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Netziens To Writers: Calling Jessica From Girls' Generation's Character A Slut Is Not OK

Jessica, girls generation, snsd, wild romance, natzien In no way does beautiful and unpredictable mean slutty. This is especially true in the case of Jessica’s (Girls’ Generation) character on “Wild Romance”

Girls love Jessica!

And by girls, I mean Yuri and Krystal! I was talking about a different kind of love though, like.. you know, the romantic kind and not the sisterly ones mentioned above.jetiisrealforeverandalways. But anywaysss, in what appears to be a “Lesbians’ Top 10 Female Celebrity Choice” poll, Jessica came out on top, with 3 other so nyuh’s making the list! The above is apparently an excerpt from a magazine of the LGBT club of Yonsei University, and the rankings are: 1

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica models in New York for ‘Dazed & Confused’

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica strutted her stuff on the streets of New York for fashion magazine ‘Dazed & Confused‘! On January 31st, the official Twitter for ‘Dazed’ posted a picture of Jessica straight from the street

Girls’ Generation Jessica on Marie Claire

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica looking fierce on Marie Claire Magazine. Credit: Marie Claire (Korean) & Snsdpics

Still cut of Girls’ Generation member Jessica in a wedding dress revealed

Girls’ Generation member Jessica has transformed into a lovely spring bride. Jessica is currently starring in KBS2‘s new drama ‘Wild Romance‘ as Jonghee, the former girlfriend of Mooyeol (Lee Dong Wook)

Girls’ Generation member Jessica looks elegant for ‘J.ESTINA’

Girls’ Generation member Jessica, who is currently gaining much interest through her appearance on KBS2TV‘s ‘Wild Romance‘, transformed into an elegant goddess for J.ESTINA‘s 2012 Spring/Summer collection

Girls? Generation Jessica?s graffiti mural in Australia ruined

A few weeks ago we reported that Girls’ Generation member Jessica was tagged on a famous alley in Melbourne, Australia. Many fans personally visited the beautiful portrait of Jessica but unfortunately it has been ruined

Trend Alert: What do Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, Song Hye Gyo, and T-ara’s Jiyeon have in common?

With the cold snap in full effect, stars have been bundling up in the latest winter fashions they jetset to cosmopolitan cities like New York City and Paris. The ladies in particular have been making waves within global fashion circles, and they’ve inspired the latest must-have item for any fashionista — a luxurious (and warm!) fur coat

Girls Generation Jessica & Lee Dong Wook Romantic Date in Hotel

The dating scene of Lee Dong Wook and Jessica in hotel made public. On February 15th, 2012, the production company of Wild Romance released the dating photos of Park Mu Yeol (Lee Dong Wook) and Kim Jong Hee (Jessica)

Se7en and Girls' Generation Jessica Look Funky for Dazed & Confused

Se7en and Girls' Generation Jessica graced the cover of the Korean edition of the British magazine "Dazed & Confused." Se7en and Jessica posed for the March issue of the fashion magazine. The two of them showed off their charisma through fierce poses, extravagant hairstyles and attitude

Girls’ Generation member Jessica on the cover of ‘Dazed & Confused’

In addition to singer Se7en, Girl’s Generation member Jessica has graced the cover of fashion magazine Dazed & Confused‘s March publication! Both Se7en and Jessica are sporting wild, blow-out hairstyles and giving their best fierce facial expressions for the camera

Girls’ Generation Jessica Regains Control over Sister f(x) Krystal?

On February 21, photos of Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal sharing more sibling moments were uploaded to several online forums, delighting their fans. Titled “Jessica Regains her Older Sister Status After a Year,” the two photos displayed the tight relationship the sisters had to one another

Girls’ Generation Jessica Shares About ‘Wild Romance’ Wrap Up

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica first drama ‘Wild Romance’ has come to an end. The drama total of sixteen episodes had Jessica appear in ten of them. She stared as a painter holding her liquor, loving her cat and is bipolar

Girls’ Generation Jessica Benefits from the Power of Photoshop?

Recently, two before-and-after photoshop photos of Girls’ Generation’s Jessica have been uploaded to several internet communities, stunning netizens. Titled “Candid vs. Photospread Photos,” the two images are noticeably different

Behind the scenes with Girls? Generation?s Jessica in New York for ?Dazed & Confused?

Around three weeks ago, Girls’ Generation member Jessica was spotted strutting her stuff on the streets of New York for fashion magazine ‘Dazed & Confused‘. She appears in the March issue and on February 24th, ‘Dazed & Confused‘ uploaded a special behind the scenes video of Jessica in New York and in the ‘Dazed & Confused‘ studio

Girls' Generation's Jessica's "Dazed & Confused" Photos Unveiled

Girls' Geneation’s Jessica’s photos from the March 2012 edition of “Dazed & Confused Korea” magazine have been released.   This photoshoot is a collaboration of “Dazed &Confused Korea” magazine and Korean apparel brand, Coming Step

Girls Generation Jessica's Fans Go Big!

Recently in an online community, a bulletin post caused a stir as photos included in the post revealed how devoted Jessica's fans are.  The presents prepared by SNSD Jessica's fans were captured in the photos in the bulletin post

“DAZED & CONFUSED” Releases More Photos of Girls’ Generation Jessica in New York

Earlier today, “DAZED & CONFUSED” unveiled more photos of Girls’ Generation’s Jessica from its latest spread. In the pictorial, Jessica models for COMING STEP, a local clothing brand favored by Korean celebrities, in the streets of New York

Girls’ Generation appointed as honorary ambassadors for the Gangnam district + Jessica’s shoe size revealed

Girls’ Generation member Jessica attended the Honorary Ambassador Commission held in Gangnam on March 7th, with her fellow group members. The Commission remarked, “On March 7th, Girls’ Generation (Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Jessica, and Seohyun) will be appointed as honorary ambassadors of the Gangnam district