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Secret Jeon Hyosung’s incredible body proportions wow the netizens

Group Secret member Jeon Hyosung (Jun Hyosung) proves you don’t need to be supermodel tall to have jaw-dropping body proportions. The photo above was posted on an online community recently under the title, “Unexpectedly good body proportions of Jeon Hyo Sung”

Secrets Jeon Hyosung says, I asked for paychecks for all Secret members

Secret’s Jeon Hyosung says she asked for paychecks for all Secret members as a leader. In the episode of MBC TV’s Come to Play that aired on July 9, some of the girl group leaders make guest appearances and talk about themselves

Secret"s Jeon Hyosung Says She"s More Attractive Than Look-Alike A Pink"s Jung Eun Ji

Has anyone else noticed how Secret′s Jeon Hyosung and A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji look exactly the same?Mnet′s The Beatles Code 2 will touch on the similarity in its next episode, which will feature the hottest sexy idol Secret and the ′doggy style′ singers UV

[Twitter Roundup] Secret’s Jeon Hyosung Celebrates B-day, Infinite’s Hoya Snaps a Pic With Big Star and More

Today’s edition ofTwitter Roundup was a female-stars heavy one with the likes of Han Hye Jin, Moon Geun Young and more but we’ve got a Infinite-Big Star tweet in there too! Read on for more! Secret’s Jeon Hyosung celebrated her recent birthday with cake, and lots of it

Secret's Jeon Hyosung will have a scandal with a big actor?

During MBC Music's Lunar New Year special episode “All the K-Pop”, the show conducted a fortune telling segment, “Idol Fortune King.” Seven fortune tellers were invited to look into the future of various idols who were born in 1989, the year of the snake, including Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica, Secret‘s Jeon Hyosung, and BEAST‘s Yong Joon Hyung

Secret Jeon Hyosung’s Underwear Flies off Shelves

As if shaking up the stage with her bagel girl (baby face, "glamorous" body) figure isn’t enough, Secret’s Jeon Hyosung is spiking sales for lingerie brand Yes. Jeon Hyosung signed an exclusive contract with Yes earlier this year, and it appears the brand is seeing positive results

Secret"s Jeon Hyosung Shows Off Her Curves in Her Solo Performance

Jeon Hyosung shook up Singapore not only with her performance, but also her perfect voluptuous figure. TS Entertainment released a video of Jeon Hyosung′s solo performance from the group′s first exclusive concert held in Singapore on March 29

Secret’s Jeon Hyosung Wants to Get Married at the Age of 32

On April 9, Secret’s Jeon Hyosung appeared as a special guest on KBS’s “Generation Sympathy Saturday.” During the show, the topic of Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s recent marriage and pregnancy was discussed

Secret"s Jeon Hyosung Apologizes for Using a Controversial Term on Radio

Secret′s Jeon Hyosung apologized for using the term ′democratization′ on radio.On May 14, she tweeted an apology starting, "Hello. This is Secret′s leader Jeon Hyosung." She continued, "I wish to apologize for using a controversial term on today′s Choi Hwa Jung′s Power Time

Secret"s Jeon Hyosung Apologizes Again for "Democratization" Controversy

Jeon Hyosung again apologized in a longer letter of apology regarding the ′democratization′ controversy.On May 20, Jeon Hyosung tweeted, "Hello. This is Secret′s Jeon Hyosung. I am so sorry I caused concern with my careless words some time ago

Oh Ji Ho, Secret′s Jeon Hyosung, Oh Ji Eun and More Gather for ′Cheo Yong′

preview nextview 1/10 preview nextview Oh Ji Ho will play Yoon Cheo Yong, a detective who can see and hear ghosts The stars of upcoming OCN drama Cheoyong gathered to greet press at the Yeongdeungpo CGV in Seoul on February 4

Secret's Jeon Hyosung Looks Youthful in Comeback Selca Photo

Girl group Secret’s Jeon Hyosung has posted a beautiful selca photo on her instagram page with the message “Comeback D-1 I do I do♥.” The picture was posted on December 11, and it shows the graceful singer in a cute white blouse

Secret’s Hyosung Scares Fans with No Makeup Photo

On January 13, Secret’s Hyosung scared her fans with a sweet message and photo! “I’m heading back to Korea now. Who is that person in the photo that looks totally different from yesterday? Did you know? Today is Friday the 13th

Jeon Ji Hyun's Favorite Hat

A-list actress Jeon Ji Hyun has been featured in the most fashionable magazine spreads and has dressed in haute couture. But she has one item in her closet that she has not gone without for the past six years

SECRET’s Hyosung reveals a makeup-free selca

SECRET‘s Hyosung recently revealed her fresh, makeup-free face! On January 13th, Hyosung shared a new selca on Twitter and wrote, “I’m heading back to Korea now, but who is this in this picture?” She continued, “Did you know? Today is Friday the 13th and my birthday (October 13th, 1989) was also on a Friday

SECRET’s Hyosung impresses with her glamorous figure

Rookie idol group B.A.P certainly made a splash at their debut showcase yesterday, but fellow TS Entertainment labelmate Hyosung also made an impression with fans as well. SECRET came on as special guests for B

Secret Member Jun Hyosung, “Who says I can’t take self-camera pictures?”

Secret, Jun Hyosung, Japan, self camera, pictures, album Group Secret's member Jun Hyosung revealed picture of herself and caught the attention of fans. On the 2nd, Jun Hyosung posted two pictures of herself on her twitter account, along with the comments, "Who says I can't take self-camera pictures? So what if I'm not good at it

4Minute’s ‘Double Yoon’, Jeon JiYoon and Huh GaYoon’s cutie contest

4Minute members Jeon Jiyoon and Huh Gayoon revealed their ‘Double Yoon’ cutie selcas. Jeon Jiyoon tweeted some pictures on December 23rd tagged, “Double Yoon TV.” In the pictures, Jeon Jiyoon is wearing a blue winter hat and Huh Gayoon is wearing a red winter hat looking as cute as can be

4Minute Kwon so Hyun & Jeon Ji Yoon ‘Picture quality competition’

Girl group 4Minute’s Jeon Ji Yoon and Kwon So Hyun went head on in a competition with their beauties. Jeon Ji Yoon tweeted on December 1st, “Kwon Sso and Jjeon Ji’s picture quality competition” along with 2 pictures

Secret, Jun Hyosung wishes you a happy new year & G.Na proves their friendship

Secret member Jun Hyosung sent out a lunar new year’s greetings. Jun Hyosung tweeted on January 22nd, “Everyone, are you spending a great new year’s holidays?” I will wish for you to have a prosperous new year and for this year to be full of only good things>__< kee I will give you the power of the dragon since it's the year of the black dragon+_+!! Let's Secret time