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2AM’s Jinwoon Turns into Rebellious Free Soul in “Dream High 2”

2AM’s Jinwoon got a complete makeover for his “Dream High 2” character, Jin Yoo Jin, turning into a rebellious free soul. On January 6, “Dream High 2” released several still cuts of Jinwoon in the drama

‘Top Band’ winner TOXIC to cameo in ‘Dream High 2′ with Jinwoon

‘Top Band‘ winner TOXIC will be making a cameo in KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘! TOXIC will be featured in a scene where Jinwoon, who plays the rebellious ‘Jin Yujin’, performs in the streets of Hongdae to realize his dream of becoming a rockstar

Kang Sora attacks Jung Jinwoon on 2nd episode of ‘Dream High 2′

On the second episode of KBS’s Dream High that aired on January 31st, ‘HaeSung‘, played by Kang Sora punishes ‘YooJin‘, played by Jung Jinwoon. Dressed in a yellow tracksuit with red rubber gloves, HaeSung starts a fight with YooJin for circulating some embarrassing photos of HaeSung

‘Dream High 2′, Kang So Ra, Jung Jinwoon, Hyorin, & Jiyeon confirmed as leads

Dream High 2‘s lead actors have been confirmed. Following the very successful season 1 of ‘Dream High’, which helped discover mega stars Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Suzy, Ok Taek Yeon, Ham Eunjung, and IU, ‘Dream High’ is coming back with its second season and with a cast just as impressive

2AM’s Jinwoon gifts his ‘Dream High’ staff members with winter coats

2AM‘s Jinwoon who made a successful transformation into an actor prepared a special gift for his ‘Dream High‘ staff members. The generous singer prepared 100 long down coats from a sporty-casual brand that he currently models for, and handed them out to his KBS2 ‘Dream High’ staff members

2AM’s Jinwoon Thanks “Dream High 2” Staff With Generous Gift

2AM’s Jinwoon, who is currently receiving a lot of love for his lead role in the KBS drama, “Dream High 2,” displayed his thanks to the drama staff with a generous gift. Jinwoon gave 100 parkas, from the brand that 2AM is promoting, to the staff that are working hard to produce the drama in the cold winter weather

2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon Fall Asleep on Set of “Dream High 2”

2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon were spotted falling asleep on the set of KBS drama “Dream High 2,” showing the strain after consecutive late night filming. In the photos, both Jinwoon and Jiyeon are seen fighting off their fatigue by taking power naps on the side of the recording set

'Dream High 2' JinWoon-JiYeon Caught Napping

The actors of KBS 2TV darma 'Dream High 2' were caught sleeping during filming on the 20th. The cute pictures of JinWoon and JiYeon sleeping through the busy and tight schedule is stirring up laughter

‘Dream High 2′ releases music video of 2AM’s Jinwoon’s ‘You Walking Towards Me’

On February 24th, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ released the ‘You Walking Towards Me‘ music video by 2AM‘s Jinwoon. This music video shows clips of the staff during their off days, only to reveal that they were suffering from ‘Jinwoon fever’

“Dream High 2” Finalizes Main Casting with Hyorin, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Kang So Ra

The four main lead roles for the upcoming KBS drama “Dream High 2” has been finalized, raising the anticipation level for the highly popular teen drama. SISTAR’s Hyorin, 2AM’s Jinwoon, T-ara’s Ji Yeon, and actress Kang So Ra will play significant roles in the second season of “Dream High,” bringing yet another star-studded lineup to the show

Jinwoon's Fans Send Food Carts to "Dream High 2" Cast As Gift

2AM’s youngest member and acting rookie Jinwoon is currently receiving a lot of love as the rebellious "Jin Yoo Jin" on the idol-themed drama “Dream High 2.” His devoted fans showed their appreciation and support with a gift for the drama’s cast

"Dream High 2" Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon's "Button Kiss" Excites Viewers

**SPOILER ALERT** Kang Sora and Jung Jinwoon plan to keep “Dream High Season 2” viewers brimming with excitement for their “button kiss.” The 11th episode, which aired on March 5, showed the scenario of the super idol team battle carrying out their third audition, “Propose Mission

[Spoiler 'Dream High 2'] Jung Jinwoon plants a kiss on…

  Jung Jinwoon & Kang Sora shared a ‘button kiss’ on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘. On the episode that aired March 5th, Jin Yoo Jin’s (Jung Jinwoon) button fell off his uniform, causing Shin Haesung (Kang Sora) to remark, “What are you, an elementary school student?”, sewing his button back in place

[Spoiler: Dream High 2] Jinwoon admits…

On the March 12th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘, Yoo Jin (Jinwoon) spilled his feelings for Haesung (Kang Sora) who was being attacked by fans after being coined JB‘s new girlfriend

120213 Jinwoon helps Sora up, and Hyorin sings with Hongjoo. (Cut from "Dream High 2", Ep. 5)

120213 Jinwoon helps Sora up, and Hyorin sings with Hongjoo. (Cut from "Dream High 2", Ep. 5) * Do NOT re-upload. (Watch it in 720p HD.) * Just a short clip. :)

120207 JB / Jinwoon - Basketball Playing Cut (from "Dream High / 드림 하이 (Season 2) Ep. 4")

120207 JB / Jinwoon - Basketball Playing Cut (from "Dream High / 드림 하이 (Season 2) Ep. 4") * Do NOT re-upload. (Watch it in 720p HD.) * Just a short clip of JB and Jinwoon! :) * The Song's Name: "Beautiful Dance" (by "Bye Bye Sea")

2AM’s Jinwoon reunites with ‘Dream High’ costar Park Seo Joon

Though KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ came to a close last week, 2AM‘s Jinwoon took some time to meet up with his past co-star, actor Park Seo Joon. On March 28th, Jinwoon tweeted, ”With Seo Joon hyung, because we were so hungry, we ate samgyupsal and a glass of warm milk

“Dream High 2” Releases Cameo Photos of "Top Band" Winner TOXIC

TOXIC, the winner of KBS’s recent audition show, “Top Band,” has made a special cameo appearance in the upcoming KBS drama “Dream High 2.” According to KBS, the two TOXIC members, Kim Seul Ong and Kim Jung Woo, held a joint performance with 2AM’s Jinwoon at a recent recording of “Dream High 2

Kang So Ra Reveals New Selca from the Set of "Dream High 2"

Actress Kang So Ra unveiled a selca while filming for the upcoming KBS drama “Dream High 2”. On January 10, Kang So Ra tweeted, "Dream High 2 teaser is being released~ I'm in the middle of filming!" She then posted the following photo

“Dream High 2” Releases Teaser Video

The highly anticipated KBS drama “Dream High 2” has just released a teaser video featuring rough footages of the show. The video first starts off with Kim Jung Tae, who will play the role of Lee Gang Chul and head of HT Entertainment, but leads into scenes of Jiyeon, Hyorin, and Kang Sora