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Kim Hyun Joong talks about idol life and dating in an interview with Sport Seoul

Kim Hyun Joong sat down for an interview with Sports Seoul, which also happened to be on the day that Nichkhun and Tiffany went public with their relationship, making it inevitable that the veteran idol star would be asked to give his two cents on idols dating

JYJ Receiving "Best Idol Star Award" from KBS (Video Clip)

As we reported previously, in 2011 through their website KBS held a “Best Idol Star” Netizen voting event. JYJ won the “Best Idol Star” award with 58,357 votes. In order to give the award while all three members of JYJ were together, the production team from KBS went to them during a photoshoot

Airport Fashion: SNSD, MBLAQ, BEAST, Kara and Other Idol Stars Heading to the Golden Disk Awards in Japan

Airports in Korea and Japan have been hustling and bustling for the past two days due to the major outflux and influx of top idol stars traveling to the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka, Japan. For two straight days, January 11-12, the 26th Golden Disk Awards will be held

New Year Special Idol Sageuk Comedy "Crown Princess Project" to Feature 12 Female Idols

A Lunar New Year special variety program featuring an idol sageuk (historic) comedy is currently in the works. KBS has revealed that the program will be called, "The Crown Princess Project - Restoring The Royal Family" and will air as a Lunar New Year special

Boyfriend's Youngmin and Kwangmin Sport New Haircut

Boyfriend’s twin members Youngmin and Kwangmin are currently sporting new hairstyles. Their disheveled locks appeared on popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Netizens quickly caught on and wondered what the fashionable and radical haircut is for

Which Idol Star is the "Most Athletic"?

Participants in a survery held on Monkey 3 (a music site) from January 3 through January 11, titled "What Star has the Most Athletic Sense?" picked Kim Hyun Joong (from "Boys over Flowers") as the winner with 46% of the votes

Do Idol Groups Have “Central” Figures?

Do idol groups really have “central” figures? There have always been rumors of idol groups having certain “ranks” among the members, but we were never able to confirm it. But according to a recent report by OSEN, idol groups do have these “central” roles, although they are increasingly trying to get rid of the practice

G8 members Woori, Suzy, Bora, & Yewon snap a photo at the ‘Idol Star Championships’

The G8 members Jewelry‘s Kim Yewon, miss A‘s Suzy, SISTAR‘s Bora, and Rainbow‘s Go Woori snapped a few different photos together. Kim Yewon shared some of the photos above via her official Twitter page and wrote, “We met at the Idol Championships! It was tough, but it was fun ^_^* Wahoo~~~~ We’re cute, aren’t we?” The photos were taken during the MBC Lunar New Year special, ‘Idol Stars’ Track-and-Field & Swimming Championships‘

Which Female Idol Has Changed the Most?

Many female idols underwent many transformations to become who they are today. Who do you think has transformed the most since their debuts? We will first start off with f(x)’s Krystal. Her real name is Jung Soo Jung

[Infographic] K-Pop Idol Groups

(Click for full size) Some observations:2011 was definitely a big year for debuts. While I expected a lot during my research, I did not think it would reach that high a percentage. With 35 new girl groups last year, that's about three news ones a month

2AM, first Korean idol group to perform at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Japan

The members of 2AM have become the first official Korean idol group to perform at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Japan. 2AM officially kicked off their ‘2AM 1st JAPAN TOUR 2012‘ on the 24th, traveling to different cities such as Nagoya and Osaka

Maknae Gets To Meet Her Idol In Person

Do idols have idols themselves ? Well, I don’t know about other idol groups, but our 9 ladies certainly do ! Specifically speaking, our dear maknae, Seohyun certainly does . On August the 12th 2011, the Korean National Red Cross and Korean Committee for UNICEF held an inauguration ceremony for the “Help Children in Africa” project at the Seoul Plaza Hotel

[Updated] Guess Which Idol Group Tops The Japan Tower Record’s K-Pop Charts For June ?

+ Added latest news about the album’s sales status With their current popularity in Japan, it is little wonder that the angelic 9 manages once again to earn another feather for their proverbial cap of achievements

Taeyeon Achieves Most Desirable Idol Status

  Well, according to Don Spike, anyway (not that I disagree with that opinion )…  Don Spike, a famous music arranger and composer, thinks Taeyeon is the most desirable idol. Speaking with reporters at the CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong on the 29th of June 2011, Don Spike commented: “Taeyeon can really sing well

Yoona Voted Most Popular Idol Group Member

Well, being an equal opportunity SNSD member support blog-site, here now is a little something for supporters of our Deer Yoong…. On a recent episode of Arirang TV Pops In Seoul, Yoona ranked Number 1 in a poll to determine the most popular member of an idol group

SNSD= Best Idol Group in the past 5 decades?

Yes! At least according to “Death Note” Director, Shusuke Kaneko. Kaneko tweeted on January 25th: “Although I’m saying this while I’m drunk, SNSD is the best idol group in the past 50 years (among singers)”

Which female idol has the best vocals?

Korea’s TVREPORT, recently conducted a survey asking 223 University of Virginia students which idols they thought had the best vocals. Out of the female idols listed, Taeyeon came in at 2nd with 18.69% of the votes behind soloist IU, with a whopping 66

Dream High 2 addresses the harsh reality of idol life

The long anticipated second season to the KBS 2TV drama Dream High aired its pilot on January 30th. While the first season mainly consisted of the standard school-romance genre with a fame-seeker twist, the second season portrays a much more realistic view on the hard lives of idol singers

Ji Yeon on "living the life of a popular idol...", filming stopped during the show

ji yeon, shi wan, shin dong T-ara revealed the behind the stories of her celebrity life. MBC 'Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert' will feature a 'K-POP Star' special. Super Junior Shin Dong, Kara Kang Ji Young, T-ara Ji Yeon, Rainbow Kim Jae Kyung, and ZE:A Shi Wan will be sharing their behind the scenes stories

Jooyeon at MBC Idol Star Athletic Championship

After School fans pics, with Jooyeon focused (and lots of Nana too), at the MBC Idol Star Athletic & Swimming Championship 2011. Credits: Afterschooldaze, as tagged