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So True? So False? Contestant of SBS’s I Love Sunday-K-Pop Star Sung Soo receives a plastic surgery

Contestant of SBS’s I Love Sunday-K-Pop Star Sung Soo Jin recently showed off her transformed face. On June 26, a photo of Sung Soo Jin received a lot of attention, which was originally posted on the webpage of ID Hospital

Another Celebrity Accused of Plastic Surgery

Kwon Ri Sae, the former Miss Korea who starred in MBC “We Got Married,” is the latest victim of plastic surgery accusations. Shortly after her photos for luxury brand, Brhas Parti, was made public, fans have jumped on her changed look, speculating whether her drastic makeover is a result of going under the knife

Super Junior’s Sung Min and SISTAR’s Hyorin Finish Filming “Exciting Shake”

Earlier today, we reported that MBC is producing a spin-off of “We Got Married” under the title, “Exciting Shake.” Local media reported that four female casts were Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, After School’s Lizzy, SISTAR’s Hyorin, and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa, but the male counterparts were kept secret

Past Photo of Jo In Sung Giving a Piggy Back Ride to Lee Min Ho Surfaces

A past photo of actor Jo In Sung ("What Happened in Bali") giving a piggy back ride to Lee Min Ho (“The Moon that Embraces the Sun”) has been garnering a lot of interest among netizens. The photo was taken twelve years ago at a waterpark

miss A’s Suzy and Kara’s Kang Ji Young Prove Plastic Surgeries are Unnecessary

On January 13, childhood photos of miss A’s Suzy and Kara’s Kang Ji Young surfaced online. Suzy’s childhood photo was posted on a local online community board under the title, “Suzy’s elementary school photo

Uncle fans want Kim Sung Soo to be IU’s bodyguard on ‘Running Man’

On last week’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘, viewers saw Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook, Lee Chun Hee, and Kim Sung Soo appear as special guests on the show. This handsome crew had the seven hosts begging for mercy, as they tore off each and every one of their name tags in practically no time at all

Actor Ji Sung reveals he’s prepared a dance routine for his fan meeting in Japan

Actor Ji Sung will be holding a fan meeting called ‘The First Moment with Ji Sung‘ for his beloved fans in Tokyo on January 14th. Those attending will get treated to something special, as Ji Sung will reveal his dance skills for the very first time

Han Sung Joo sues two media outlets for a total of 600 million Won

It’s just been reported that Han Sung Joo, a Miss Korea and news anchor, has filed a civil suit against media outlets. In case you’ve forgotten, a man claiming to be Han Sung Joo’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Hsu, released a sex tape and filed a lawsuit against the former Miss Korea, stating that he was locked up and assaulted by Han Sung Joo and her family

Actress Kim Hee Sun reveals she went in for a plastic surgery consultation

Actress Kim Hee Sun, who’s known for her flawless, natural beauty, admitted that she too visited a plastic surgeon for suggestions of improvement. On the latest episode of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘, Kim Hee Sun remarked that she honestly didn’t get any work done on her face

Lee Tae Sung: “Fans of KARA’s Seungyeon are trying to kill me”

Actor Lee Tae Sung is apparently being hunted down by fans of KARA‘s Seungyeon. On the January 27th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Good Day‘, representatives of the show paid a visit to the filming location of MBC’s ‘Hooray for Love‘, where they interviewed several actors/actresses on the set

‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan Sung spars Fedor Emelianenko on ‘Star King’

Famous MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter ‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan Sung had a sparring session with famous Russian MMA heavyweight fighter, Fedor Emelianenko. On the most recent episode of SBS ‘Star King‘, heavyweight mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko stopped by to teach his Korean fans ‘Sambo’, a Russian martial art technique with roots from Japanese ‘Judo’

Sung Yoori With Joo Sangwook?

Sung Yoori, Joo Sangwook, Feast of the Gods, drama, Geoje Joo Sangwook revealed a picture a playful self camera picture with Sung Yoori. On the 29th, Joo Sangwook posted pictures on his twitter along with the comments, "I wind of Geojedo's ocean is crazy~ not long until the first episode airs

Lyn Accidentally Reveals Her Plastic Surgery

Lyn, plastic surgery, immortal classics, Song Changsik On KBS 'Immortal Classics' Lyn performed Song Changsik's 'the lady at the cigarette shop'.  Song Changsik commented to Lyn, "Lyn told me earlier that I look like her father, so I'm wondering how such a beautiful daughter came about

Super Junior members rank best dancers 'Eun Hyuk->Dong Hae->Shin Dong->Sung Min'

super junior Dong Hae->Shin Dong->Sung Min'" title="Super Junior members rank best dancers 'Eun Hyuk->Dong Hae->Shin Dong->Sung Min'" border="0"/> Super Junior members were ranked the best dancers within the group

Lyn, upon being complimented on her beauty slips plastic surgery confession

lyn Singer Lyn slipped having plastic surgery done. On the 28th broadcast of KBS 'Immortal Songs2', Lyn performed 'Cigarette store lady' by Song Chang Shik, showing off her new boyish appeal. After the stage Song Chang Shik commented "Lyn you said your father looks like me but I'm curious to know how he had such a beautiful daughter like you

Kim Jong Kook’s brother reveals plastic surgery advice

Singer Kim Jong Kook‘s older brother revealed that there was a time where he gave Kim Jong Kook permission to get double-eyelid surgery. The January 28th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ aired a special episode featuring physiognomy expertise Dr

Jessica’s jawline transformation sparks plastic surgery rumors

Girls’ Generation member Jessica has been under heavy scrutiny for being suspected of having undergone plastic surgery on her jawline. On January 27th, a post titled, ‘SNSD Jessica’s jawline under suspicion of plastic surgery‘ has surfaced with a collection of photos

Sung Yuri’s New Drama “Feast of the Gods” Releases Trailers and Posters

It has been quiet on the promotion radar, but Sung Yuri’s new drama, “Feast of the Gods” is set to air this coming weekend. “Feast of the Gods” stars Sung Yuri, Joo Sang Wook (“Giant”), Lee Sang Woo (“Thousand Days’ Promise”), and Seo Hyun Jin (“The Duo”) in a story set in a restaurant that specializes in traditional Korean cuisine that used to be only served to the king

Sung Yu Ri's Dress Dangerously Short

Sung Yu Ri, press conference, Dinner of the Gods, dangerously short dress Actor Sung Yu Ri attended the press conference for the MBC drama "Dinner of the Gods" on January 31 at the Grand Ambassador Hotel in Seoul, Jangchung-dong

IU Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors with Childhood Photo

IU’s improved looks have been a hot topic for some time now. Especially following the release of her past magazine interview where she allegedly admitted to going under the knife, rumors of her having received plastic surgery seemed to gain track