Is Amber From Fx A Girl Or Boy

Amber is an adorable girly girl for "SNL Korea"

Amber is an adorable girly girl for

Amber appeared as a guest host on the March 28 episode of “SNL Korea,” but she didn”t look entirely the same.

During the episode, Amber participated in a parody of the 2004 Korean movie “Windstruck” (or “Let Me Introduce You to My Girlfriend“), acting as comedian Yoo Se Yoon“s girlfriend. Wearing a long, brown wig and a baby pink shirt, Amber shocked viewers with a completely different image as she cooed to Yoo Se Yoon with aegyo phrases such as, “Ish dat sho?” and, “I wanna~.” . ... Read more

Amber Surprised Krystal With Unexpected Visit on set of "My Lovely Girl"

Amber Surprised Krystal With Unexpected Visit on set of

F(x) member Krystal is so lucky to have a great fellow group mate like Amber. Recently, Amber has shown support for Krystal as she paid her an unexpected visit on the set of SBS drama, “My Lovely Girl!”. ... Read more

Oh My Girl invites you to become "CUPID" with 1theK"s "Let"s Dance"

Oh My Girl invites you to become

Oh My Girl showed their fans how to dance through 1theK“s “Let”s Dance“!
The girls introduced themselves and their debut song “Cupid“. Arin, Hyojung, and JinE introduced their “love”s jumprope” dance. Seunghee, Jiho, and Mimi introduced the “angel”s trumpet” dance. Finally, Binnie, YooA, and Hyosung introduced their “heart target” dance. . ... Read more

[Spoiler] "Let the Girl Cry" Kim Jeong-eun, "Forget In Gyo-jin"


Kim Jeong-eun was exposed to In Gyo-jin“s indecent language and despise.

Deok-in (Kim Jeong-eun) had it rough on the episode of MBC drama “Let the Girl Cry” on the 26th. Her husband Kyeong-cheol”s (In Gyo-jin) girlfriend appeared out of nowhere and started to talk about things between her and husband and started poking where it hurt. . ... Read more

Oh My Girl (OMG) Profile

Oh My Girl (OMG) Profile

Group name: OMG / Oh My Girl (오마걸) Label: WM entertainment Debut date: April 21, 2015 on SBS MTV’s “The Show” Debut Song: Cupid
Stage name: Hyo Jung (효정) Real name: Choi Hyojung (최효정) Birth date: July 28, 1994 Hometown: Yangyang, Gangwon Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist Blood type: AB
– Winner of WM audition 2014. ... Read more

EXID wins #1 on SBS" "Inkigayo" + performances by Park Bo Ram, UNIQ, Oh My Girl & more

EXID wins #1 on SBS

SBS” “Inkigayo” aired its latest episode with energetic and fun performances from your favorite idols. Joining us were MCs Kim Yoo Jung and Hong Jong Hyun plus guest MC Park Bo Ram. . ... Read more

Rain and Krystal’s "My Lovely Girl" to air in the PH on April 27! + trailer

Rain and Krystal’s

One of the Philippine TV networks, ABS-CBN, will be showing SBS” drama “My Lovely Girl.”

“My Lovely Girl” is a 2014 Korean drama that featured Rain and f(x)“s Krystal. Now, the Filipino viewers can watch it already as it will start airing its Tagalized version on April 27th.. ... Read more

[Spoiler] Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama "The Girl Who Sees Smells"

[Spoiler] Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama

Added episode 8 captures for the Korean drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells” (2015)Directed by Baek Soo-chanWritten by Lee Hee-myeongNetwork : SBSWith Park Yoo-chun, Sin Se-kyeong, Nam Goong-min, Yoon Jin-seo, Lee Won-jong, Song Jong-ho,…20 episodes – Wed, Thu 22:00Also known as “The Girl Who Can See Smell” and “Sensory Couple”SynopsisBased on a web-toon of the same title, depicting a story about a man who cannot feel any senses after losing his younger sister through the “Barcode murder case” three years ago, and a girl who has a supersense and survived the same incident, but lost all of her memories before the event.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/04/01 . ... Read more

Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) is both casual and suited up for "Vogue Girl"

Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) is both casual and suited up for

And the fashion spreads for Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) keep coming in, as he”s also featured in the latest issue of “Vogue Girl“!

On April 24, Mystic Entertainment“s label APOP revealed the photos of Thunder lounging in casual clothing with a guitar in one photo, and doing a complete 180 in a denim suit by a fancy wooden fireplace in another. He looks good in both types of look we can”t choose which one we like better! . ... Read more

[Drama Review] "The Girl Who Can See Smells" - Episode 8

[Drama Review]

We”re finally seeing good things happen. Cho Rim is starting to recover from the amnesia, and there”s some progress with our OTP. What could be better?

. ... Read more