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Lee Min Woo Speaks Up on Living as an Idol for Past 16 Years

‘Energy’ is one of the first things that comes up to mind when one thinks of Lee Min Woo. As a member of the ‘legendary’ idol group Shinhwa and a soloist M, Lee Min Woo has continued to walk his path with remarkable consistency.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary since his debut as a soloist, M has returned with a special album.

Combining M with Ten, for tenth anniversary, the name of the album is M+TEN, which is his first solo album since he released Minnovation in 2009.

In the fast-paced world of K-Pop, where many things change even within a year or two, how was it like for Lee Min Woo to live as an idol star for the past 16 years?

“Living as an idol star for the past sixteen years, I’d say, was a big joy for me. First of all, Shinhwa is lucky to still be together after all these years

INFINITE’s Hoya is MVP out of 160 Idols in ‘Idol Star Athletic Championships’

INFINITE, Hoya, Idol Star Athletic Championship

INFINITE’s Hoya is MVP out of 160 Idols in ‘Idol Star Athletic Championships’

INFINITE member Hoya won Most Valuable Player on "Idol Star Athletic Championship."

MBC's Chuseok special "2013 Idol Star Athletic Futsal Championships" Part 2 was broadcast on September 20, hosted by Kim Jae Dong, Defconn, Jun Hyun Moo, Lee Kikwang, and Heo Il Hoo.

At the end of 2 days' broadcast, they had a closing ceremony, where the winning team, Team A, received a trophy. Team A included members such as B1A4, Rainbow, and 2AM.

INFINITE's Hoya received the MVP award, but INFINITE wasn't present at the end because of their world tour. MC Kim Jae Dong looked over to Defconn and said, "Please go directly to Hoya and give him the medal." To that Defconn joked, "I don't have a problem with going over there myself, just give me the airfare

Over 160 Idols Including EXO, BEAST, Infinite, miss A, Participate in the 2013 Idol Athletic Championships

It’s that special time of year where hundreds of K-Pop’s hottest idol stars gather together in one big arena to display their athleticism, sportsmanship and hot-blooded young energy!

On September 3, top idol groups such as EXO, BEAST, A Pink, Infinite and ZE:A gathered together to film the “2013 Idol Athletic Championships,” which featured sports such as track and field, archery and mini-soccer.

Hosted by Jeon Hyun Moo, Kim Jae Dong, Defconn and Lee Ki Kwang, the seventh annual Idol Athletic Championships revealed the many different athletic skills that our favorite idols possess.

Around 160 idols participated in this year’s championships including groups like Super Junior-M, BEAST, Infinite, MBLAQ, ZE:A, Secret, B

So Many Idols! 160 K-Pop Stars Will Compete In 2013 ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’

EXO, 2AM, B1A4, Teen Top, MBLAQ, INFINITE, B2ST, VIXX, ZE:A, miss A, SECRET, Girl's Day, Rainbow, Crayon Pop, Dal Shabet, A Pink

Idol Star Athletics Championship

With Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) a couple of weeks away, many programs are getting ready for their holiday specials.This also means the annual Idol Star Athletics Championship is just around the corner.

This year's competition will feature 160 K-Pop celebrities going head-to-head in the various events - that's a whole lot of idols!

Filming for the holiday special is scheduled for September 3 in Goyang and this year's event will include a new sporting event, futsal, which is similar to indoor soccer.

Idols participating in the competition this year include members of popular boy bands and girl groups as well as a handful of solo artists

B2ST, SISTAR, INFINITE, A Pink and more to appear in ‘Running Man’ idol special

An array of idol stars will be gathering together in special episode of popular SBS variety program ‘Running Man’.

According to various local media outlets on August 26th, 14 top idols headed to Cheongju to shoot for an special episode of ‘Running Man’. Among those reported to have participated included B2ST’s Doojoon and Kikwang, SISTAR’s Hyorin and Dasom, INFINITE’s L and Sunggyu, A Pink’s Na Eun and Eunji, 2PM’s Chansung and Wooyoung, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Seungho, and Girl’s Day’s Minah and Sojin.

This will be an episode with the most numbers of guests ever appear on ‘Running Man’ to date. The highly anticipated episode will air over Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving holiday in September.

Kangta and EXO win in China’s ‘Asian Idol Awards’

SM Entertainment’s Kangta and EXO picked up a couple awards at the recent ‘2013 Asian Idol Awards’ held in Beijing on July 28th.

Kangta took home the Overseas Multi-Entertainer Award while EXO nabbed the Asian Popular Group Award.

Especially, EXO performed their songs “MAMA” and “Wolf” (Chinese version) for an enthusiastic crowd. The group also showed its popularity by drawing thousands of fans to the airport during their arrival in the country in the morning.

The award ceremony, including EXO’s performances, will be aired on Anhui-TV on August 13th.

110 idols face off for the title of best artist in the ‘Korean Art Idol Competition’

Over a hundred idols faced off against each other not on the music charts, but on MBC Every1‘s ‘Korean Art Idol Competition – Everyone Gather‘.

During the recent filming, Rainbow‘s Jaekyung, VIXX‘ Ken, CHI CHI‘s Shine, and BTOB‘s Hyunsik stood out from the crowd with their impressive artistry.

Twenty-three out of 110 idols will be able to move onto the final round, and the winner will be given a shot at an endorsement deal with a beverage brand.

Tune in for the competition on the 16th at midnight KST! Which idol do you think has the best chance of taking the title of ‘best artist’?

Idols struggle with Korean history on ‘Infinity Challenge’

Despite the combined power of dozens of Korea’s most popular idols, they – just like normal students around the world – struggled with basic history questions during their appearance on the most recent episode of MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge’.

Gathering idols such as SHINee, B1A4, Orange Caramel, and others, the ‘Infinity Challenge’ crew divided up among themselves in a basic quiz show match along the lines of ‘Star Golden Bell‘. However, right from the beginning, they ran into problems as they found themselves struggling from the very first question: the name of a famous Korean pro-independence movement.

Answers, written on an individual whiteboard, included ‘Seven Princesses’, ‘Strong Friends’, and – most hilariously – ‘I’m Sorry Mom’

‘Infinity Challenge’ members to become the teachers of 30 idols

More details surrounding the ‘Infinity Challenge‘ idol special have been unraveled! It definitely sounds like a lot of laughs are ahead as the hilarious cast members will be the ones teaching 30 idols!

Idols such as B1A44minuteINFINITE, and more were previously said to have recorded for the special in a ‘Star Golden Bell’ type of format. It turns out in addition to that, they also received special lessons from the cast, who lectured in their own individual way to teach them Korean history.

Since the members are always cracking up viewers with their ‘less-than-average’ intelligence variety image, viewers are looking forward to seeing how well they actually did. The idols also voted for their favorite instructor among the cast, so catch the episode airing later on the 11th to find out who they picked!

Which female idol has the most ‘innocently royal’ face?

With her forever-innocent, beautiful face, perhaps it’s no surprise that Seohyun was chosen as the #1 female idol with the most ‘innocently royal’ face.

The cosmetics brand Regen Cosmetics recently polled 592 women in the 20 to 30 age demographic, “Which girl group member has an ‘innocently royal face’ with a sophisticated and noble look?“. Seohyun snagged the top spot receiving 51.3% of the vote. She was followed by Dara with 21.4%, third place went to Dasom with 13.1%, and Sunhwa was fourth with 12.6%.

After revealing the results of the poll, Regen Cosmetics said, “We were able to better understand the image that the public has of girl group members. Recently, skin that is clear and is lively is called the ‘innocently royal’ style