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Super Junior Kim Heechul, Picture With Park Soo Jin "With My Wife Whom I Haven't Seen In a While"

Group Super Junior's member Kim Heechul revealed a picture with actress Park Soo Jin. (Photo : twitter) Group Super Junior's member Kim Heechul revealed a picture with actress Park Soo Jin. Yesterday, Kim Heechul posted on his Instagram, "My wife Ssoo that I haven't seen in a while! With Park Soo Jin. We were talking about our past and she said 'Wow you got so much nicer, really'" along with a picture. In the picture, Kim Heechul and Park Soo Jin are posing for the camera. The two had been a married couple in SBS drama "Loving You Ten Million Times." Photo Credit: Kim Heechul Instagram

Heechul Calls Actress Park Soo Jin His "Wifey"

Super Junior member Heechul recently showed fans how close he is with actress Park Soo Jin. On January 5, Heechul shared a photo of the two stars on his Instagram account with the caption, “It’s been a long time since I had a chance to meet up with my wife Soo! With Park Soo Jin. While we were sharing old stories, Soo told me, “Wow Chul! You’ve become totally nice. For real.”  In the photo, Heechul peeks through his bangs with a serious expression on his face while Soo Jin smiles with a peace sign beside him.  The two celebrities actually worked together previously on the 2010 SBS drama “Loving You A Thousand Times.”  After returning from the army, Heechul is busy with Super Junior’s activities along with appearing on JTBC’s “War of Words” as an MC.  Park Soo Jin last year hosted the program “2013 Tasty Road” and appeared in KBS 2TV drama “The Blade And Petal

Jinwoon’s mother selects an ideal bride for her son – and it’s not ‘wife’ Go Jun Hee

2AM‘s Jinwoon had a moment of embarrassment when his mother appeared on KBS‘s ‘Mamma Mia‘ to select a new bride for him – and it wasn’t his ‘We Got Married‘ partner, Go Jun Hee.

Instead, she picked KARA‘s Nicole as the perfect bride for her son, choosing the idol group member over heavyweights such as Song Hye Kyo and Kim Yuna.

The final match of the ‘world cup’ pitted miss A‘s Suzy versus Nicole, but in the end, Nicole emerged as the winner. When asked to explain her choice, Jinwoon’s mother responded, “Nicole laughs a lot

Lee Chun Hee, “Wife Jun Hye Jin was happy too that Jiyeon said I’m her ideal man”

Actor Lee Chun Hee drew attention revealing the reaction of his wife, Jun Hye Jin, to T-ara member Jiyeon‘s statement that Lee Chun Hee is her ideal type.

Lee Chun Hee appeared on the January 10th installment of SBS TV’s ‘Strong Heart’ and he opened up saying, “I saw Jiyeon, who had said that I was her ideal type, on ‘Strong Heart’ and she said she likes Yoon Shi Yoon.”

Lee Chun Hee added, “I thought, ‘I guess they all leave now that I’m a married man’ then Jieyon said again that I’m her ideal type. It felt good’, unable to hide how content he was at the ‘ideal man’ title.

Lee Chun Hee also revealed that his wife was happy saying, “I told my wife about it and my wife Jung Hye Jin was happy too saying ‘My oppa’s not dead yet