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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) ‘I Got a Boy’ Dominates Music Charts

I Got Boy, Girls Generation, SNSD

Girls' Generation 'I Got a Boy' Dominates Music Charts

Girls' Generation's new song, "I Got a Boy," has been dominating the music charts.

Their song has been at number 1 on various online sites such as Mnet, Naver, Melon and more.

Other songs from new album are also seen on the Top 10 of music charts, showing their popularity.

Their new title song of the same name was also seen at number 1 on the Japan iTunes real time album charts as well as number 21 on the U.S. iTunes album chart.

This is their first album in 14 months since their 3rd album in 2011.

Their new song features a mix of urban, pop, retro, hip hop and other genres.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Reveals 180 Degree Change with ‘I Got a Boy’ MV

Girls Generation, SNSD, I Got a Boy, MV

Girls' Generation has made a drastic change.

They recently made a comeback with a tough hip-hop sound, which is very different from their usual feminine and cute concept. Yesterday, they released their "I Got a Boy" music video, which showed many different styles of dance and song.

This 5 minute video showed the group's 180 degree change. They wore sneakers instead of high heels and flashy outfits rather than pastel tone girly outfits. They showed off 'B-Girl' dance moves as well.

With groups such as Girls' Generation and 2NE1, each group has their own distinct style. However, with this new concept, it seems as if the girls have branched out of their comfort zone to try something new.

Their new image contains a fusion of hip-hop, electronic, urban, retro and more