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Loen Tree Releases MV for “Sea of Moonlight” feat. IU and FIESTAR

With Loen Tree‘s project album “Summer Story” album being released on July 28, their first music video has been released! After revealing the teaser for IU and FIESTAR‘s “Sea of Moonlight” a few days ago, the full music video was posted online today

IU happy to receive autograph from FIESTAR’s Cheska

IU is helping promote her fellow label mates, Loen Entertainment‘s new girl group, FIESTAR. On August 5th, IU visited the set of the group’s new music video and then tweeted the above photo via her official Twitter page, “On the set for FIESTAR‘s MV shoot

Girl group FIESTAR releases new concept photos and will debut at the end of the month

Upcoming girl group FIESTAR has finally announced their debut date. FIESTAR is a new 6-member girl group that will debut under LOEN Entertainment, who houses such artists like IU and Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in

Girl group FIESTAR reveals concept photos for their upcoming debut

Upcoming girl group FIESTAR has finally revealed concept photos and announced their debut date. FIESTAR is a new 6-member girl group that will debut under LOEN Entertainment, who houses artists like IU and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in

FIESTAR reveals dance cover video of SHINee's "Lucifer"

The six-member girl group FIESTAR is definitely increasing everyone's anticipation for their debut. As LOEN Entertainment's newest girl group, FIESTAR has already released individual member portraits along with concept teaser images

Upcoming Girl Group FIESTAR Reveals Their Dance Practice Video to SHINee's "Lucifer"

LOEN Entertainment’s upcoming girl group FIESTAR released a short dance practice video today featuring SHINee‘s Lucifer.” Since “Lucifer” was one of the most popular and complicated dances of the past few years, it seems like a good song choice for a rookie group to show of their dancing skills

Upcoming girl group FIESTAR dances to SHINee’s “Lucifer”

FIESTAR is a new 6-member girl group that will debut under LOEN Entertainment, who houses artists like IU and Brown Eyed Girls’Ga-in. The group consists of members Jei, Linzy, Hyemi, Yezi, Cheska, and Caou Lu

FIESTAR dances to SHINee's Lucifer!

LOEN's new girls group FIESTAR released the dance practice video of Lucifer. The girls did a really good job covering SHINee's hit song,check out their amazing dancing ability below!

FIESTAR releases videos featuring Yezi and Cheska's rap

In preparation for their upcoming debut at the end of the month, girl group FiESTAR has released a short teaser video showcasing the talents of their members Yezi and Cheska. Yezi is shown presenting a short rap

FIESTAR releases Yezi’s rap cover of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” ft. Lil Mama

After treating the fans with the group’s cover of SHINee’s “Lucifer”, Loen Entertainment’s upcoming girl group FIESTAR released new cover video featuring member Yezi. Released via Loen Entertainment official Youtube channel, the video shows Yezi performing the rap cover of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” (featuring Lil Mama)

Girl group FIESTAR to pre-release a song featuring Tiger JK

Loen Entertainment’s upcoming girl group FIESTAR will be collaborating with the hip hop legend, Tiger JK on August 24 KST! On August 23, FIESTAR’s official Twitter announced: {#FIESTAR } August 24th PM 12:00(KST)!! Tomorrow is the day FIESTAR will pre-release their new song Tiger JK featured! — FIESTAR (@FIESTAR6) August 23, 2012 Earlier today, FIESTAR released a video that showcased Yezi’s impressive and explosive rapping skills with her special rap cover of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” (featuring Lil Mama)

FIESTAR will pre-release track "Wicked" ft. Tiger JK

Girl group FIESTAR, who is under IU's agency LOEN Entertainment, will be releasing a track ahead of their debut this month with the track called "Wicked." According to LOEN Entertainment, FIESTAR's "Wicked" single will be released on August 24th at midnight on online music sites Mnet, Melon and more

FIESTAR releases "Wicked" single featuring Tiger JK

Ahead of the release of their debut album, LOEN Entertainment's girl group FIESTAR has pre-release their single "Wicked" featuring rapper Tiger JK. "Wicked" showcases a variety of genre all in one in an attractive and unique way

Newest Girl Group FIESTAR Will Release “Wicked”

From the same company (Loen Entertainment) as Korea’s crowned little sister, IU, newcomer FIESTAR will debut with their single “Wicked” on August 24. “Wicked” is a unique song with strong charms drawing influences from Moombahton, a fusion of reggae and house music

FIESTAR releases digital single ”Wicked” ft. Tiger JK

Ahead of their official debut, Loen Entertainment’s FIESTAR pre-released their digital single “Wicked” featuring the hip hop legend, Tiger JK. According to their agency, Tiger JK initially declined the offer to be featured in FIESTAR’s song

FIESTAR to debut on next week's "Show! Music Core"

FIESTAR, LOEN Entertainment’s new girl group, will make their official debut on Music Core! A teaser video announcing the group's debut next week was recently shown on last night's Show! Music Core, featuring concept images of the six members

IU’s label mate, FIESTAR and Tiger JK collaborated together

Before the first public appearance of FIESTAR, IU‘s label mate, performed, this group cooperated with Tiger JK and issued a song together. Tiger JK recognized that FIESTAR can develop in the future and after hearing Yezi‘s rap, she agreed to recorde the song with the group

Loen TV features FIESTAR and Tiger JK's first meeting

After pre-releasing a track titled "Wicked," new girl group FIESTAR and Tiger JK have been featured on Loen TV. FIESTAR and Tiger JK's first meeting was highlighted in the clip, as they exchanged words of encouragement about the song

FIESTAR releases MV teaser for "Vista" ft. JYJ's Kim Junsu

FIESTAR has released the first music video teaser for their upcoming debut! The new LOEN Entertainment girl group FIESTAR - Jei, Linzy, Yezi, Hyemi, Cheska and Cao Lu - is set to release their debut single on August 31st, and has already pre-released the single "Wicked" featuring Tiger JK, teasing fans

Upcoming Girl Group FIESTAR Releases Teaser for "Vista"

LOEN Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group FIESTAR released their teaser for “VISTA” today. In the beginning, the girls see JYJ‘s Junsu walk by as they are seemingly waiting to go on stage to perform