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“K-Pop Star” Seniors 15& Beat Juniors Akdong Musician and Rise to the Top

"K-Pop Star: Season 1""s winner Park Ji Min"s group 15& rose above "K-Pop Star: Season 2" winner Akdong Musician and took the top.

On April 22, Soribada concluded that 15&"s "Can"t Hide It" took #1 for April"s third week weekly charts. Written by JYP, "Can"t Hide It" is an innocent song portraying the members of 15& as young, innocent girls.

In second place is Akdong Musician"s debut album title song "200%". Though "200%" was originally ranked #1, "Can"t Hide It""s release brought the song down to second place.

High4 and IU"s "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" ranked #3.

On this music chart, it is significant to note the musicians that debuted from audition programs: "Superstar K4" Eddy Kim"s "The Manual" ranked #10 while "K-Pop Star: Season 3" Sam Kim"s "Englishman in New York" ranked #13

15& and Akdong Musician go head to head on Soribada’s weekly chart

Akdong Musician, who have been sweeping the charts with their debut, found themselves going head to head with 15& on Soribada"s weekly chart. But it was 15& and their "K-Pop Star" sunbae Park Ji Min who came out on top for this week.

Soribada reps announced on the 22nd the results of their latest weekly chart. Coming in first was 15&"s "Can"t Hide It", composed and written by J.Y. Park, for the third week of April (4/14-4/20). Trailing right behind was Akdong Musician with their song "200%", and HIGH4 and IU"s "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" ranked in third place.

What also caught eyes was that audition show contestants were quite prevalent on the chart. "Superstar K4"s Eddy Kim"s "The Manual" ranked #10 and "K-Pop Star 3"s Sam Kim"s "Englishman In New York" ranked #13

Akdong Musician, HIGH4 + IU, and 15& top Instiz chart for third week of April 2014

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it"s also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the second week of April (April 7 to April 13) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Akdong Musician - "200%" - 46,649 Points

2. HIGH4 ft. IU - "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" - 33,054 Points

3. 15& - "Can"t Hide It" - 29,395 Points

4. A Pink - "Mr. Chu" - 16,347 Points

5. Akdong Musician - "Give Love" - 15,754 Points

6. Yoon Min Soo - "Relationship" - 14,963 Points

7. Park Hyo Shin - "Wild Flower" - 14,327 Points


Akdong Musician’s ’200%’ ranks #1 on the Genie real-time chart for 150 hours and counting

Akdong Musician"s "200%" has been ranking #1 on Genie"s real-time music chart for 150 hours and counting!

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According to KT Music"s Genie on April 18, Akdong Musician"s "200%" ranked #1 on the real-time chart for a cumulative total of 149 hours (six days) and counting. Their debut song also topped the weekly chart for the second week of April (4/11-4/17).

On the real-time charts, Akdong Musician"s "200%" is facing competition from HIGH4 and IU"s ""Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" and 15&"s "Can"t Hide It".

A Genie rep stated, "For the third week of April, sweet spring songs are gaining the most popularity among netizens

A Pink, 15&, Akdong Musician, And More; Who Ranks #1 This Week?

Another week is here and there is a new number one artist.Young group 15& who consist of members Park Jimin and Baek Yerin, made their return by releasing a new single.Everyone"s favorite young princess IU, worked with new male group High4 for their debut single.Where do these two rank on our chart; and who is number one this week?

A Pink Blows Numerous Love Kisses by Being #1

The lovely girls of A Pink"s charm has placed them number one for this week. A cute story that talks about them falling in love and wanting their first kiss, makes this a fan favorite among girls.Ladies can relate to this experience of having a crush and writing love notes with lipstick kisses on them - then placing the letters inside the locker of the person they have a crush on

Akdong Musician Vs. 15& – “K-Pop Star” Victors Go Head-to-Head

(Photo : YG)

The winners of "K-Pop Star 1" and "K-Pop Star 2" are battling it out on the K-Pop scene.

According to the reports gathered from the top 10 online music sites, 15& (Park Ji Min, Baek Ye Rin) and Akdong Musician (Lee Chan Hyuk, Lee Soo Hyun) are taking turns at the top spot.

Akdong Musician, the winner of "K-Pop Star Season 2", released their album Play and performed their title song "200%" on the stage of "K-Pop Star Season 3". "200%" has been the top 3 song on these online charts for over a whole week.

"200%" is a love song. The lyrics are playful and speak about a person who wants to confess their love but is too shy. It has a lot of organic sounds, including guitar and piano.

15& is the vocal duet group that consists of "K-Pop Star Season 1" winner Park Ji Min and prodigy Baek Ye Rin

EXO to Release “Overdose” MV on April 15

EXO announced that they will release the music video for their new title track "Overdose" on April 15.

In the EXO COMEBACK SHOW held on April 15, EXO will perform their first stage of "Overdose", releasing the music video on the same day.

The music video of "Overdose" will be exclusively released on Samsung Music after the EXO COMEBACK SHOW; wild enthusiasm from music fans is expected.

Expectations for "Overdose" are at a high as they have distinguished themselves from other K-Pop idols through their dynamic performances of "Wolf" and "Growl" last year.

The EXO COMEBACK SHOW will be broadcasted live through Samsung Music to provide fans with real-time performances of EXO.

At the news of EXO"s music video release, internet users commented: "Can I watch it through Samsung Music?", "What"s this I hear about "Overdose" being leaked?", "I must check out Samsung Music!"

Meanwhile, EXO holds "EXO Greeting Party in Japan Hello!" on April 11-13 at Tokyo"s Saitama Super Arena

Lee Seung Gi, Lim Jeong Hee, Gummy, Yoon Do Hyun Celebrate Lee Sun Hee’s 15th Album Showcase

March 25 marks the comeback of the legendary singer, Lee Sun Hee, and some of her closest junior artists such as Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Do Hyun, Lim Jeong Hee and Gummy, joined her on stage for her showcase.

Lee Sun Hee threw her comeback showcase for her 15th album “Serendipity” where she performed several of her new songs. Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Do Hyun, Gummy, Lim Jeong Hee and Tacapy also performed some of Lee Sun Hee’s greatest hits throughout the years.

Tacapy started off the night with “Smile for a Spell” followed by Lim Jeong Hee’s “Beautiful Country.” Lim Jeong Hee also stated, “I’m so excited and having so much fun that I’m running out of breath. I picked this song because it was what made me dream of becoming a singer

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Dohee’s height is 151.8cm

Tiny G's member Do-hee height has been revealed.

Dohee appeared on the KBS 2TV show "1:100" and solved some quizzes.

She mentioned that the average height in Tiny G was 153 and that the youngest one was getting taller.

Dohee said, "I am small so I like wearing baby clothes. I fit into the boy's sizes well and they are cheap. I wear 215 mm shoes so sometimes I buy kids' shoes as well".

Netizens say, "She's smaller than I thought", "She's cute because she's small", "Dohee's baby clothes...she's at the age where she wants to wear a lot of pretty things" and more.

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