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Hwa Young's Breast Exposed On TV- Can It Happen Again? Yes

t-ara, hwayoung Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time. They are largely the result of clothing that is too revealing. With flimsy fabrics that only cover small portions of the star's body, anything can happen

Stars Attend Breast Cancer Campaign "Love Your W" Event

On October 20 at 5:30 PM, the "W Korea" magazine held a breast cancer campaign event called "Love Your W" at The Raum, located in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.  This year marks the 6th anniversary for the "Love Your W" event and many top stars have attended to show their support for this cause

Yoo Inna joins fantasy romance Queen In-hyun’s Man

Yeah, that’s not confusing Via Review StarYeah, that’s not confusingAlthough my knee-jerk reaction to hearing about this drama’s premise was to sigh (another fantasy sageuk time-jump fusion action-melo-romance?), I’m hoping Queen In-hyun’s Man has got some major tricks up its sleeves to differentiate itself from the higher-profile Rooftop Prince, which premieres firstIn his own time period, his family is wrongly accused and killed; he’s the sole survivor and a supporter of Queen In-hyun, who has fallen out of powerQueen In-hyun’s Man will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama on tvN, premiering in mid-April

Yoo Inna reveals bed-time selcas

On April 13th, actress Yoo Inna uploaded a photo of herself on her me2day, saying, "Sleeping well? Attending school regularly? You might be sleeping late because you're playing with me. I've awakened after a good night's sleep! Had sweet dreams

Davichi's Kang Min Kyung Is Hurt Because of Breast Implant Allegations

Recently, pictures of Davcihi’s Kang Min Kyung in Supernova’s MV for “Stupid Love” are gaining attention because her breasts look larger than past pictures. An online community board recently put up the pictures comparing Kang Min Kyung with the title, “Kang Min Kyung’s past body which is a bit different from hers now

Actor Ji Hyunwoo confesses his love for Yoo Inna

Actor Ji Hyunwoo recently confessed his love for Yoo Inna -- not in a scene out of a drama, but in real life. On June 7th, the two stars attended a fan meeting timed to coincide with the last episode of "Queen Inhyun's Man

Super Junior Kangin's Diet Meal Plan, 'Chicken Breast + Salmon'

kangin, super junior, twitter Super Junior Kangin's Diet Meal Plan, 'Chicken Breast + Salmon' Group Super Junior member Kangin shared his diet plan with fans. On June 13, Kangin posted on his twitter, "My eyes look alive, right? Do you feel anything?" along with a picture

[Spoiler] "Dr. JIN" Park Min-yeong has breast cancer prior to wedding

Evidence implicated that actress Park Min-yeong was going to die from breast cancer in "Dr. JIN". MBC weekend drama "Dr. JIN" showed bold Hong Yeong-rae (Park Min-yeong) who dreamt of being the first female doctor in the Chosun, being diagnosed with breast cancer from Jin Hyeok (Song Seung-heon)

Park Ji Min Reveals the Secret to Her Beauty, "Chicken Breast and Broccoli Diet" KpopStarz

Park Ji Min, K-pop star, audition, debut Park Jimin Beauty Secret On the July 11th broadcast of SBS "One Night TV Entertainment," Park Ji Min was asked about the changes she's experienced since her entry into JYP  Entertainment

Lee Hyun Woo: My friends blamed me for touching Sullis breast

Lee Hyun Woo of To The Beautiful You recently said that his friends blamed him for acting with f(x)’s Sulli. On August 27, four actors, including Sulli (plays the role of Goo Jae Hee), SHINee’s Min Ho (plays the role of Kang Tae Joon), Lee Hyun Woo (plays the role of Cha Eun Kyul), and Kim Ji Won (plays the role of Sul Han Na) attended a press conference for SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series To The Beautiful You

G-Dragon set to guest host on "Yoo Inna's Turn Up the Volume"

Officially starting promotions for his new album "One of a Kind," G-Dragon is set to guest host on Yoo Inna's daily radio show. On the 18th of September, YG Entertainment confirmed that G-Dragon will be co-hosting "Yoo Inna's Turn Up the Volume" on KBS2FM this Wednesday

Lee Hyun Woo spots f(x)s Sulli binding up her breast on To The Beautiful You

Eun Gyul (played by Lee Hyun Woo) finds out that Jae Hee (played by f(x)’s Sulli) is a girl. In the fourteenth episode of SBS TV’s drama series To The Beautiful You, which aired on September 27, Eun Gyul finds out that Jae Hee is a girl

Sangchu’s chicken breast brand, ‘Or2 and Dalk’, to break through 100 million KRW in sales within one year

Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu, who has been well-known to be in tip-top physical shape, has started an online shopping store featuring his chicken breast brand, ‘Or2 and Dalk‘ since last year. The singer decided to run his very own business selling lean chicken breast – an iconic diet food to the public with a mission to help people stay fit and be healthy

Byul "How Do I Prove That I Didn't Do Breast Implants?"

Byul, Haha, SBS, Strong Heart Byul "How Do I Prove That I Didn't Do Breast Implants?" Singer Byul talked about breast implant rumors. On SBS "Strong Heart" that was aired on Tuesday, Haha's fiancée Byul showed her witty side with her stories

Kim Jung Hwa’s Mother Passes Away After Battle With Breast Cancer

Actress Kim Jung Hwa is grieving the loss of her mother. Kim Jung Hwa’s agency revealed on October 31 the actress’ mother had passed away in the morning. The agency also shared Kim Jung Hwa’s mother had long been fighting breast cancer and the tumors had returned recently

Yoon Shi Yoon clears up rumors of him staring at Park Shin Hye’s breast

Actor Yoon Shi Yoon clarifies all rumors of him looking at his co-star Park Shin Hye’s exposed skin. On the December 18th episode of “Strong Heart”, a photo showing Yoon Shi Yoon staring at (what seemed like) the breast of Park Shin Hye who was wearing a low-cut red dress, gathered much attention

G.NA refutes breast implant rumors

G.NA refuted rumors about her receiving breast surgery. On the February 6th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, she admitted to getting some work done by stating, “I had a small procedure done on my left eye

G.NA denies rumors of herself undergoing breast surgery

G.NA made a guest appearance on the February 6th broadcast of MBC’s talk show “Golden Fishery- Radio Star” alongside Kang Ye Bin, Park Eun Ji. During the show, G.NA denied all rumors of herself undergoing breast surgery, saying, “When I search my name, it always involve ‘G

Kim Jang-hoon to Sing at Breast-Cancer Event in Los Angeles

Singer Kim Jang-hoon will perform after a pink ribbon marathon in Los Angeles on Saturday. The charity event aims to raise funds for breast cancer prevention and support.The organizers asked Kim to perform there after he told them he wants to donate the proceeds from a concert in the U

IVY Responds to Rumors about Breast Augmentation

On March 24, IVY posted several pictures of herself on her blog and updated fans about her recent whereabouts and other news. In doing so, she responded to various rumors about alleged breast augmentation surgery