping animals and now the first check has finally arrived

2NE1’s Anticipated Participation with Will.I.Am in Intel’s Ultrabook Project

Intel’s newly launched Ultrabook campaign with a musical project is in the works. There are words that Black Eyed Peas’ rapper/producer is heading to Seoul, one of the stops around the world, as part of Intel’s Ultrabook Project

Another Acting Project for ZE:A's Siwan?

ZE:A’s Siwan has been getting a lot of love calls from dramas looking to cast the young actor. According to reports from local news agencies, the idol is in consideration for a role in MBC’s “Standby,” which will follow the currently airing sitcom “High Kick 3

2PM’s Taecyeon to release charity project album ‘Blue Bears’ with fellow Dangook University alumni

2PM‘s Taecyeon teamed up with his fellow Dangook University alumni students to produce a digital album. The Business Administration major who is currently in his fourth year at Dangook University participated in producing the ‘Talent Donation’ project album, ‘Blue Bears With Taecyeon‘

Kim Soo Hyun's Next Project Is...

Kim Soo Hyun has been receiving numerous love calls from both small and big screen producers following his role in popular series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” co-starring Han Ga In and Jung Il Woo

1080p H7 美人 project The b - Love Or Leave (saranga tteonara) (사랑아 떠나라)

1080p H7 美人 project The b - Love Or Leave (saranga tteonara) (사랑아 떠나라) This is the PV of the song Love Or Leave by H7 美人 project The b. Single: Love Or Leave Release date is July 29, 2010 그날부터 우린 너무 너무 달라졌었어 숨 쉬듯 차갑게 너를 놨지만 새로운 사랑에 맘을 뺏겨 버렸던 너 이젠 더 이상 넌 내 것이 아냐 그만 사랑했다 말해 너는 거짓 이였어 이제는 널 위해 살아갈 자신 없어 오지마 오지마 나를 떠나 가버려 나를 누르는 이 아픈 상처는 싫은데 사랑아 떠나라 눈물이 멈춰진 그대에게로 가슴아 떠나 살면 안 돼 이번엔 다른 널 위해 눈물아 떠나라 새로운 시작의 너를 찾아서 날 위해 널 버릴 테니까 그날부터 우린 너무 너무 달라졌었어 숨 쉬듯 차갑게 널 보내고 있지만 새롭게 새롭게 시작 하고 싶었어 나를 누르는 이 아픈 그대를 떨치고 사랑아 떠나라 눈물이 멈춰진 그대에게로 가슴아 떠나 살면 안 돼 이번엔 다른 널 위해 눈물아 떠나라 새로운 시작의 너를 찾아서 날 위해 널 버릴 테니까 uh~ 차라리 이제는 버려 어차피 떠나갈 너니까 눈물이 멈춰진 그대에게로 이제는 버려 제발 떠나가 이렇게 널 보낼 수밖에 없는 날 용서해 미안해 나를 잡고 있는 사슬을 놓아줘 사랑아 떠나라 눈물이 멈춰진 그대에게로 가슴아 떠나 살면 안 돼 이번엔 다른 널 위해 눈물아 떠나라 새로운 시작의 너를 찾아서 날 위해 널 버릴 테니까 잘 가라 내 사랑 안녕

Tim to star in upcoming Korean-Indonesian drama project

Solo singer Tim is looking to join the ranks of Hallyu stars as an actor. It has recently been revealed that Tim has been cast in a lead role for a Korean-Indonesian joint drama ‘Saranghae, I love you