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T-ara’s Hwayoung experiences a wardrobe malfunction on ‘Inkigayo’

T-ara won the ‘triple crown’ on January 29th’s episode of ‘Inkigayo‘, but unfortunately, it looks like the public is more preoccupied with a member’s wardrobe malfunction on stage

T-ara Hwayoung's Sister, Hyoyoung,Tells Fans Not To Worry

T-ara, Hwayoung, Sister, Hyoyoung, fans, worry, clothes, performance T-ara Hwayoung's twin sister, Hyoyoung told fans not to worry about Hwayoung.  On the 29th, Hyoyoung posted on her twitter, "Don't worry

Core Contents Media’s official statement on Hwayoung’s wardrobe malfunction

Although T-ara fans have the group’s triple crown win to celebrate, their achievement is being overshadowed by Hwayoung’s wardrobe malfunction scandal which has caused an uproar for viewers who watched yesterday’s broadcast

Core Contents Media and "Inkigayo" PD Apologizes about Hwayoung's Incident

T-ara's Hwayoung suffered an unfortuante accident on yesterday's episode of SBS's "Inkigayo," which has prompted officials of Core Contents Media to release a statement regarding the matter. On the morning of January 30, officials of the agency revealed, "We feel deeply regretful about the accident that occurred on 'Inkigayo

T-ara Hwayoung's Twin Sister Thanks Fans For their Support Following Wardrobe Malfunction

Yesterday, T-ara's Hwayoung experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the live broadcast of SBS's "Inkigayo". Her twin sister, Hyoyoung, from sister group 5Dolls came to her sister's rescue asking and thanking fans for their support

Premium Show Case Live in Ariake Colosseum HQ Videos

For those who haven’t or were unable to purchase the Japanese edition of the “Hoot” EP, which includes a DVD copy of SNSD’s Premium Show Case Live in Ariake Colosseum; high quality videos have been uploaded onto Youtube for your viewing pleasure, thanks to the awesome folks over at So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Official Channel

Twins Hyoyoung and Hwayoung to work together for the first time in “Lovey Dovey Plus”

Earlier, we reported that the male members of Co-Ed would be releasing a remake of T-ara‘s hit song, “Lovey Dovey“. Twins Hyoyoung (from Co-Ed) and Hwayoung (from T-ara) will be working together for the first time by featuring in Co-Ed’s music video! On February 2nd, Core Contents Media revealed that they’ve been finalized for an appearance in the music video with a special feature on shuffle dancing

T-ara Hwayoung’s twin sister Hyoyoung, “Please don’t worry”

While T-ara member Hwayoung deals with the difficult time after the the wardrobe malfunction incident, her twin sister Hyoyoung left a message for the fans. Hyoyoung tweeted in the late night of the 29th, “Please don’t worry” and about 3 hours later she again tweeted, “I want to thank all the fans

Kang Ho Dong’s case, prosecutor’s office dismisses as no right to arraignment

The prosecutor’s office made the decision to dismiss the complaint from a citizen against Kang Ho Dong as there is no right to an arraignment. The Seoul Central DA‘s office revealed on December 17th regarding Kang Ho Dong, “It is clear that there is no right to an arraigment so it has been dismissed yesterday

T-ara Ryu Hwayoung selca ‘Now I scoff at it’

T-ara member Ryu Hwayoung tweeted seeming a little rough around the edges. Hwayoung tweeted on December 7th, “Now I scoff at it. I won’t care” along with a picture. In the picture, Hwayoung’s hair looks about to cover all the way down to her beautiful eyes

T-ara Hwayoung Tweets About Lovey Dovey Plus From France

Posted: February 8, 2012 6:30 PM EST t-ara, lovey dovey plus, co-ed school T-ara member Hwayoung uploaded a photo on her Twitter message from Paris, reminding fans about the Co-Ed School’s male subunit group “SPEED” to release the remake of “Lovey Dovey” called “Lovey Dovey Plus

Co-Ed’s new unit ‘SPEED’ reveals teaser image feat. Hwayoung & Hyoyoung

Co-Ed will soon be debuting their male sub-unit, ‘SPEED‘, and to kick off their promotions, they’ve revealed this teaser image featuring T-ara‘s Hwayoung and Co-Ed’s Hyoyoung

T-ara Hwayoung’s airplane fashion revealed

Group T-ara member Hwayoung drew the eyes with her airplane fashion. Hwayoung tweeted on February 8th, “Hwayoung’s now in France~~!!! Ah, right!! Lovey-Dovey plus MV will be revealed tomorrow~~~!! Guess which one’s Hyoyoung and which one’s me!! Hm…To give you a hint, the one that’s prettier is HyoyoungHee hee” along with a picture

Court rules against J.Y. Park in plagiarism controversy case

At the beginning of last year, a plagiarism controversy arose involving IU‘s “Someday” from the ‘Dream High 1‘ OST. “Someday” was found to possess a very similar chorus line to Ash‘s “To My Man“, and as a result, its composer (Kim Shin Il) decided to sue producer J

Verdict on JYP's Plagarism Case

The court ruled Park Jin Young partly guilty in the lawsuit against JYP in the "Someday" plagarism case.JYP Entertainment issued a press release on February 10 stating, "Our company is unconvinced by the court verdict in the "Someday" plagarism case

IU's Someday: JYP lost the plagiarism case

JYP (Park Jin Young) lost the case of plagiarism on IU's "Someday."  The court odered him to pay 2,1670,000 won to the singer songwriter Kim Sinil for copying his song. According to the judge, the melody, harmony, and  the rhythm of the hightlight part of Someday is almost identical to those of Kim Sinil's original song

JYP Preparing an Appeal for Plagiarism Case

Posted: February 10, 2012 9:15 PM EST jyp JYP feels unjust regarding the court’s rule of stating that JYP is partly guilty in the plagiarism case of “Someday.” JYP Entertainment released a statement on February 10, “Our company is unconvinced by the court’s decision in “Someday” plagiarism case

T-ara's Hwayoung and SISTAR's Dasom Take No Makeup Selca Picture

Girl group T-ara member, Hwayoung, and SISTAR member, Dasom, revealed a no makeup selca picture taken together. Hwayoung uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption: “With Dasom, at Paris.” In the reavealed selca picture, Hwayoung is smiling widely while winking

T-ara HwaYoung's Picture with Heavy Makeup: "I won't accept immaturity"

T-ara HwaYoung revealed a picture of her eyes. On the 21st, HwaYoung posted on her twitter, "I have to change now that I'm an adult. Before the number 20, immaturity can no longer be accepted and I must be more mature about my future

Italian wannabe singer plagiarism case

Plagirism is no big news in the K-pop world anymore, new cases seem to sprout like mushrooms everywhere. The latest one occured in northern Italy, where a wannabe singer and performer from Milan, Alex Palmieri, copied the melodies of not one, not two, but eight hits from major Hallyu Wave stars