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Rainbow’s Go Woori at the ‘Idol Swimming Olympics’

Group Rainbow’s Go Woori feels the heat of the competition. Go Woori tweeted on the 24th, “Just before the start of Idol Olympics Swimming Competition. >_< my heart is pumping hard hehe Hwaiting!!" and she revealed the photo above

MBC TVs Idol Star Olympics: Idol singers will run and run

Idol singers will again compete in sports games. MBC TV is planning to shoot Idol Star Olympics to air at the end of July. MBC TV will shoot the show on July 10 and 15, and about a hundred idol singers will participated in the competition

MBC to air ‘Idol Star Olympics’ featuring idol members from 24 groups

24 of Korea’s popular idol groups will be participating in an upcoming special, ‘MBC Idol Star Olympics‘, which will commemorate the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. ‘Idol Star Olympics‘ will see idols compete in eight events like 100 meter sprint, hurdles, long jump, high jump, relay, fencing, ping pong, and archery

‘Running Man’s Idol Olympics Idol Special Featuring Eunhyuk, Nichkhun, Jung Yong Hwa KpopStarz

Running Man, SBS, Super Junior, Eunhyuk, 2PM, Nickkhun, ZE:A, Si Wan, MBLQ, Lee Joon, CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa, BEAST, Yoon Doojoon, T-ARA, Jiyeon ‘Running Man’s Idol Olympics Idol Special Featuring Eunhyuk, Nichkhun, Jung Yong Hwa Sunday variety show "Running Man" is planning an Olympics themed special episode featuring idol singers

Idol Group EXO-K and Other Stars Participate in a Pictorial to Support London Olympics

EXO-K, London Olympics exo-k EXO-K showed their support for the 2012 London Olympics by modeling for a new pictorial with 'In Style' magazine. For August edition of the magazine, Stars support the atheletes competeing in the Olympics will focus on stars lending theirsupport to the athletes participating in the Olympics

SHINee’s Minho and Z:EA’s Dongjun to finally go head-to-head in the ‘Idol Star Olympics’!

[PIC]The well-known all-around ‘athlete-idols’, SHINee‘s Minho and Z:EA‘s Dongjun, will finally be going head to head in the MBC‘s ‘Idol Star Olympics‘! The ‘Idol Star Olympics’ being held in commemoration of the 2012 London Olympics (normally called ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’), will finally decide for once and for all the champion of the 110 meter hurdle event Minho took the gold medal in the first and second ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’ games, rising up as the powerhouse athlete to beat

SISTAR’s Bora to show archery skills on upcoming ‘Idol Star Olympics’ on MBC

SISTAR‘s Bora will showcase her archery skills on the upcoming MBC special, ’Idol Star Olympics‘. The filming on the 15th covered track and field, fencing, table tennis, and archery events in celebration of the 2012 London Olympics

2PM's Nichkhun will still appear in the upcoming MBC "Idol Star Olympics" broadcast

With his DUI incident still fresh, Nichkhun has been seeing his advertisement presence edited out, as seen in the recent Carribean Bay online advertisements. However, good news have surfaced. The footage containing Nichkhun in the upcoming broadcast of MBC's special show, "Idol Star Olympics," will still be aired

2PMs Nichkhun will still appear on MBC Idol Olympics

MBC will air Idol Olympics without editing scenes, in which Nichkhun appeared, even though he was involved in a drunk driving accident. On July 25, a senior official of MBC said, “We will air the show, which is scheduled to air on July 25 and 26, without editing scenes where Nichkhun appeared

2AM Jo Kwon vs Ze:A Kim Dong Joon in Idol Star Olympics, Who's the Winner?

2AM, Jo Kwon, Ze:A, Kim Dong Joon jo kwon kim dong joon olympics MBC's special titled, "Idol Athlete Competition," started in anticipation for the 2012 London Olympics. The sports featured in the olympics like archery, fencing, and ping pong were all included in this idol competition

"Idol Star Olympic" airs as a special episode ahead of the 2012 London Olympics!

MBC, who holds the "Idol Athletic Championship" every year, held the same event in "Idol Star Olympic" as a special episode for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics this Friday. As stars recorded for the event on July 10th and 15th, the first part has finally aired on July 25th and the second part will be aired on the 26th, 9:55 KST

2PM's Nichkhun Partially Edited Out of MBC "Idol Star Olympics"

Recently 2PM’s Nichkhun hit a motorcyclist while driving under the influence and as expected his picture was removed from the Caribbean Bay advertisement he appeared with his fellow 2PM members and miss A’s Suzy

T-ARA at Idol Olympics, "We're So Sleepy But We'll Still Cheer!"

T-ARA t-ara sleepy interview T-ARA members conduct a very sleepy interview.  On the 25th MBC "Idol Star Olympics" with MCs Kim Yong Man, Kim Sung Joo, Boom, Eunhyuk, Lim Kyung Jin, and Shindong was finally broadcasted

Dal Shabet Jiyul Falls Early into "Idol Stars Olympics"

MBC, Idol Stars Olympics, Dal Shabet, Jiyul, Nine Muses, Girls Day, After School, SISTAR, A Pink ji yool falls Dal Shabet's Jiyul gets hurt early on in the games.  On the 25th MBC "Idol Stars Olympics" finally aired

ZE:A Dong Jun Injures Back During 'Idol Star Olympics,' Is this Safe for Celebrities?

MBC, Idol Star Olympics, ZE:A, Dongjun dong jun back injury ZE:A Dong Jun's back injury raises safety issues with the "Idol Star Olympics."  On the 26th on MBC "Idol Star Olympics" Part 2, ZE:A Dong Jun injured his back while competing in a game

Ten Reasons Why The Idol Olympics Are A Must-Watch Guilty Pleasure

The Idol Star Athletic Championship is my favorite guilty pleasure of the season. Yes, it is random — what do idols have to do with sports, anyways? Yes, nothing –, pretty pointless and often even cringeworthy — can someone please tell them that’s not how you high-jump? I will even say it’s quite boring most of the time, especially those times when SHINee‘s Minho and ZE:A‘s Dongjun participate

Teen Tops Niel wins a gold medal in the high jump on Idol Star Olympics

[PIC] Teen Top’s Niel recently showed off his gold medal that he won in the high jump on MBC TV’s Idol Star Olympics. On July 26, Niel uploaded a picture of his gold medal on his me2day account with the comment, “This is my proud gold medal

Teen Top's Niel Shows Off his Gold Medal from the Idol Star Olympics

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Idol Star Olympics,” Teen Top’s Niel won the gold medal in high jumping. He also broke the record set by SHINee’s Minho at a previous Idol Star Athletic Championship event, setting a new record of 174cm

MBC "Idol Star Olympics" Does Not Edit Nichkhun Out From His Match

nichkhun, 2pm, idol star olympics, mbc nichkhun After 2PM Nichkhun's drunk driving car accident, MBC "Idol Star Olympics" was aired without Nichkhun being edited out.  On the July 25, an MBC representative stated, "We plan to air Nichkhun's feature in his match

f(x) Victoria Wins First Place For Fencing On "Idol Star Olympics"

f(x), victoria, idol star olympics, miss a, fei, secret, sunhwa, t-ara hwayoung, electric shock f(x) victoria f(x) member Victoria has won her first gold medal! On the July 25 broadcast of MBC London Olympic Special "Idol Star Olympics," a total of 100 top idols participated in various sports with the Olympics theme in mind