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SNSD’s Jessica to Compete Against Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, and Jung Il Woo

SNSD’s Jessica will finally make her grand appearance in drama “Wild Romance,” starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young, on the seventh episode, scheduled to air January 25. She plays Kang Jong Hee, Park Mu Yeol’s (Lee Dong Wook) first love, who’s described as a beautiful girl with an unpredictable personality

Jessica Jung

J E S S I C A (제시카) Stage Name: Ice Princess JESSICA (얼음공주 제시카 – eoleum gongju Jessica) Birth Name: Jessica Jung (제시카 정) Korean Name: Jung Soo-yeon (정수연) Nicknames: Sica, Jessi, Jess, Sergeant Sic, General Sic, Sicachu, Sickal (knive), Sica-sama Position: Main Vocalist Date of Birth: April 18, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Aries Bloodtype: B Sibling(s): 1 younger sister (Krystal Jung) Language:Korean (Fluent), English (Fluent), Chinese (Basic), Japanese Specialty: Dance Casted: 2000 SM Casting System Training Duration: 7 Years 6 Months School: Korea Kent Foreign School (K

We have a positive I.D. on Jessica Jung

How can someone look so beautiful on an I.D. photo? Well… It’s Jessica we’re talking about here! This snapshot recently appeared on forums and fancafes, and even for something as simple as an identification picture, the Ice Princess still manages to look absolutely GORJESS!!! Credit: residentbenchwarmer@soshified; picture as tagged

Jung Ryu Won vs Jessica – Same but Different Feel

The Jung Ryu Won of SBS’s History of Salaryman and SNSD’s Jessica Jung of KBS’s Wild Romance are using the same product, attracting people’s attention. Jessica is playing the role of ex-lover of Moo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook), Jong Hee in KBS2 TV Wednesday and Thursday drama Wild Romance

Who Wore It Best: Jung Ryeo Won vs. Park Ha Sun vs. Jessica vs. Jiyeon

The latest hot items, knit tops, are earning much love from female celebrities. Four female stars is sparking attention from netizens for wearing the same knit top: “History of a Salaryman’s” Jung Ryeo Won, “Highkick The Short Legs Strike Back’s” Park Ha Sun, “Wild Romance’s” Jessica, and “Dream High Season 2’s” Jiyeon

K-pop’s Jung sisters—SNSD’s Jessica and f(X)’s Krystal recently show off couple look

SNSD’s Jessica and f(X)’s Krystal recently showed off the couple look, proving that they are siblings. On April 29, the younger one posted a couple of pictures on her me2day account with the caption, “Getting out of my room and wow! Did we communicate by telepathy?—Striped Jung Sisters” In the pictures, Jung sisters strike such playful poses

Girls' Generation's Jessica Foretells Comedian Jung Hyung Don's Twins

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has clairvoyant gifts? Local news agencies picked up on a series of screen captures from 2010, currently circulating various online community boards. The screen captures, titled “Jessica foretells Jung Hyung Don’s twins” were taken from the May 31, 2010 broadcast of KBS2 TV’s “Happy Birthday

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica predicted Jung Hyung Don’s future?

A recent post made on an online community board has amused fans as it showed a screen capture of Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica predicting comedian Jung Hyung Don‘s twin children. The post was uploaded on May 17th with the title, “SNSD’s Jessica predicted Jung Hyung Don’s twins”, and has gained the attention of fans

Jessica Jung Elle Girl Magazine

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica on Elle Girl Magazine. Credits: Snsdpics & Jessture (Korean)

Jessica v.s Krystal – A Jung Gene Relationship~

The past few months we have started to see more and more of our favourite sisters. Sisters that represent what all sibling relationship should be like, not only in SoShiLand, but throughout the whole world

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and actress Lee Min Jung radiate in a white t-shirt and jumper

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and actress Lee Min Jung recently shared similar looks, but showed off different types of charm, as they both donned simple white t-shirts. On July 23rd, a picture titled “White T-Shirt Battle between Lee Min Jung and Jessica” appeared on a portal site, grabbing the attention of fans and netizens alike

SNSD Jessica vs Lee Min Jung Wear Same T-shirt, Different Feel

SNSD, Jessica, Lee Min Jung jessica lee min jung t-shirt SNSD Jessica and actress Lee Min Jung show off their unique styles in the same T-shirt.  Recently on an online forum, a photo was posted with the title, "Competition of the White t-shirted Beauties: Lee Min Jung vs Jessica

Pieces of Nine – Part 3 Analysis – Jessica Jung

Hey guys, it’s been a LONG time since my project has continued and I must apologize, I have been very busy for the last month and a half. For those that know I have already had two analysis on Tiffany and Seohyun posted and I am continuing the Project with the birthday girl herself!, Hit the jump for the hefty Third project So for anti flaming purposes I have to let people know that this is an opinion analysis, take what you want, discard what you don’t like

Jung sisters (Jessica & Krystal) and J-Min release songs for SBS ‘To the Beautiful You’ OST

Soundtracks are an essential part of the latest dramas, and SBS’ drama ‘To the Beautiful You‘ is showing off its strength in this category. Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica, f(x)‘s Krystal, and J-Min have lent their voices for this drama OST

Jung sisters (Jessica and Krystal) snap a cute photo on SM plane to Singapore

A cute photo of Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal, on a flight to Singapore for “SMtown Live World Tour III” was recently shared on SMTown‘s Facebook page. The uploaded photo showed the two girls sitting side by side while facing the camera with their bright smiles and lovely V-signs

'Jung Sisters' Jessica-Krystal, 'Net Stockings' Shocking Fashion

jessica, krystal, f(x), snsd jessica krystal net stocking fashion The 'Jung sisters' Girls' Generation Jessica and f(x) Krystal showed the same net stocking fashion, catching much attention. In Mnet "M! Countdown" aired yesterday, SNSD performed their comeback song 'I Got a Boy

‘STONEHENGE’ ad featuring the ‘Jung sisters’ (Jessica & Krystal) is a copy off of the Fanning sisters’ previous photoshoot?

As mentioned earlier, the ‘Jung sisters’, Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal, recently posed for jewelry brand ‘STONEHENGE‘. The pictorial was unveiled earlier and garnered the attention of fans as the photos showcased the flawless beauty of the two sisters

‘STONEHENGE’ jewelry releases additional photos of the ‘Jung sisters’, Jessica and Krystal

Additional photos from the pictorial of 'the Jung sisters Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal' for jewelry brand STONEHENGE have been released. The released photos showed the two sisters wearing chiffon dresses and holding up gift boxes, their closeness as sisters was displayed

'Jung sisters' Jessica and Krystal to star in their reality show 'Cover Girl'

Popular Jung sisters, SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal are going to have their own reality show titled 'Cover Girl' which will premiere in May.In the afternoon of April 1st, cable channel OnStyle revealed that Jessica and Krystal's reality program 'Cover Girl' is being produced

Jessica v.s Krystal – A Jung Gene Relationship~ | SNSD Korean

The past few months we have started to see more and more of our favourite sisters. Sisters that represent what all sibling relationship should be like, not only in SoShiLand, but throughout the whole world