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Super Junior Dong Hae And Eun Hyuk to Release Japanese Song

On the 10th, the official site of the Oricon reported that Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk are scheduled to release their first duet song "Oppa Take-off" (떳다 오빠) on April 4th in Japan. The song is from their "Super Junior World Tour - Super Show 4" performance the two created together, which gained a lot of popularity

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk to Unleash “Oppa Oppa” Japanese Version

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk will perform as a duo in Japan. They will release a Japanese version of their hit single “Oppa Oppa” on April 5. On February 12, Super Junior’s Donghae tweeted, “Currently we are filming ‘Oppa Oppa,’ the Elf Oppas have arrived~” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Dong Hae and Eunhyuk wearing aviators

Super Junior to release Japanese version of “Opera”

Via tokyohive: Super Junior has revealed that they will be releasing their new Japanese single, “Opera“, on May 9th. This dance number has already been performed during the boys’ live concert tour, “SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW 4′“

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk release first Japanese single

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhuk are hot in Japan. Donghae and Eunhyuk released their first single Oppa, Oppa on April 4 in Japan and ranked second on the Oricon daily chart. The two stars will hold a mini live event on April 11 at Shibuya AX Hall in Tokyo to celebrated the release of their single

Fancam preview of Super Junior’s 3rd Japanese single “Opera” revealed

On April 11th, Super Junior members Donghae and Eunhyuk held a special mini live event at the Shibuya AX Hall in Tokyo to celebrate the release of their “Oppa Oppa” single in Japan. The single reached #2 on the Oricon Weekly ranking At this event, a video teaser was played of Super Junior’s 3rd Japanese single, “Opera“

Super Junior’s official Japanese “Opera” music video teaser revealed

Earlier, we reported on a fancam preview of Super Junior‘s 3rd Japanese single, “Opera”, which left ELF anticipating the boys’ Japanese comeback. Although we still have some time to go before the official release, fans are in for another treat as the teaser for the “Opera” music video has been officially released

[VIDEO] Super Junior releases Japanese “Opera” MV short version

Hallyu group Super Junior previously revealed that they will be releasing a Japanese version of “Opera”. After releasing a preview of the PV earlier this month, the boys released a short version music video for their upcoming single

Super Junior’s Japanese single “Opera” debuts at #3

Yesterday, Super Junior released their latest Japanese single, “Opera“.The Oricon Daily Singles Chart has been released and Super Junior’s “Opera” debuted in the 3rd slot by selling 54,331 copies

Super Junior releases 3rd Japanese single, "Opera"

On May 9th, Super Junior successfully released their 3rd Japanese single, "Opera." "Opera" is a track originally released in South Korea on their 5th album, "Mr. Simple." Upon its release on May 9th, "Opera" ranked 3rd on the daily Oricon single charts with 54,331 units sold

Super Junior still a Japanese favorite

By selling more than 54,331 copies of its new single "Opera" on the day of its release, Super Junior came in third place on the daily Oricon chart in Japan on Wednesday. The next day, an additional 15,608 copies of the album were sold, helping the band maintain the same position

Super Junior Tops Japanese Oricon Chart

After the release of their latest single, “Opera,”Super Junior has taken over the Japanese Oricon charts! “Opera” first landed on the third spot and remained there for five days until it reached #1 on May 14, besting popular Japanese acts, Arashi and NMB48

Super Junior’s Siwon shares photo of Japanese nobleman that resembles Eunhyuk

Super Junior‘s Siwon revealed a photo of Eunhyuk‘s look-alike via Twitter. On May 23rd, Siwon uploaded the above photo and wrote, “A Japanese fan sent me this photo. This terminates all of Eunhyuk’s look-alikes

Super Junior's Kangin to Star in Japanese Musical Version of K-Drama "Goong"

Super Junior’s Kangin plans to make his comeback through Japanese musical version of “Goong,” or “Palace.” A representative revealed that Kangin was cast as a major role. The musical will take place at Tokyo Gotanda U-Port Hall on September 1

Super Junior's Japanese version of "Sexy, Free & Single" track and MV recording complete

Set to be releasing their sixth Korean album this July, Super Junior revealed that they have also finished recording the Japanese version of "Sexy, Single & Free" along with its music video. At the press conference for Mnet's "20's Choice Awards," Super Junior revealed that they recorded the Japanese version of their new and upcoming title track, along with some other tracks in the album

From Super Junior to KARA, SNSD to TVXQ, Japanese Stars Have Fallen in Love with Korean Celebrities!

super junior, kara, girls generation, TVXQ It has been pointed out that the Korean Wave has slowed down. However, every time a K-Pop celebrity releases an album in Japan, it is always ranked high on the Oricon charts and appear on Japan variety shows as well

Super Junior releases the Japanese version of Sexy, Free & Single

Boy group Super Junior will continue being active in Japan. On July 17, SM Entertainment said that the group will release their fourth Japanese single Sexy, Free & Single on August 22. It has been about three months since their single Opera was released in May

[NEWS] Super Junior Kangin offered to star in Japanese musical

After completing his two-year mandatory military service last April, Super Junior’s Kangin may make his comeback as he’s been tapped to play the lead role in a Japanese musical. An official from SM Entertainment stated on June 11th, “Kangin has been offered the lead role in the Japanese version of ‘Goong’ though we are still in discussions on whether he will take on the role or not

Super Junior releases Japanese version of "Sexy, Free & Single" MV

After enjoying much success with "Sexy, Free & Single" in Korea, Super Junior has now revealed the Japanese version of the music video for the upcoming release of their 4th Japanese single. The single will be released on August 22nd, and will include an additional track, "Our Love," along with the Korean version of "Sexy, Free & Single

Super Junior member Yesung celebrated his 29th birthday with Japanese ELFs

On August 24th, Super Junior‘s Yesung celebrated his 29th birthday (Korean age). As the members of Super Junior are in Yokohama, Japan for their ELF-JAPAN FAN MEETING 2012, Yesung shared his thoughts on celebrating his final birthday in his twenties

Japanese Fans are Disappointed with Super Junior Siwon's Thoughts About Dokdo

Super Junior, Siwon, Japan Japan Fans are Disappointed with Super Junior Siwon's Thoughts About Dokdo Japan fans are disappointed with Super Junior Siwon's thoughts on the Dokdo issue. On August 10, Siwon wrote on his twitter, "Dokdo is our land and we should put our lives at stake to protect it