Keyword: Is Amber From Fx A Girl Or Boy

f(x)’s Amber with Long Hair? Nope, It’s Just her...

Recently, photos of f(x)’s Amber with her sister have surfaced various online communities. Titled “Amber’s Sister Revealed: They Look Alike,” the photos show Amber fooling around with her sister at a clothing store

f(x)’s Amber poses with her older sister

Netizens have discovered pictures of f(x)‘s Amber and her older sister! An online community board shared two pictures of the siblings posing inside a clothing store. The post read, “Which one is Amber and which one her unni? I thought it was two Ambers at first, with one wearing a long wig! They’re not even twins, so how can they look so alike? The power of genes!” Netizens commented back, “Her sister is just as pretty,” “They look so alike, are you sure they aren’t twins?” and “I hope she makes her debut too like Jessica and Krystal

miss A’s Jia, Min, and f(x)’s Amber have a sleepover

On January 12th, miss A‘s Jia shared a fun photo of herself with fellow member Min and f(x)‘s Amber on her personal Weibo (a Chinese SNS site). In the accompanying caption, Jia wrote, “I want to sleep~ Stop being noisy! Have a good night

f(x)’s Amber shows her support for Brian Joo’s ‘Inkigayo’ comeback

On January 29th, singer Brian Joo made a comeback on SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ with “Let This Die”. Prior to his performance, he received a visit from his good friend, f(x)‘s Amber! Brian tweeted a few photos and wrote, “f(x)’s Amber & my boy Jeremiah J Davis came to support me for my SBS comeback

Krystal & Amber Oh! Boy

f(x)’s Krsytal and Amber on Oh! Boy magazine. Credits: As tagged & Yeinjee

Amber is back with f(x)

f(x) has revealed a picture of all five members finally be seen together. The picture shows the members standing in a line in what looks like their rehearsal room.This is the first official glimpse fans have received of the completed group in almost seven months due to Amber taking a leave of absence to treat her ankle injury

f(x) members Krystal, Amber, and Sulli play the human domino

Group f(x) reveals a playful photo. Krystal wrote a short message along with the photo above on the 1st, “We’ve collapsed from the exhaustion of having practiced for the end of the year ceremonies”

f(x) Amber and sister together but “Which one is Amber?”

Girl Group f(x) member Amber‘s sister’s picture has been revealed drawing attention. Recently on an online community board, a picture was posted tagged, ‘Amber’s real sister revealed

Invincible Youth, Suzy & Amber make kimchi together

Miss A’s Suzy and f(x) member Amber, who are also 2 of the G8 members on KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth 2′, made kimchi together looking cute together. In the pictures revealed on December 16th by the production staff of ‘Invincible Youth 2′, Suzy and Amber are making kimchi together and they seem to go about it pretty seriously

F(x) Seoli and Amber, Who is Cuter?

F(x) Amber put up a self shot picture of herself and Seoli on her Metoday. She commented, "I am Ambbbbbbbbbber, with Seolli,  Ribbon Party in Taiwan,;s a" In the picture, Seoli and Amber are wearing huge ribbons on theri heads, and playing "ppuing ppuing," a cute gesture that recently became popular among Korean youngsters

f(x)’s Sulli & Amber say “Bboing Bboing” for the camera

The groupmates of the original “Bboing Bboing~” girl have decided to show some aegyo of their own! On February 3rd, f(x)‘s Amber revealed a selca she took with Sulli through her me2day account

f(x)’s Amber and Sulli Rock the “Bboing Bboing”’ Pose

On February 3, f(x)’s Amber wrote on her me2day account, “kekeke I’m Amberrrr with Sulli... Having a ribbon party in Taiwan with ^^;;” and posted a cute selca with Sulli. In the photo, both of them are posing with an over-sized ribbon and adorable facial expressions

T-rax Jung Mo and f(x) Amber shows off their friendship and support for 'Opera Star'

Jung Mo and Amber came together to watch the live stage of 'Opera Star'. On the 10th Jung Mo posted on his Twitter 'We came to watch tvN 'Opera Star'. They labeled out seats for us. Everyone watch the show

Jewelry’s Yewon snaps a photo with “kitty Amber”

Jewelry‘s Yewon and f(x)‘s Amber have brought out their aegyo for some new selcas. On February 16th, Yewon tweeted, “I started to eat red ginseng yesterday! Health is the best! Come to me, red ginseng strength

"Invincible Youth" Kim Ye Won and Amber Selcas Together

Girl group Jewelry member, Kim Ye Won, and f(x)’s Amber showed off their lovely charms. Kim Ye Won uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption: “I started eating ginseng since yesterday! Being healthy is the best! Ginseng power activate

f(x) Crystal and Amber "It Should Be Illegal To Be This Cute"

On the 21st of February, Crystal uploaded a post on her personal me2day page.  The me2day post read, "Being cute to each other" and uncluded 2 sets of 4 photos; they were 4 photos of Amber and 4 photos of Crystal

f(x)’s Krystal shares a photo collage with Amber

f(x)‘s Krystal recently shared a couple photo collage with Amber. On February 21st, Krystal posted on me2day, “Aegyo to each other…ha…”, with the collage attached. In the photos, Amber and Krystal are making the same cute faces and poses in the opposing photos

f(x)’s Krystal and Amber Show Off Their Aegyo

On February 21, f(x)’s Krystal uploaded a photo collage of herself and fellow member Amber on her me2day. She wrote, “ Aegyo to each other…Ha…,” and attached the photos. In the photos, Krystal and Amber mirrored each other’s poses and expressions

Eru’s dad Tae Jin Ah chooses f(x)’s Amber as his ideal daughter-in-law

Trot singer Tae Jin Ah revealed he would like f(x)’s Amber to become his daughter-in-law. Tae Jin Ah guest-featured on the most recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ and selected Amber as the person he would like to see marry his son, Eru

Fx Amber to be married?!

During the February 25th episode of "Invincible Youth Season 2" G6 members had a counseling session with the famous singer Tae Jin Ah. Tae Jin Ah confessed that "I really wish I had a daughter. I want my son Yiru to get married soon and give me a granddaughter