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Whatbecomes (Who Accused Tablo Regarding Stanford) Allegations Against Insooni's Daughter Proved False

In December, after singer Insooni was notified of her daughter's acceptance into the prestigious Stanford University in the States, her daughter was also criticized and cyber attacked by an online community called Tajinyo

Insooni Opens Up on Her Father and Her Past on "Star Life Theater"

Legendary singer Insooni spoke about her search for her father and traced her steps through life on the March 5 episode of KBS 2TV's "Star Life Theater." In this episode, Insooni attended the graduation ceremony at her old school

Veteran singer Insooni shows off her S-line for ‘Super Diva 2012′

A breath-taking photo of veteran singer Insooni (55) has surprised netizens. Scheduled to release its first episode on March 23rd, tvN‘s new audition program ‘Super Diva 2012‘ has recently released a still photo of the veteran singer, who will be one of the four judges on the program

Insooni’s daughter who will be attending Stanford University to be revealed!

Veteran singer Insooni recently revealed her beloved daughter in public for the first time. The October 2nd broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Good Morning‘ featured Insooni and her daughter, Park Se In. Park Se In will be attending Stanford University, so the camera followed singer Insooni helping her daughter pack for her trip to America

SECRET, B.A.P, Insooni, Jo Sung Mo, and more team up to sing “Beautiful World”

The W-Foundation, which is active under Korea’s Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, recently held their campaign titled ‘IF LOVE EARTH, TAKE ACTION’ with the aim of spreading knowledge about global warming

INFINITE H cover Insooni on ‘Immortal Song 2′

INFINITE H covered the hit song “Whenever it’s Night” on the February 2nd Insooni special of ‘Immortal Song 2‘. Before the duo appeared on stage, they stated, “The lyrics express our state of mind

Insooni Says the New Reports That State She Evaded Taxes are False

Insooni cleared up reports that she had again become involved in tax evasion, saying that they seemed to had misunderstood a different lawsuit she was currently heading. On March 4, a media outlet reported that "the National Tax Service is currently looking into suspicions that Insooni avoided paying taxes by declaring an income that is much less than what she really earns

Insooni Being Investigated for Tax Evasion Again

The National Tax Service caught evidences suggesting singer Insooni‘s tax evasion and started investigating. Previously in last year, the National Tax Service already summoned Insooni as they caught a large omission in her tax report