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IU To Delay Concert Ticket Sales Due To Ferry Tragedy

Singer IU, who was to begin ticket sales for her concert on April 17, has delayed it due to the ferry tragedy.

IU posted an announcement stating that due to the ferry incident, they planned to delay the ticket sales and that they would post another announcement later with updates.

They hope that fan will understand their choice due to the unfortunate event that has taken place recently.

IU will be holding her concert on May 22.

IU to postpone the ticketing for her upcoming theatre concert due to the ferry accident

IU to join in the mourning of the ferry tragedy by postponing the ticketing for her upcoming concert at Sogang University.

Her upcoming concert at Sogang University was previously scheduled to open the ticketing today on April 17th. A representative from the agency said,"We sincerely apologize for all the fans who have been waiting for the ticketing to open. In addition, for everyone who is still missing in the ferry accident, we are also wishing for you all to come back safely"

For more information, IU is going to hold concert at Sogang University's Mary Hall with a concept as a small theatre performance, and the purpose to to interact more with the audience while providing quality music.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Sohee and EXO’s Xiumin?

They’ve been known to look alike, but Sohee‘s and EXO‘s Xiumin‘s uncanny resemblance is quite noticeable when compared side by side. Some of the major features that have highlighted the similarities had to do with the cat-like facial features. As both Sohee and Xiumin are known for their monolid eyes, arched brows, and chubby cheeks, it’s no wonder that the two have constantly been compared for their similarities.

Furthermore, when placed side by side, you can’t help but do a double take to distinguish the two apart from each other. With the EXO members even agreeing to the resemblance on a past “Weekly Idol” appearance, it would be a hilarious moment if the two were ever to be seen standing next to each other.

What are you thoughts? Do you thin Sohee and Xiumin look alike?

Source: Korean Fancafe

RHONJ Teresa And Joe Giudice Guilty Reactions Outrage On The Web As Real Housewives Of New Jersey Stars Receive Slap On The Wrist Jail Sentences


RHONJ Teresa And Joe Giudice Guilty plea deal has caused a huge pouring of emotions across the internet. People are becoming outraged that the Giudice pair managed to dodge a bullet because they have money! There is quite a flurry of angry reactions on the web due to the realization that now Teresa and Joe will most likely be given a tiny little slap on the wrist for their crimes when the Giudice pair really deserve to be treated like every criminal out there. But they are famous and have money, no matter how it was obtained, so the RHONJ stars are getting off way too easy. The RHONJ stars are admitting that they"re guilty of fraud so why should they not get years in prison?! And the comments about Joe and Teresa Giudice show that most people are disturbed by our legal system. Any publication that reported on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars guilty plea deal has had strong responses from readers

IU, “I Confessed Last Year To Someone I Liked… I Will Not Say What The Result Was”

Singer IU revealed that she confessed to the guy she likes last year. (Photo : enews)

Singer IU revealed that she confessed to the guy she likes last year.

In MBC FM4U "FM Music Plaza" aired yesterday, IU came out as a temporary DJ. After reading the story of liking someone one way, IU said, "I don"t have much experience of one way love. I haven"t liked that many people first."

Then she said, "But the feeling of one way love was good. Whether they receive my feelings or not, the fact that I could like someone that much was something so happy to me."

When the guest asked, "Did you confess?" she said, "Yes, I did. When I like someone, I confess. That was last year." But she did not reveal who it was and what happened afterwards, arousing curiosity.

Photo Credit: eNEWS

IU, “I confessed to my crush last year”

Singer IU revealed on radio that she confessed to her crush last year.

She appeared on the MBC FM 4U 'FM Music City" and said, "I've never liked anyone first before".

"I did have a crush though. It was great. It was great to have a crush on someone. I didn't care if that person felt the same way about me but it felt good to know that I could have a crush on someone".

Heo Kyeong-hwan asked, "Did you tell him?" and IU said, "I did. I always do if I have a crush on someone and that was last year". She didn't say what happened after that.

IU continued, "I don't know what's better, being loved or being able to love. I like whoever I like and I am also the type to fall in love easily".

IU showed off her talent as a radio DJ and said, "I don't drink much and if I do, I like to drink sweet ones

Singer IU: “If I like someone, I confess my feelings.”

IU revealed that she is bold when it comes to love, even a one-sided love, and revealed that she had confessed to her crush last year.

IU was the special DJ on the April 14th broadcast of MBC FM4U“s “Music City” and when the topic of one-sided love was brought up, IU shared, “I don”t have much experience with one-sided love. I don”t tend to like someone first.”

“But I did have a one-sided love before. I really liked him. The feeling of a one-sided love was really nice. Whether that person felt the same way about me or not, I was really happy to like someone that much.”

When comedian guest Heo Kyung Hwan asked, “Did you confess?”, IU shared, “I confessed. If I like someone, I confess my feelings.” Hearing her bold statement, Heo Kyung Hwang responded, “Ah but we won”t reveal when this happened

IU Says She Confessed Her Feelings for Someone Last Year

Singer IU recently revealed that she confessed her feelings for someone just last year!

On April 14, IU was the DJ for a day on MBC FM4U radio program’s “FM Music City.”

On the topic of one-sided love, IU admitted, “There was a time (when I experienced one-sided love). I really liked that person. It felt really great experiencing a one-sided love. I was happy to be able to have such feelings for someone, regardless of whether they could accept them or not.”

At this, guest comedian Heo Kyung Hwan commented, “Did you end up confessing?” to which IU replied, “I did confess. If I like someone, I tell that person. That was last year.” However, IU did not reveal how the person responded to her confession.

When asked whether she was happier “receiving love” or “loving someone,” IU said, “The truth is…I still don’t know yet

IU Confessed to Man She Had a Crush on Last Year

IU revealed that she confessed her love to a man.

IU attended MBC FM4U’s FM Music City as one-day DJ on April 14.

After introducing a story about having a crush, she shared, “I don’t have many experiences of liking someone first.”

Then she went on to share that she did have a crush recently and even confessed her feelings.

IU reminisced, “I liked the feeling of liking someone. No matter whether he accepted my love or not, I felt happy to just like someone that much.”

When comedian Heo Kyung Hwan asked IU if she ever confessed, she answered, “I did. I confess when I like someone. This was last year.”

But IU chose not to reveal who the man was or what happened after her confession.

Photo credit: enews

Chae Shi Ra poses for the cover of “Beautiful Premium”


Actress Chae Shi Ra showed off her sexy charisma in a fashion shoot. Actress Chae Shi Ra covered for the first issue of the fashion magazine Beautiful Premium.

The fashion shoot was created with the theme “Beautiful charisma” in mind. Chae Shi Ra wore minimalist styled dresses and other clothes, with dark eye shadows and bold accessories.