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Girls’ Generation Chuseok Hanbok wallpaper

SNSD members in Hanbok dress for the Chuseok Festival.Endorsement pic from Vita500.Click picture for full size wallpaper (1200×800). Credit: Vita500 & Snsdpics

SNSD Taeyeon LG Cyon wallpaper

Wallpapers: 800×600 / 1024×768 / 1280×800 Credits: Yurui (Korean)

SNSD SPAO wallpaper

SNSD wallpapers for SPAO. Wallpapers:1024×768 // 1280×1024. More wallpapers at YeinJee’s Asian Blog (with Super Junior too).

YoonA S-Oil Chuseok wallpaper

YoonA looks so pretty in Hanbok! Download:1024×768 // 1280×1024 // 1920×1200 Credits: YeinJee

Cool IU uses the ‘embarrassing photos’ as laptop wallpaper

Singer IU could not be more zen about the attacks of some of the netizens regarding her ‘embarrassing photos’. The co-producer of the 2nd album, Kim Jin Myung tweeted on January 5th, “Zen IU proof shot

Ever Feel The Urge To Change Your Computer Screen Wallpaper Today ?

If the answer is “yes”, then have I got some Great alternatives for you . As we all know, the 9 ladies of SNSD were recently chosen to be advertising models for the Korean gaming brand “Freestyle Sports“

A 2NE1 wallpaper for Valentine’s Day from our friends at BoxHead Studio!

Our friends over at BoxHead Studio wanted to show their love for allkpop by gifting a 2NE1 wallpaper to spruce up the desktops of our readers for Valentine’s Day!You can download the wallpaper below in various sizes


Launch Entertainment is proud to present, Korean YouTube sensation Jayesslee, who are coming back to Singapore by popular demand for their Asia tour this coming May. Clocking over 300,000 channel subscribers on YouTube since their cyber debut in 2009, Janice and Sonia have captivated audiences all over with performances in many countries, including sold out shows in Thailand and Singapore

CLARA C covers “Isn’t She Lovely” with Jayesslee

Charming musician CLARA C shared an acapella cover of Stevie Wonder‘s ”Isn’t She Lovely” featuring duo Jayesslee on her Youtube channel! It’s obvious that the girls enjoyed the jam session as much as fans probably will listening to it

Dr. Jin Character Wallpaper

is now available on

Avengers assemble wallpaper

Great movie. Who didn't love the Hulk? full size:

Avengers - Thor wallpaper

His fight with Iron Man was epic! full size:

Avengers wallpaper - Hulk

He is green.He is mean.Love him full size:

Avengers wallpaper - Hawkeye

He is cooler in the wallpaper than the movie lol full size:

Dark Knight Rises wallpaper - Bane

Cannot wait! full size:

Avengers wallpaper

How I met your mother star Cobie Smulders full size: